15 Wildly Profitable Online Course Topics In The Beauty Industry 

Hello Beautiful! 

Today I am going to share 15 wildly profitable online course topics that you can incorporate in your beauty biz.

If you don’t know me, my name is Curly Colleen, and I started this blog three years ago talking all about curly hair care. 

I devoted many hours (and dollars) to online marketing education and learning how to create a passive income stream that takes just a few hours to manage.

Now, I’ve shifted my focus to teaching beauty bloggers, salon owners, cosmetologists, estheticians, trichologists, and beauty influencers to create a passive stream of income in their business that pays them while they sleep. 

If that sounds interesting to you, I actually created a FREE ebook as well as a video presentation to help you understand exactly what you need to do to create a wildly profitable online course in your beauty biz + 25 Wildly Profitable Course Topics. 

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Today I am going to share 15 Wildly Profitable Online Course Topics In The Beauty Industry. So if you are a…

  • Curl Experts/Influencers
  • Ambitious beauty professionals 
  • Salon owners 
  • Estheticians 
  • Hairstylist 
  • Trichologist
  • Beauty blogger
  • Bridal hairstylist 
  • Fashion Blogger
  • Fitness coach
  • Makeup artists 
  • Direct sales  
  • Fashion influencer 
  • Beauty influencer 

Then I promise, you will find value in this post and will walk away with tons of ideas for an online course that will be highly profitable in your beauty biz. 

15 Wildly Profitable Online Course Topics In The Beauty Industry 

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Meaning that at no cost to you, I may make a small commission on anything you purchase through my link. But don’t worry, I never promote products that I don’t believe in or truly love <3 This just allows me to continue publishing quality content regularly. You can read my full privacy policy here.

Before we dive into all the juicy wildly profitable online course topics, let’s briefly discuss what sets an online course that nobody ever buys apart from an online course that is widely profitable. 

The magic is in having a clear direction of who it’s for plus a clear outcome of what they will receive. Aka, their personal transformation.

For example…

Selling a course titled “Curl Care” will never be as compelling as selling a course called “Online Curls Academy: “Where Damaged Hair & Uncontrollable Frizz Meet Happy, Healthy Curls or Waves in 30 Days or Less.

Do you see the difference? The first doesn’t really tell you that much about the program. Whereas the second is an all-encompassing title and tagline. 

Your title and your tagline are CRUCIAL to selling your course over and over and over again. Because it relays the message of exactly what a person will get when they take your course. 

I am currently building an in-depth course that will help you hash out the nitty-gritty details of your course and will teach you how to set it apart from all other courses. 

It’s currently in the making, but if you would like to be the first to know when it releases, click here and drop your email (you’ll also get a free workbook and presentation that will help you get started).

With that in mind, let’s get down to some of the juicy topics that are going to add a ton of revenue to your already awesome beauty biz!

Curly Hair Care Simplifed 

I’m starting out with this course topic because I have personally created a sold a course on this topic that has done really well! 

The reason this is a great topic is because it is super niche, has a huge need, and has a clear outcome. 

The reason the word “simplified” is important is that curly haircare can be super confusing. 

By adding the word “simplified” to the title, it relays the message that it is going to be step by step direction without any fluff. 

This would be a perfect course topic for a curl influencer, hair stylist, or trichologist 

How to heal cystic acne holistically 

Acne is a huge problem for many adults (psst, identify a problem that affects a lot of people) and by adding the word holistically, it sets you apart from those selling products or services (think facials). 

This lets your avatar know that they can heal their acne from the inside out using a holistic approach. 

This topic would be perfect for a nutritionist, or esthetician.

Start and run a successful in-home salon

Coming from someone who went to cosmetology school there is a huge need for this course topic. 

You could write so many great content pieces about why you should start an in-home salon, and how much more money you make with an in-home salon.

PLUS, when you choose a topic that is teaching people how to make more money, you can typically charge more with the promise that they will make it back.

This course topic would be perfect for a cosmetologist who has started and built a successful in-home salon and is ready to create a passive income stream that allows them to make money without taking any more clients.

How to balance your hormones and have less painful periods 

Some may say that health and wellness aren’t included in the beauty niche, but I say disagree.

I believe a huge part of beauty is your health and wellness. So I included this topic because I know it would be incredibly profitable. 

The reason this is a great topic is that it speaks to something that a huge population struggles with, and gives a clear outcome. 

This topic would be perfect for a nutritionist, health coach, or gynecologist. 

How to find your unique style and build a wardrobe around it 

I LOVE this topic because rather than just offering style advice, it’s helping people turn within and solve who they are, what their style is, and how to design a wardrobe that compliments it. 

This topic could be for a lifestyle blogger, fashion blogger, or influencer. 

Teach a specific technique in your industry (for example: how to master balayage or lived in color)

Again, I love this topic because any time you are teaching someone a skill that is going to help them make more money, you can charge more because it is easy for them to justify. 

