3 Core Habits You Must Master To Have Great Curls

Having gorgeous curls has much less to do with what products you use, and much more to do with establishing healthy habits. Today we’re talking about 3 Core Habits You Must Master To Have Great Curls.

Don’t get me wrong, fancy products have a place in every curly girl’s life. But until you have taken the time to learn about your curls, and implemented solid healthy habits, you will never be able to see your curl’s true potential.

While curls are very complex and there are many different healthy habits you could implement, today I want to talk about three core habits you must master before you can have great curls. 

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I’ve had curls my whole life.

Countless times, I’ve set out on a journey to go all-natural and accept my curl pattern.

Which typically lasted a few short weeks. Then I was back at my straightening iron.

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It wasn’t until I realized that using the right products was only half the battle.

Like anything in life, you have to build a firm foundation before you can have that beautiful house. Otherwise, it’s just smoke and mirrors that won’t last.

It’s the same with your curls.

Before you can have frizz-free bouncing curls, you need to establish a solid foundation of healthy curls that have everything they need to thrive.

So before you go out and buy all the fancy things, take a step back and commit to learning about and loving your curls first.

Then and only then will you be able to bring damaged, stringy, crunchy curls back to life.

3 Core Habits You Must Master To Have Great Curls

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Clarifying your curls at least once per month is essential in having healthy curls. 

Even if you are using “clean products” they have a way of building up on your hair shaft causing rouge curls and unwanted frizz. 

Dirt, oil, and products all have a way of building up on your hair strand and can cause your curls to become weighed down, frizzy, or limp. 

By clarifying once per month, it makes your hair super clean and will give you an idea of what it needs and how it is reacting to different products. 

A few signs that you may need to clarify is:

  • There is a dull film on your hair
  • Build up
  • Excessively itching scalp
  • Your hair is really oily 
  • You use a lot of stylers
  • None of your products are working
  • Your curls aren’t curling the same as they use to 

Always follow a clarifying wash with a deep conditioning treatment because clarifying can dry out your hair.

Clarifying wash recommendation:

Good: A good clarifying wash the is sure affordable is is Kinky Curly Come Clean. This cleanser does a good job getting your hair strand clean and isn’t drying.

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Best: My favorite clarifying wash is Bounce Curl. It is moisturizing which really helps to keep your curls hydrated while still doing it’s job of moisturizing your curls.

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Treating your hair is where the magic happens. 

Think of it like this…..

Your hairstrand is made up of a protien and water. The environment has a way of breaking your hairstrand down making in unhealthy. 

When you treat your hair, you are replensihing all of the nurtients you hair needs to thrive. 

So think of hair treatments like food and nutrients for you hair. They are absoluetly essential for gorwth and overall health.

The two best treatments to start with are…

1) Deep conditing treatment 

2) Protein treatment – Check out my DIY protien treatment using rice water. Rice is full of protien and does wonders for repairing your hairstrand. 

My two favorite deep conditioners are….

The deep conditioning treatment restores moisture while the protien treatment helps rebuild you hairstrand which gives it structure.

Adding these two treatments into your routine will do wonders for your hair over time.

Once you’ve done a bit of experimenting, you will have a better idea of what your hair likes and dislikes. 

Keeping a detailed log of your curl journey is super important especially during the first six months. So much of having great curls has to do with knowing exactly what your curls love and what they do not like. 

You can easily keep track of your curly girl journey with a pen and paper but if you want to get fancy, I created a custom daily curl tracker to help guide you on your journey.

This Daily Curl Tracker Includes…..

  • A Curl assessment that will give you a good idea of your starting point
  • Before and after section – to document and compare photos of your progress
  • A “how-to guide” on how to get the most out of the My Miracle Curls Daily Tracker
  • 32-day reusable daily tracker
  • Weekly curl schedule to help you plan out your wash days, treatments days, and refreshes
  • Detailed daily routine to track what products you used and how you applied them, and what the dew point in your area is (yes, that affects your curls too)
  • Daily inspirational quote about curly hair Additional notes

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The secret to rocking second, third, and fourth-day curls is found in proper protection.

While you sleep your curls are exposed to breakage and tangling due to tossing and turning. 

Hair ties and/or clips can mkae it worse causing damaging to your hair. 

Sleeping on silk and using non damaging hair ties is key in limiting damage to your curls. Read more about night protection here.

I use and love the scrunch it sleep cap (Use this link for a discount ). You can read my full review here. 

In conclusion:

No matter what unicorn products you find, they will only be as great as the healthy habits you have already established.

Consistently clarifying your curls to remove any dirt or buildup will ensure that you are starting with a clean slate each month.

By treating your curls regularly, you are replenishing key nutrients that are vital for hair growth. And by protecting your curls from damage while you sleep, you will be well on your way to happier, healthier curls in no time.


Curly Colleen 

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