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10 Curly Girl Habits You Must Know To Have Perfect Curls

When it comes to having perfect curls, there are a lot of different factors that play a role.

Curls are temperamental and everything, I mean EVERYTHING, can persuade them to be defined and bouncing, or frizzy and stringy.

Even down to your water temperature.

It can be a little frustrating to get your curls to behave.

When I stumbled on the curly girl method and decided to give it a go, I ended up getting incredibly overwhelmed with the information overload. 

There are so many different products, techniques, and rules to the curly girl method, that it can make a girls head spin!

I create a simple “Getting Started With Curly Girl Cheat Sheet” (including a guide to my favorite affordable drug store products) to help simplify the process and get you the curly results you want quickly.

Download your FREE copy here!

I spent may days and late nights researching and compiling information about the curly girl method, to help you know exactly what you need to do to start loving and caring for your curls. 

These are the 10 Habits You Must Know For The Curly Girl Method

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Learn how to pre-poo

A pre-poo” is an oil treatment applied to before shampooing or cleansing. It can also be applied overnight.

The purpose of a pre-poo is to add moisture, repair hair shaft, and detangle curls before washing.

You can easily create your pre-poo mixture full of delicious oils.

I used coconut oil, Argan oil, and Jamaican black caster oil.

Wash your hair properly

Do not I repeat do not get in the shower and spin and twirl your head all around flipping your curls.

Gently let the water run through your hair while you massage your scalp.

Use a gentle cleanser that will not disrupt your curl pattern.

I love this shampoo.

Sleep in a silk cap or on a silk pillowcase

This is a game-changer for curlies with dry hair.

Since I started sleeping on silkm y hair will often look better when I wake up.

Silk helps your curls retain moisture and allows them to glide smoothly over the material wich eliminates breakage and reduces frizz.

I love this silk pillowcase.

Break up with shampoo

Shampoo tends to be harsh on your hair and causes frizz and even breakage.

Opt for a low poo option or a co-wash.

I love this shampoo. 

Stop using heat

At least most of the time.

It takes a lot of work and time to create and establish curl patterns and every time you straighten or blow out your hair, it can be like starting all over.

After you’ve been at it for a while you will be able to do a blow out occasionally.

But if your hair is damaged and needs repair, I recommend staying away from heat for the first few months if not more. 

Opt for air drying and if you must blow-dry, always use a diffuser on the cool setting.

I love this diffuser.

Commit to researching and learning about your curls

Learn about your specific curl type and hair porosity. Find other curlies with similar curls and see what product and techniques work for them.

You can follow myself and many other amazing curlies on Instagram.

Learn how to brush your curls the right way

Brushing your hair can be incredibly damaging.

It can actually ruin your curl pattern if you are not doing it the right way. Learn how to brush your hair the right way here. 

This is hands down my favorite brush.

Rinse your hair with cold water

It doesn’t make for the most luxurious experience, but cold (or even cooler than usual) water helps to snap the hair cuticle shut and hold in moisture. 

Stop running your fingers through your hair

This is a hard one because curls are so much fun to play with.

But constantly touching and playing with your hair creates frizz and can destroy your curl pattern.

Even after styling, I recommend using a micro fiber towel to scrunch your curls rather than your fingers.

Note: Choose a high-quality microfiber towel. Lower quality microfiber towels can cause frizz as well. 

This is a great one. 

Make a weekly scalp treatment a non-negotiable

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.

It is so important to nurture your scalp to have beautiful curls. Committ to doing weekly scalp treatments.

Scalp Messager: These are bomb. I use them every single day.

In conclusion:

While curly hair varies is many ways, there are still core habits that rein true across the board.

If you are consistent about incorporating the above habits into your daily/weekly routine you will start to notice your curls becoming happier and healthier over time. 

Don’t forget to grab your Curly Girl Cheat Sheet to help you get started having gorgeous curls!

P.S Jump over to Instagram and say hello! I love connecting with curlies around the world! @curly_colleen

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