How To Stop Curly Hair From Falling Out & Thinning

Experiencing thinning hair is not fun but unfortunately semi-common. After experiencing thinning and postpartum hair loss, I spent many months testing different products and home care techniques to combat the issues I was having.  After a lot of trial and error, I was able to prevent my curly hair from falling out and promote new … Read more

What Is Frizz? Understanding Frizzy Hair And How To Reduce It

Frizz. The arch-enemy of curly hair around the world. Or maybe even hair in general.  Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, there is a good chance that you’ve experienced or are experiencing frizzy hair.  Most people will experience some level of frizz from time to time.  And that’s perfectly ok.  Frizz is not … Read more

Monat Market Partner: Everything You Need To Know Before You Sign

If you stumbled your way on to this post you’ve likely considered or have already signed as a Monat market partner. Direct sales can get a bad rap and sometimes for good reason so today I’d like to give you a comprehensive look into everything you need to know about becoming a market partner. My … Read more

4 Reasons I’m Switching To Non Toxic Products (And You Should Too)

With non-toxic products growing more and more in popularity, I’ve decided to start swapping out my household products for a non-toxic option. It’s been a long time coming and there are many reasons I’m making the switch. Today I’m sharing 4 Reasons I’m Switching To Non-Toxic Products (And You Should Too). Because if you are like … Read more