Welcome to my space in the world where we can geek out about all things curly hair related!

In my frustration of not knowing how the heck to care for my curls, I developed a simple 5 step system to have great curls.

Think of it as a simplified version of the curly girl method without impossible rules.

Because rules are for suckers!

>>>>>>>You can get the simple 5-step guide here for FREE

….and if you are ready to have great curls like yesterday (and tired of scouring the internet for how the heck to do that) I put something special together for you.

I took everything you NEED to have a successful and simplified curly girl journey and combined them into a LIVE workshop followed by a 5 day curly hair challenge.  

Because contrary to popular belief, there are just a few things you need to get started on your curly girl journey and see success.

You need a guide

Even though having great curls is simple, having a guide that walks you through the process step-by-step is a game changer.

 I put together a “curls” ebook to explain in detail each step of the process.

In this ebook, I’ll break down all the questions you have about getting started:

  • How to find your hair type
  • Final wash
  • Product selection
  • Scheduling your washday
  • How to apply products

…..and many more commonly asked questions.

This ebook is a crash course in getting started caring for your curls.

You need a tracking solution

Every goal-achieving expert will tell you that in order to see REAL LASTING results, you have to keep track of your progress. 

This goes for any area of life. Especially for your curly journey.

I created The Daily Curl Tracker after spending many months frustrated about not getting the results I wanted. 

You see, curly hair is very temperamental and so many factors determine the outcome of your curls. 

What products you used, how you apply them, and even the very dew point in the weather can affect your curls. 

It is so very important to track every detail of your curly journey so you will have something to look back on and know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

All of these products together would be $65


because I love you, I combined all of these gifts into one special offer to help jumpstart your curly girl journey seamlessly. 

I’ll see you on the other side of gorgeous curls that people rave about <3



P.S You can read more about my story here!

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