How To Style Curly Bangs

Since the fringe cut has recently been trending, I decided to bite the bullet and get a full-blown fringe with curl bangs. Today I’m sharing How To Style Curly Bangs because learning how to style them is key.

When curly bangs started trending, I was reluctant to jump on board. But after seeing so many gorgeous curly girls rocking their curly bangs, I decided to give it a go. 

I loved my curly bangs because they seem to frame my face and add spunk to my curls. 

But before we get started, if you are feeling a little lost on your curly journey then girl, you are in the right place! I created a 5-day curly hair challenge just for you!

In this challenge I break down the basics steps of caring for and styling curly hair.

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But when it comes to rocking curls bangs, there are a few things to keep in mind. If done right, they can be such a cute addition to your curly look. Many celebrities have embraced curly bangs and well. 

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But with this growing trend, it’s important to know how to style and care for curly bangs to truly love them. If you’re thinking about getting curly bangs, check this post out on a few tips to consider before you get curly bangs. 

How To Style Curly Bangs

How To Style Curly Bangs

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Make sure they are not too short

When getting curly bangs, be sure they are not too short. There is a very tiny line between fringe and mullet. And once you reach the mullet stage, nothing but time can give you a comeback. 

Be sure to ask your stylist to start long, and then you can always have her trim more. 

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Check the climate first

This goes for any time you style curly hair but especially with curly bangs. It’s important to keep in mind the weather conditions in your area. If the weather is humid, you’ll want to add a proven gel that works to your styling routine to help hold your curls together. 

While if the weather is dry, you would be a little more heavy-handed on a leave-in conditioner or curl cream. This will of course take some experimenting to learn what your hair needs. 

I highly recommend keeping detailed track of your curly journey for the first 30 days or any time your curls don’t seem to behave. This will help you identify a baseline of what your curls need. Climate has so much to do with your curls down to the very dew point in your area. 

I recommend this tracker to keep track of your curls. 

Curl Tracker

Finger coiling does wonder

One huge plus to having curly bangs is that since they are short and easy to handle, you can manipulate then to fall how you would like. When it comes to manipulation, it’s more about enhancing the way your curls already curl rather than completely restructuring them. 

See how your curls naturally fall and then encourage them by twisting around your finger. Always use a product with a slip. 

This is my favorite product to use when finger coiling. 

Brush styling is your friend

Brush styling is another option when it comes to getting your curls to fall the way you’d like. Use a curl friendly brush to comb your curls forward to help them fall into place. Rake product through and scrunch with your favorite gel.

Always fluff for volume and character 

Once your curls are completely dry, use a pick to fluff up the roots. This adds volume and character to your bangs. Then add some oil to your fingertips and massage your scalp. This helps nourish your scalp but also disrupts the hair follicle and adds more life. Then use your fingers or a pick to fluff up the root.

Don’t overthink it

At the end of the day, the thing that makes curls special is their uniqueness. Do what you can do to nurture and encourage them to fall as you like, but also give them the freedom to do their own thing. 

In Conclusion: 

To rock curly bangs, you need to make sure they are the right length, be in tune with the climate in your area, don’t be afraid to manipulate your curls with a brush or finger styling, add character by finishing your look with fluffing, and when it’s said and done, remember that curls thrive most when they have the freedom to do their thing. 



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How To Style Curly Bangs

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