$3,541 on a digital bible reading guide without having to “sell”? Here’s how…..

Eeek! I am pretty dang excited to be sharing this video with you because today I am going to show you how my client made $3,541 selling one single digital product priced at $19. 

I know, crazy right?

You are not even going to believe what her product was and by the end of this video my goal is to have you completely convinced that creating and selling a digital product should be the next big step in your business. 

That is, it should be the next step only if you want to make money in your sleep.

But for real, If you absolutely LOVE sending cold messages and sliding into completely random peoples inboxes to try to sell your product or service then this video is probably not going to be for you. 

Just sayin…

If you’re new here, My name is Colleen and I’m a stay at home mom turned entrepreneur!

I sold over $52k worth of digital products, built an email list of over 14k subscribers, and my favorite thing to do is make money in my sleep by leveraging an automated sales funnel. 💸😴

In this channel I’m sharing all sorts of hacks on how to work smarter not harder by creating a passive income stream inside your online business.

I’m particularly happy to share this piece of content with you because if you are reading this there is a very good chance that you are someone who is  interested in creating a system that makes money while you sleep. 

I’m here to tell you that creating a digital product is, in my opinion, the best way to do that.

You might not know this but you can make a boat load of money selling digital products.

The reason I am completely obsessed with digital products is because they are….

  • Easy to create 
  • Have an insanely high profit margin 
  • 1 time investment in creating it
  • They can be profitable in a niche as long as you are solving a specific problem
  • They are hard for a competitor to replicate 
  • They are truly passive 

My biggest goal is to help entrepreneurs and small business owners create a passive income stream by creating irresistible digital products that their audience is dying to purchase. 

Digital products completely changed my business in a single launch and can do the exact same thing for you. 

But before we get started I have two resources that I am pretty dang excited to share with you. 

If you have been thinking of creating a digital product but are stumped on what in the world you would even create a digital product about then I have a resource that is going to solves that problem for you. 

It’s called the digital product vault and it contains over 200 profitable digital product ideas because sometimes getting started is the hardest part. 

Now if you are someone who sees the potential in creating a digital product but is struggling to wrap your mind around the entire concept, then I have a special resource for you. 

I put together a masterclass that teaches my entire program from choosing a topic to launching a wildly successful digital product out into the world. 

It’s the exact roadmap I have personally used and taught to all of many 1:1 clients who’ve paid upwards of $3,000 to work with me. 

And I’m giving it to you inside this masterclass for FREE. 

Click below to gain access to this training.

$3,541 on a digital bible reading guide without having to “sell”? Here’s how…..

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Niche Clarity

We got really clear on what her current skillset was and how we could leverage it into a very specific niche 

Market research

We conducted serious market research using keywords everywhere and found a keyword with high search volume and low competition.

Set up a solid foundation

We created her content strategy, lead magnet, and digital product off a single keyword.

Tripwire to optimize sales

We installed a tripwire upselling her digital product immediately after someone opted in to her email list. 

Hone in on growing an audience

Once it was created and launched, we honed in on optimizing and growing following that exploded over night 

Now she is literally making money in sleep, from her very own product that she created, without having to ever sell. 


In conclusion

In order to create a digital product that is wildly profitable you need to…

Get clarity on your current skillset and strategically leverage it into a specific niche that solves a problem in the marketplace. .

Next, conduct thorough market research using tools like Keywords Everywhere, identifying a keyword with high search volume and low competition to create a content strategy based on data..

Build a solid foundation by creating a content strategy, an enticing lead magnet, and a compelling digital product – all centered around that strategically chosen keyword.

Install a tripwire to  seamlessly upsell your digital product immediately after someone opts into your email list, maximizing conversion opportunities.

Once launched, focus on optimizing and growing your following, on one long form and one short form platform.

Only then will you be able to generate income while you sleep via your unique digital product.



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