If you have a skill in the beauty industry that you have mastered, the best way to create a course that you can charge a lot of money for is to teach other people in your field that skill. 

This is perfect for a cosmetologist, colorist, salon or spa owner

Healthy hair care

This one is a bit broad but I still believe this could be wildly profitable if positioned correctly. 

Damaged hair is a huge problem and there are a lot of people that really aren’t sure how to care for their hair properly.

If you added other value features to this program (updos, scalp care, how to grow your hair) This course could do really well!

This would be perfect for a salon owner, cosmetologist, trichologist, or hair blogger.

Healthy skincare for maturing skin

This is such a need and would be highly profitable because it’s very specific who you are talking to and you could aggravate so many pain points. 

Age, sun damage, makeup application….the list is endless. 

This would be perfect for an esthetician, beauty blogger, makeup artist, or nutritionist.

How to regrow, repair, and restore your hair 

Especially after covid, this topic would be wildly successful. The majority of my friends (myself included) struggled with hair loss after covid and some still haven’t recovered. 

This speaks to a huge pain point because you can aggravate how much hair loss can affect your confidence as well as other areas of your life. 

This would be perfect for a trichologist or cosmetologist. 

You could create a course like this if you are a hair/curly hair blogger but you do need to be careful and fully disclose that you are not offering medical advice because hair loss can be related to health issues. 

How to sync your cycle with your workout routine 

Another health-related yet still can be considered beauty niche.

I love this topic because the idea of cycle syncing is becoming more and more popular and there is so much power behind it. 

There is so much to be learned about honoring your biology in relationship to your workouts. 

This would be perfect for a nutritionist, dietitian, or personal/group trainer.

Easy but effective makeup tips for busy moms

Again, this speaks to a very specific individual people group within the makeup niche. It also sets you apart in the market. 

With this course, you could aggravate the struggle of being a mom and not wanting to always show up with a “how mess express” vibe. 

This would be perfect for any mom blogger, makeup artist, lifestyle blogger/influencer. 

Basically, if you have kids, love makeup, and can relate to this topic, you could create a course in this niche.

Makeup for maturing skin 

This is a course topic I would like to take lol. I’m 35 and just starting to learn that I can’t do my makeup as I did in my 20s.

It would be cool to take a course geared toward makeup tips for maturing skin. 

Another plus to this topic is that generally speaking, a more mature audience is more likely to spend money with you because they have money.

Younger audiences are wonderful to engage with but generally aren’t as likely to swipe their card.

This would be perfect for estheticians or makeup artists.

How to start and run a successful salon 

If you are a salon owner and want to create a revenue stream that doesn’t cost you more time, then this is a great online course that could be wildly profitable for you!

This would work for spa owners and salon owners.

Content marketing for your specific industry (hair stylist, esthetician, trichology, makeup artist)

Content marketing is a huge industry. Pretty much every type of beauty niche needs content to keep its business going. 

This would be perfect for anyone who has a skill in creating content and can teach others to do it. 

How to launch a makeup business 

This would fall under the category of teaching people how to make money which will allow you to charge more for your course. 

This would be perfect for any makeup artist that has built a business in the past. 

How to start & grow a successful bridal hairstyling business 

This is another great way to charge a maximum price because you are teaching others to build a business. 

Perfect for cosmetologists who have built a successful bridal biz.


How can I make my online course profitable?

It’s actually simple, but you will need a solid strategy.

Try this…..

  • Choose a niche 
  • Create content that solves a problem in that niche 
  • Build an email list 
  • Choose a highly profitable course topic
  • Price your course according to the amount of value it offers
  • Launch your course topic using content that leads to it through email and social media
  • Create a system that promotes your online course in a passive way

How do I choose an online course niche?

The secret to choosing an online course that is widely profitable is getting clarity on exactly who you are talking about and what transformation they will receive. 

Example: “Makeup tips for maturing skin” > “Makeup tips” because it speaks to a very specific person. 

The outcome should be summed up in your tagline. 

Example: Where Damaged Hair & Uncontrollable Frizz Meet Happy, Healthy Curls or Waves in 30 Days or Less

What should I make my online course about?

A profitable online course should be a combination of something you are passionate about (what can you not stop talking about? What do people always seem to ask for advice about?) combined with something that solves a problem. 

How can you help someone achieve a desired result in that area?

There is also a bit of market research that should be conducted in creating an online course. 

I will be sharing all of my market research tips in a project I am currently working on. If that sounds interesting to you and you would like to be the first to know about it, you can get on my email list here.  

Can I make a living selling online courses?

Yes! But only if you take the time to thoroughly brainstorm and research a profitable course topic, create content that teases the idea while also adding value, and are consistent in building a loyal following that will buy from you. 


Curly Colleen 
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