My Favorite Things To Make The Curly Girl Method Easier

When it comes to taking care of curly hair it can be a little overwhelming trying to pick the perfect products and tools. Today I’m sharing My Favorite Things To Make The Curly Girl Method Easier to help you be able to make an informed decision on curly hair products.

I created this post to easily recommend products and tools that I use and love!

The two things about the method that tend to turn people away are…

  1. It can be confusing knowing how to get started. There is so much information out there and every curly is different
  2. As a curly beginner, the number of things you need to purchase to get started can seem overwhelming. 

If you are struggling to care for your curls, I have a special gift for you!

I created “The Ultimate Curly Girl Cheat Sheet” to help guide you along the way.

This cheat sheet will help break down the process of caring for and styling curly hair.

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If you are new to the curly girl method or not sure what it is, head over here and read my first 30-day journey following the curly girl method and how I brought my curls back to life.

My favorite things to make the curly girl method easier

My Favorite Things To Make The Curly Girl Method Easier

Important Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. Meaning that at no cost to you, I may make a small commission on anything you purchase through my link. But don’t worry, I never promote products that I don’t believe in or truly love <3 You can read my full privacy policy here.

One of my favorite things about the curly girl method is that pretty much anyone can get started with a very small investment in products.

It doesn’t require tons of fancy products or equipment.

You just need a few things to start caring for your curls. Read more about how to start the curly girl method on a budget here.

However, after following the curly girl method for a while now, it is nice to have a few items on hand that make your life easier.

Below is a list of My Favorite Things To Make The Curly Girl Method Easier

My Favorite Clarifying Shampoo

I do a clarifying wash once per month. This will help you start each month with a clean slate.

Over time, products like creams, gels, mousse, and hairspray build up on your hair strand which can leave your hair looking flat, dull, and can affect your curl pattern.

These are two of my favorite clarifying shampoo’s:

My Favorite Detangling Tools

I take detangling very seriously as it can cause damage to your hair strand if not done the right way. 

You can read more about detailing here. 

These are my favorite products and tools to detangle:

My Favorite Gentle Cleanser and Conditioner

This is an important step to keep your scalp clean and healthy and remove any oils and dirt fro your hair. 

How often you cleanse your hair (and with what products) will vary depending on your specific curly type.

It’s important to experiment and find out what your specific needs are. 

You will need a curl friendly cleanser and conditioner since traditional cleansers are very harsh on your curls.

These are two curly girl approved co-wash products:

If you have curly hair I recommend this Shea Moisture bundle 

If you have wavy hair I recommend Curls bundle 

My Favorite Deep Conditioner 

Deep Conditioner 

A deep conditioner is a must to bring your curls back because they repair and moisturize your curls giving them bounce. 

My two favorite deep conditioners are….

My Favorite Rice Water Treatment 

Rice water treatments have been a game-changer on my curly journey. Rice works as a protein treatment that is essential for curly hair. I always follow up a rice water treatment with a deep conditioning treatment but depending on your curls needs you may not need to. 

Be sure to keep track of how your hair reacts so you can adjust what you use and in what order in the future. You can get a copy of my custom curl tracker here. I use fermented rice water treatment.

My Favorite Style, Define & Hold Products

How your style your curls will determine weather your curls last 1 day or 5 day

These are two of my favorite leave-in conditioners

Hands down my two favorite gels to get started with are: 

My Favorite Night Protection Products

Always, Always, Always Sleep On Silk

Sleeping on silk has been an absolute game-changer on my curly journey.

Since silk is smooth to touch, it causes little friction and breakage and allows your hair to glide smoothly as you sleep.

Early on in my curly journey, I used an inexpensive silk cap. But I just couldn’t get comfortable in it.

Scrunch it sleeping cap: My absolute favorite silk cap to sleep in. Use code “colleen” for 10% off. It is by far the most comfortable and easy to wear throughout the night.

I also love this silk pillow case

My Favorite Hair Accessories

Classic Denman Brush: My Favorite brush to achieve definition.

Behairful Brush: My favorite detangling brush and the best brush to create insane volume. Use code “Colleen20” for 20% off.

Hair Pick: It is infused with Argan Oil, Olive Oil and Keratin and totally worth the money! I use mine every day. Get it here!

Scalp Messager: These are bomb. I use them every single day. They promote blood circulation that may increase hair growth and also help to create volume.


If you plan to air dry your hair then this won’t be necessary. But diffusers make a world of difference in cutting drying time in half and adding a lovely amount of volume. 

I have, use, and love both of these diffusers.

Silk cap 

Night protection is key to next day curls. 

I use and love this silk cap. You can read my full review here

In conclusion:

These are my favorite things to make the curly girl method easier.

If you need a little jump start on your curly girl journey, join my 7-day curly challenge here!


Curly Colleen

P.S Get your FREE Curly Girl Method cheat sheet here!

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