• Curly Hair Products That Every Curly Girl Needs In Her Life
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    Curly Hair Products

    When it comes to having curly hair, it can be tricky taking care of it. Here are Curly Hair Products That Every Curly Girl Needs In Her Life. Every curly girl knows the struggle of growing up in a home with parents who didn’t know how to take care of their curls. This is why I spent the majority of my childhood with “Lion’s Mane” as my nickname. Those who don’t have curls are somehow under the impression that curly girls just wake up to soft bouncing curls. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had people tell me how lucky I am to have curls because they are”so…

  • How To Start The Curly Girl Method | Beginner's Guide
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    How To Start The Curly Girl Method | Beginner’s Guide

    If you are reading this post, you’ve probably fallen into the Curly Girl online abyss and have been inspired by countless curlies around the world to finally embrace your naturally curly or wavy hair.  This post is all about How To Start The Curly Girl Method | Beginners Guide Congratulations and let me be the first to welcome you to the curly community! <3 It can be a little overwhelming getting started and today I want to clear some of the content clutter and tell you I created a “Getting Started With The Curly Girl Method” cheat sheet just for you.  This printable guide is designed to be a quick…

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    My Two Month Curly Girl Journey Update

    Two months ago (August 1st to be exact), I stumbled on the curly girl method over on Instagram. And for the first time in a long time felt hope that I would ever have curls again.  After 4 pregnancies (1 miscarriage and 3 births) my hair was in the absolute worst condition it had ever been. It had little to no body, a ton of breakage, and was pulling out handfuls in the shower.  I stopped coloring it and started getting salon deep conditioning treatment every six months, but at that point, I wasn’t fully committed to wearing it curly. When I stumbled on the curly girl method, I found…

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    How To Plop Your Curls Like A Pro

    For a curly girl, fighting frizz starts with how and what you wash your hair with and is affected by every single step between that and how you style your curls. But first, I create a simple “Getting Started With Curly Girl Cheat Sheet” to help simplify the process and get you the curly results you want quickly! Download your FREE copy here! When it comes to drying curly hair without creating frizz and losing definition, you have three options…… Air drying Diffusing Plopping   I personally do a hybrid of all three methods in order to dry my hair, limit frizz, keep definition and still get plenty of volume. Curlies all over…

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    DIY Hot Oil Treatment (under $15!!)

    After I delivered my third baby, my curls were non-existent and I was pulling out handfuls of hair in the shower. I had 4 back to back pregnancies (1 miscarriage 3 births) which left my hair in rough shape, to say the least.   In my despair of losing my curls, I resorted to over processing (i lightened my hair to platinum) and using heat tools more often than not.  Wearing my hair naturally wasn’t even an option because it was so damaged.  I started following the curly girl method which completely transformed my curls (read more here). Hot oil treatments came on my radar shortly after someone pointed out my…

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    Grow Hair Naturally & Faster With These 11 Easy Steps

    Growing your hair out can be much easier for some people than others.  Still, I think it’s safe to assume that most woman and even many men would love to have thicker, faster-growing hair.  After I had my third baby, I experienced postpartum hair loss and was pulling out handfuls in the shower every day.  I did a bit of research to find a hair growth serum but they just seemed expensive and I was highly skeptical about how well they worked.  So I started doing a ton of research on natural remedies to increase hair growth and repair hair loss.  To my surprise, I found several natural alternatives do…