What You Actually NEED For Curly Girl Method On A Budget
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What You Actually NEED For Curly Girl Method On A Budget

After years of fighting, over-processing and straightening your curls, you’ve finally decided to embrace them. Congratulations! This is the beginning of a beau tiful journey. In this post, you’ll find What You Actually NEED For Curly Girl Method On A Budget.

If you are reading this post, chances are you have damaged or unmanageable curls and went on the hunt for the perfect product but stumbled into a completely different world.

The curly girl method world.

You have probably seen dozens of curly before and afters that have inspired you to give it a go.

But there are two things standing in your way are…

  1. You don’t know where to start. There is a plethora of content on the web that it can make a girls head spin 
  2. You don’t know what products to start with

These were the two big factors that held me back.

Because the curly girl method can be, well, overwhelming…

If you are currently trying to follow the curly girl method and feeling a little overwhelmed, I created a special gift just for you. Because curly girls stick together <3

I created this curly girl cheat sheet just for you. It’s a simple breakdown of exactly what you need to get started on your curly girl journey. 

Send Me The Free Curly Girl Cheat Sheet

After having three kids, going platinum blond, and using heat in access, my hair was damaged and lost almost all its curl.

It was sad.

When I stumbled on and decided to try the curly girl method, the first thing I wanted to do was get all the products.

I’m so glad I didn’t though because I would have ended up wasting a ton of money. 

Fancy products have their place for sure.

But I don’t recommend buying anything until you know a little more about your curls.

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The very first thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with what type of curls you have and take detailed notes on the current condition of your hair.

That way you will have something to compare with in the next few months.

Keeping a detailed log of your curl journey is super important especially when you are starting out, introducing new products or techniques.

So much of having great curls has to do with knowing exactly what your curls love and what they do not like. 

You can easily keep track of your curly girl journey with a pen and paper but if you want to get fancy, I created a custom daily curl tracker to help guide you on your journey.

This Daily Curl Tracker Includes…..

  • A Curl assessment that will give you a good idea of your starting point
  • Before and after section – to document and compare photos of your progress
  • A “how-to guide” on how to get the most out of the My Miracle Curls Daily Tracker
  • 32-day reusable daily tracker
  • Weekly curl schedule to help you plan out your wash days, treatments days, and refreshes
  • Detailed daily routine to track what products you used and how you applied them, and what the dew point in your area is (yes, that affects your curls too)
  • Daily inspirational quote about curly hair Additional notes
Curl Tracker

>>>>>>>>>>You can get a copy of the Daily Curl Tracker Here

psst – You can get a discount on my curl tracker if you join my email list. But don’t tell anyone. It’ll be our little secret 🙂

My goal in writing this post is to clear some of the content clutter and tell you…..

What You Actually NEED For Curly Girl Method On A Budget

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What You Actually NEED For Curly Girl Method On A Budget

So before you go out and buy fancy products (like I almost did) let’s talk about a few things you don’t need. 

Do not purchase an expensive line of products. This is a mistake because the curly girl method takes A LOT of trial an error. I recommend starting and testing a few affordable products before you commit to a large purchase. Or try your hand at making your own.

You will see a lot of posts and articles about a co-wash. While co-washing can be beneficially it’s not necessary to get started. I would hold off and put your money toward the most essential items we will talk about in a bit. 

Ok, now that we got a few newbie mistakes out of the way, let’s talk about what you do NEED to get started with The Curly Girl Method. 

It’s kind of painfully simple. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

What You Actually NEED For Curly Girl Method On A Budget

These are the most basic items you will need to get started

Tracking Method

One HUGE mistake I see curly girls make is jumping into their curly girl journey with no plan of tracking their progress. 

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to re-create a bomb wash day but failing miserably because you didn’t follow the same steps. 

After many wash day fails, I decided to develop a detailed system that helps me keep track of what works and what doesn’t work for me hair.

My Miracle Curls Daily Tracker is a customized, detailed, daily tracking system to be able to look back on and see how far you’ve come, and exactly what works and doesn’t work for your curls.

Get your copy of The Daily Curl Tracker

Daily Curl Tracker

Final Clarifying Wash

Doing a final wash is the best way to kick off your curly girl journey. There are several affordable clarifying shampoo’s on the market that are curly girl friendy.

This purchase will last you a while because you will only need to do a clarifying wash once per month or every other month.

A Gentle Cleanser

Conditioner – Apply generously!

I’m telling you, you won’t be doing yourself any favors by skimping here. Your hair should be lathered in velvety conditioner.

Leave-In Conditioner: A gentle leave-in conditioner is essential to help keep your curl soft and moisturized. 

Gel – This is non-negotiable

Gel is designed to lock in all that delicious moisture and hold your curl pattern.

I recommend starting with a medium to strong hold and adjust from there according to your needs. This is a great curly girl approved gel to get started with or you can make your own.

In Conclusion:

Though product choice matters, the most important part of the curly girl method is testing different application techniques and finding out what works for your specific curls.

I recommend spending the first 30 days on your curly girl journey testing different products and techniques and keeping a detailed journal so you can learn exactly what works for your curls.

Then make an informed purchase with confidence when you are ready.

Don’t forget to download and print your curly girl cheat sheet here.



P.S Send Me The Free Curly Girl Cheat Sheet

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  • Amy

    Thank you SO much for all of this awesome info!!!! I’m just starting this journey and stumbled on you, what a life saver!!! Wondering where I can find these “two lists” that you mentioned you have posted?
    “ I broke this down into two lists for you.
    The first is a super limited list for the person wanting to start curly girl method asap with as little products as possible.

    The second list is kind of an ideal (yet still basic) Culy Girl Must Hav’s that you can work your way up to.”

    THANK YOU AGAIN for helping me save my curls:)!!!!

  • Kristen

    The link for your preferred clarifying shampoo seems to be broken. I’m curious to see what it is, really wanting to get started on getting more curl from my waves!

  • Abigail

    I’ve been reading up on the curly girl method and how to transform my waves into curls, but I hate having gel in my hair and was wondering if I could substitute that for a mousse specific for curls?

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