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Easy 4 Ingredient DIY Deep Condition Treatment

When it comes to deep conditioning treatments, there are so many on the market are great!

But if you are semi-new to the curly girl method and want to get started without spending money on products (that you’re not sure will even work for your hair) I recommend starting with some simple DIY recipes that will give you great results quickly. 

There are dozens of different recipes you can play with to find the perfect balance of moisture and protein that your curls need.

It will just take some research and experimentation on your part. You can do it!! 🙂

But, because the curly girl method can be a little confusing, I created a  “Getting Started With Curly Girl Method Cheat Sheet” just for you! <3

Download your FREE copy here. 

The two things to remember are when using a DIY proditcy are….

  1. The key is to find the perfect balance in moisture vs protein. When creating a DIY recipe, be sure to research each ingredient and be sure you have both protein and moisture within the recipe. Make sense?
  2. Not all curls are created equal. What works for me may not work for you. So be prepared to experiment and don’t get defeated if it doesn’t work the first time 🙂

 About The Ingredients: 

This easy recipe is one of my favorites because it works and most of the ingredients are already in your kitchen. So you may not even need to make a trip to the grocery store. #winning!!

Ingredient List Benefits:

Egg Yoke: 

Egg yolk contain a high amount of protein which may promote shine and nourish hair. 

They are also high in fat which can enhance softness.

Note: I typically don’t use the whole egg because the egg white is also high in protein which can lead be too much protein. 

If your hair needs protein, a whole egg may be a good thing. Again, experimenting is key.

Argan Oil: 

High in vitamin E, calms frizz, moisturizes the scalp and is a hair sealant. 


Acts as a hair sealant keeping it conditioned and reduces breakage. 

It is rich in an antioxidant property which also prevents damage and keeps your scalp and hair healthy. 


Helps get rid of dandruff, calms frizz, and reduces clogged follicles which promotes scalp and hair health. 

Easy 4 Ingredient DIY Deep Condition Treatment 


  • Two Egg Yoke: 
  • 1 Tbls Argan Oil
  • 1 Tbls Honey
  • ½ cup yogurt

How To Apply:

  • Beat Eggs honey and yogurt to a creamy consistency
  • Add oils and mix well
  • Apply to hair and keep it on for 30-45 minutes
  • Note: Do not use warm or hot water. It will cause the egg to stick to your hair. 

Depending on your hair type, you could do a treatment twice a week or once a month. It all depends on your specific needs. 

Don’t forget to get your Curly Girl Cheatsheet for all the tips you need to get started!



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