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  • How To Overcome Mom Burnout
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    How To Overcome Mom Burnout

    Like most seasons in life, motherhood comes with a long list of items that you never exactly planned for. You can read blog posts, watch youtube videos, and get all the parenting advice, but nothing seems to prepare you for it until you experience it. Before I became a mom, I read about sleepless nights, teething babies, and how to deal with toddler tantrums. But I never expected for those milestones to turn into yet another phase. We have three kids under five and it seems like at any given moment at least one of them is going through a phase. Just this week my completely potty trained three-year-old started…

  • How To Survive When Your Husband Works Long Hours
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    How To Survive When Your Husband Works Long Hours

    There is something about being stuck at home by yourself with your kids for multiple days that can push a mama to a breaking point. Especially during bedtime. Spoiler alert for new moms: Bedtime routines are not fun. Even if you have implemented a consistent bedtime routine, it is still exhausting trying to get everyone everything they need and keep them all happy without losing it. Related Post: What To Do When Motherhood Isn’t Fulfilling The first five years of having kids, my husband was working his way through an apprenticeship program that was far more demanding than we ever expected. I am not exaggerating when I say that he…

  • 7 Reasons I Don’t Care That I Haven’t Lost The Baby Weight And Neither Should You
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    7 Reasons I Don’t Care That I Haven’t Lost The Baby Weight And Neither Should You

    The dreaded baby weight….dun dun dun…… Do you remember the days that you ate whatever you wanted, called your high school volleyball game your “workout for the week” and still managed to stay lean and toned? Me too. The first time I got pregnant, one of my biggest concerns was how quickly I’d be able to drop the baby weight. Related Post: The REAL Reason Moms Are Grouchy All The Time Sure enough, shortly after I had my baby, I was in my skinny jeans in one quick hurry and felt great about it. But after having three kids back to back (I have a 4yo, 3yo, and 1yo), let’s…

  • The REAL Reason Moms Are Grouchy All The Time
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    The REAL Reason Moms Are Grouchy All The Time

    It’s no secret. Mom’s get a bad rap for being grouchy all the time. Terms like queen B and others adjectives that I won’t mention in this post because I’m trying to keep it G rated were coined with a lot of truth behind them. But the real question is why? Do you remember that time when you had a laundry list of things you “weren’t going to be” when you became a mom? Me too. Related Post: The Dark Side Of Motherdood I find it ironic that I was an expert on motherhood prior to being a mom yet 5 years in, some days I actually think I know…

  • What To Do When Motherhood Isn’t Fulfilling
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    What To Do When Motherhood Isn’t Fulfilling

    For some of you, motherhood came beautifully. You gave birth and enjoyed it. Bonded with that tiny bundle of joy through the amazing experience of nursing. And you snuggled, baby wore, and co-slept with no hiccups. You truly found your calling. Then there are the “other moms”. I like to call them “motherhood misfits”. Which, I might add, is the category I personally fall into. You see, my experience with becoming a mama was a hard opposite from the above-mentioned scenario. Giving birth was the worst, nursing ran a close second, and as for co-sleeping and babywearing…… let’s just say I REALLY love the idea of it, but it was…

  • Self-care or selfishness?? Check out the truth about self-care and learn the difference.
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    The Truth About Self-Care

    Self-care seems to be all the rage these days The interesting thing about it is that I don’t think that term was even around until about five years ago. Growing up, I never heard my parents talk about self-care. The first time I heard the term, my gut reaction was “Sounds selfish to me”. Related Post: 5 Simple Self Care Tips for Busy Moms I tend to be a little judgy sometimes. I’m working on that. You see, I was raised in a very conservative Christian home. I was one of six kids and homeschooled my entire life. My mom found joy in being a homemaker and taking care of…