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3 Core Habits You Must Master To Have Great Curls

Having gorgeous curls has much less to do with what products you use, and much more to do with establishing healthy habits. Today we’re talking about 3 Core Habits You Must Master To Have Great Curls.

Don’t get me wrong, fancy products have a place in every curly girl’s life. But until you have taken the time to learn about your curls, and implemented solid healthy habits, you will never be able to see your curl’s true potential.

While curls are very complex and there are many different healthy habits you could implement, today I want to talk about three core habits you must master before you can have great curls. 

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3 Core Habits You Must Master To Have Great Curls

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Even if you are using clean products, you need to clarify once per month. 

Dirt, oil, and products all have a way of building upon your hair strand and can cause your curls to become weighed down, frizzy, or limp. 

By clarifying once per month, it makes your hair super clean and will give you an idea of what it needs and how it is reacting to different products. 

Always follow a clarifying wash with a deep conditioning treatment. 

This is a great clarifying wash


I recommend starting with a weekly rice water treatment followed by a deep conditioning treatment. The rice water treatment will add protein and the deep conditioning will balance that protein with moisture. 

Once you have an idea of what your hair likes and dislikes, you can experiment with how often you need to do a treatment.

You can find my rice water treatment recipe here

My two favorite deep conditioners are….


The secret to rocking second, third, and fourth-day curls is found in proper protection. Sleeping on silk and using non damaging hair ties is key in limited hair loss and damage. Read more about night protection here.

I use and love the scrunch it sleep cap (Use code colleen for 10% off). You can read my full review here. 

No matter what unicorn products you find, they will only be as great as the healthy habits you have already established. 


Curly Colleen 

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