My Digital Marketing Story

Hi I’m Colleen,

Your Social Media & Digital Marketing Bestie.

You might be wondering who I am & why I should be teaching about all things social media marketing, digital products, and passive income…

That’s a very valid question….

My name is Colleen & my alter ego is Curly Colleen because curls sort of kickstarted this entire marketing agency of mine. I’m a…..

  • Wife, mom of three, and 3-time entrepreneur
  • I started my first online business in the middle of the night on my phone while I was nursing my baby
  • Since then I’ve had the privilege of building a significant following on multiple channels

Just a few of my digital marketing adventures include…

  • Building a website/blog from scratch that receives over 100,000 views each year
  • Over 10k followers on Instagram
  • 27k Followers on Pinterest
  • Sold over 33k of digital products
  • Built an email list of 14,000+ subscribers
  • Wrote a complete social media\digital marketing curriculum
  • Built a high converting quiz funnel
  • Started a coaching business and currently work with clients that are getting similar results

While I’m proud of everything I’ve accomplished, I’m actually just like you! 👯‍♀️

I’m a stay-at-home mom who recognized how much value I could bring to the table & was annoyed about the fact that nobody would pay me what I know I’m worth.

So I made my own rules.

Now I teach woman to do the exact same thing.

I’ve guided countless ambitious women to establish thriving businesses with my one-of-a-kind approach. 

Having spent years mastering this approach I understand that creative talent often goes unrewarded. —I’ve been there, eight years ago.

Through coaching talented, ambitious women, I’ve had the privilege to witness them amplify their following, email subscribers, income, and have a profound impact on the world.

Want to be my next success story? CLICK HERE to apply to work with me!