Product Recommendations for Colleen’s Curly Challenge

I am SO excited that you’ll be joining me for a 5-day curly hair challenge. I have put together a complete list of what you’ll need to get started. This post is a Product Recommendations for Colleen’s Curly Challenge.

Are you struggling to find the right curly hair products? Girl, I get it! There are so many products on the market it can make your head spin!

Having curls my whole life, I have spent hundreds of dollars on curly hair products. And it can be so discouraging investing in products that don’t work or even worse damage your curls. 

So I developed a 4-step system for choosing the right curly hair products and I compiled it into a downloadable file as a quick guide to help you make an informed decision when purchasing products. You can print this download or save it to your phone as a quick reference. 

>>>>>>>>Click here to get the 4-step cheat sheet for choosing curly hair products

Product Guide

Important note: I tried to keep the product recommendations to drugstore products so they will be easier to get however some areas carry a wider variety than others.

Almost all of the items listed below can be purchased on Amazon.

Please keep in mind that this is an ideal list. You by no means have to get every single item on this list. I recommend getting what you can, trying your hand at a few DIY recipes, and using what products you have on hand.

Below are recommending products and tools used during this challenge.

Product Recommendations for Colleen’s Curly Challenge

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Items Needed:

A tracking system 

 It is so important to track every step of your curly hair journey. You can easily use a pencil and paper or you can purchase my customized curly tracker here.   

A few things you will want to keep track of are….

  • Document the current condition of your curls
  • Take a good before and after photo 
  • Create a weekly schedule 
  • Keep a daily log of the dew point, whether you washed or refreshed, what products you used, and what technique you used to apply them  

You can purchase the My Miracle Curls Tracker here and read all about keeping track of your curly girl journey here

Clarifying shampoo

It’s super important to start with a clean slate by washing with a gentle clarifying shampoo. This will strip your hair strand of dirty, product build-up and oils.

These are two great clarifying shampoo options

Gentle Cleanser and Conditioner 

You will need a curl friendly cleanser and conditioner since traditional cleansers are very harsh on your curls. 

If you have curly hair I recommend this Shea Moisture bundle 

If you have wavy hair I recommend Curls bundle 

Deep Conditioner 

A deep conditioner is a must to bring your curls back because they repair and moisturize your curls giving them bounce. 

My two favorite deep conditioners are….

Prepare Rice for rice water treatment 

Rice water treatments have been a game-changer on my curly journey. Rice works as a protein treatment that is essential for curly hair. I always follow up a rice water treatment with a deep conditioning treatment but depending on your curls needs you may not need to. 

Be sure to keep track of how your hair reacts so you can adjust what you use and in what order in the future. You can get a copy of my custom curl tracker here. I use fermented rice water treatment.

Styling products: Leave-in conditioner, medium to strong hold gel 

Styling products are essential for holding in moisture and curl patterns. You do not need a ton of fancy products. I like to keep it simple with a leave-in conditioner and strong hold gel. The curling custard is completely optional. 

 Below are my top recommendations to get started and work for curly or wavy hair.

Optional but highly recommended 


If you plan to air dry your hair then this won’t be necessary. But diffusers make a world of difference in cutting drying time in half and adding a lovely amount of volume. 

I have, use, and love both of these diffusers.

Hair oil 

This is so helpful in keeping your scalp healthy and promoting hair growth

I use and love righteous roots oil 

Scalp Massage

Beautiful curls begin with a healthy scalp. Use a hair oil and your fingertips (or a scalp massage tool that I love) to massage the scalp in circular motions. 

Benefits to a scalp massage include….

  • Conditions scalp and prevents flaking 
  • Helps enhance blood circulation 
  • Strengthens and nourishes the hair shaft
  • Promotes new hair growth 

I use this hair oil and this scalp messaging tool.

Silk cap 

Night protection is key to next day curls. 

I use and love this silk cap. You can read my full review here

Nondamaging hair tie 

Traditional can cause damage and hair loss. Opt for nondamaging hair tie.

Denman Brush 

This is my favorite brush for detangling and promoting curl clumping. 

Hair, skin, and nails supplement 

I swear by hair skin and nail pills. I noticed a difference in the first 30 days. 

DIY Recipes

My favorite DIY recipes 

I am so excited for you to join us for Colleen’s Curly Challenge! Be sure to use hashtag #colleenscurlychallenge and tag me @curly_colleen


Curly Colleen 

P.S >>>>>>>>Click here to get the 4-step cheat sheet for choosing curly hair products

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