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15 Things You Can Do Today To Get Perfect Natural Curls

Every curly girl knows the struggle of trying to get soft, bouncing curls. Today I’m sharing 15 Things You Can Do Today To Get Perfect Natural Curls.

While products and techniques vary depending on what type of curls you have, some core habits are true for every curly girl. 

Healthy curls begin with healthy habits

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When it comes to understanding what your curls/waves need to thrive, you must first understand the building blocks of your individual hair strand. 

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I grew up with a curly frizzy mess. In high school and college, I straightened my hair because straight equaled beautiful.

…..or so I was told by many people.

The years I spent under a straightening iron, left my hair extremely damaged.

Once I began a journey to learning to love my curls, there were a few key habits I needed to learn. I am sharing them with you today in hopes of helping you love and take care of your curls.

15 Things You Can Do Today To Get Perfect Natural Curls

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Add Liquid Collagen To Your Daily Routine

Collagen has been growing in popularity and for good reason. It has many benefits for your overall health but particularly for your hair skin and nails.

Since collagen has tons of amazing benefits (one being hair growth) it helps replenish the key nutrients we need to grow healthy hair. As we age and especially after we give birth, our bodies start to produce less collagen.

By adding collagen to your daily routine consistently it gives your body what it needs to produce healthy hair and skin.

Be sure to choose high-quality collagen because if it is not processed correctly, your body won’t be able to absorb it. 

I love this liquid collagen because it has so many amazing benefits. And since it’s liquid, it’s easier for your body to absorb it. It also has a ton of benefits for your skin. 

You can see the science behind it here.

Just be sure to do some research on whichever collagen line you use. 

Like any supplement, if you don’t buy high quality, your body won’t be able to absorb it and it’s pretty much a waste of money.  

Incorporate A Rice Water Rinse Once Per Week

Like anything with curly hair, how often you use rice water will depend on your hair type and specific hair needs. I do a fermented rice water treatment once per week.

Rice water has a plethora of benefits (read more about rice water here).

Incorporating a solid rice water rinse into your routine can do wonders for natural curls including hair growth!

Keep a detailed log of what works and what doesn’t work on your curls

One HUGE mistake I see curly girls make is jumping into their curly girl journey with no plan of tracking their progress. 

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to re-create a bomb wash day but failing miserably because you didn’t follow the same steps. 

Do an apple cider vinegar rinse

Apple cider vinegar does wonders for curlies. It works as a gentle cleanser while moisturizing and detangling hair.  Read more here about how to make your rinse. 


A pre-poo” is an oil treatment applied to before shampooing or cleansing. It can also be applied overnight.

The purpose of a pre-poo is to add moisture, repair hair shaft, and detangle curls before washing.

You can easily create your pre-poo mixture full of delicious oils. See my DIY recipe here.

If you want to purchase one, I love and use this one daily.

Treat your hair once per week

A deep conditioner will do wonders for your curls especially if they are damaged. Incorporate a weekly deep conditioning to help restore health to your curls.

If a deep conditioner tends to be too heavy for your hair, try moving it up in your hair routine. Use your deep conditioner before you shampoo.

As everything with curly hair, you will need to experiment to find out what works best for your specific curls. 

I use and love this brand and would highly recommend it.

Stop using heat

Heat is very damaging to your hair. The less heat your curls are exposed to, the healthier they will be.

If you want healthy curls, you are going to have to say goodbye to chronically straightening your hair. That’s not to say you can’t ever straighten it. But limiting heat exposure will do wonders for your hair.

Always use a diffuser when blow drying and keep it on the cool setting.

I use and love the orchid diffuser.

curl type quiz

CLICK HERE To Take The Curl Type Quiz

Style while wet

Applying styling products to wet hair typically yield the best results because curly hair is the smoothest when it’s wet.

Apply a good amount of your favorite styling products and scrunch your hair using your preferred method. You can read more about different scrunching method’s here. This helps distribute the product better and created less frizz.

Once applied, use a high-end microfiber towel to scrunch hair and remove added moisture before drying.

Keep in mind that there are no rules when it comes to curly hair. Some curlies apply product to damp hair and have great results. But typically speaking, your hair should be wet.

Do not touch your hair until completely dry

Repeat after me: I will not touch my hair until it is COMPLETELY dry!!

Once you’ve applied your products styled, and crunched, do not touch, crunch, or run your fingers through it until it’s completely dry.

After it is dry, gently smooth or crunch out the crunch. Read more here.

I use righteous roots oil to scrunch out the crunch. It helps break up the curl cast and seal the ends.

Limit how often you shampoo

Shampoo tends to be harsh on your hair and causes frizz and even breakage. Opt for a low poo option or a co-wash.

I love this moisturizing cleanser:

Protect your curls while you sleep

This is a gamechanger when it comes to keeping second, third, and fourth-day curls.

A silk nightcap or pillowcase is non-negotiable for curlies.

Silk helps you to retain more moisture and allows your curls to glide smoothly over the material which eliminates breakage and reduces frizz.

I sleep on a silk cap on day one and two curls, and switch to a silk pillow case until I wash my hair again.

Use a t-shirt or microfiber towel to dry your hair using the pulsing method

A regular towel will destroy your curls before you’ve even gotten started. Use a microfiber towel to remove moisture by pulsing and scrunching. 

Note: Choose a high-quality microfiber towel. Lower quality microfiber towels can cause frizz as well.

I love the tee towel towel because it is made of high quality material and really big. So it’s easier to wrap your curls. You can read my full review here.

Message scalp before bed every night

Beautiful curls begin with your scalp. Make a daily practice of message your scalp each night before bed.

This will awaken your hair follicles and encourage regrowth.

Scalp Messager: These are bomb. I use them every single day.

Keep your favorite oil with you at all times

Curls are unpredictable. Keep your favorite oil on hand to use to smooth frizz and rehydrate throughout the day. 

This is a super popular oil.

In Conclusion:

There is no magical product when it comes to curly hair. It’s all about establishing healthy, consistent routines and experimenting with what works for your hair.

By implementing the tips above, you will be on your way to healthy, bouncing curls.

Remember, that all curls are different and have a mind of their own. It’s important to experiment and find out what works best for your curls. 



P.S CLICK HERE To Take The Curl Type Quiz

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