30 Curly Hair Quotes To Inspire You To Love Your Curls

Being able to rock your naturally curly hair takes confidence, courage, and sometimes even a little bravery. Today we’re sharing 30 Curly Hair Quotes To Inspire You To Love Your Curls. But before we dive into these little one-liners that will inspire you to rock your curls daily, I want to invite you to something I … Read more

How To Style Curly Bangs

Since the fringe cut has recently been trending, I decided to bite the bullet and get a full-blown fringe with curl bangs. Today I’m sharing How To Style Curly Bangs because learning how to style them is key. When curly bangs started trending, I was reluctant to jump on board. But after seeing so many … Read more

My 3a Hair Routine

Curl Smith vs. Bounce Curl? Which One?

Because 3a hair is a unique particular hair type, I think it’s fair that it deserves its own unique particular hair routine. Today I am sharing My 3a Hair Routine and I hope it helps all the other 3a curly girl’s around the world navigate finding the right products and techniques that work. But before … Read more