DON'T SELL DIGITAL PRODUCTS ON ETSY and what to do instead

DON’T SELL DIGITAL PRODUCTS ON ETSY and what to do instead

If you have been seeing all sorts of posts talking about selling digital products on etsy, and want to know if it’s actually a good idea before you get started, then this post/video is for you!

Hi, I’m Colleen and I sold over $52k worth of digital products in a very passive way without ever even opening the etsy app.

Today, I’m going to share with you why you should NOT sell digital products on Etsy and what you should do instead. 

But before we get started, I created a guide that contains over 200 digital product ideas to help you get started


DON’T SELL DIGITAL PRODUCTS ON ETSY and what to do instead

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Why Creating Digital Products On Etsy Is Not A Good Idea

  • You don’t own the platform or your traffick 
  • You will always be at the mercy of keywords research which makes it highly competitive 
  • You aren’t leveraging the #1 asset in your business which is your personal brand

This is exactly what you should do instead of selling a digital product on etsy

  • Lead with a personal brand 
  • Choose a topic or niche that you are passionate about and can help someone solve a problem 
  • Choose one long form and one short form platform to master
  • Drive all of your traffic to an email list
  • Create & launch your digital product 

Click here to watch the full video!

If you understand the power of creating a digital product but you just need some direction on the exact steps to take and in what order…

…..then I have a special gift for you!

In this FREE masterclass I am teaching….

  • How to choose a profitable topic that aligns with your skills & life experiences so that you can create & launch a digital product without the fear & doubt that nobody will buy
  • 3 Case studies of wildly successful digital product launches, what made them successful, & the incredible potential they have to create a passive income stream
  • Top 5 mistakes people make when launching a digital product that results in a failed launch + My secret roadmap to creating an irresistible digital product that you can charge a premium for so that you are getting the most out of each purchase.
  • How to create multi dimensional content strategy that will attract your ideal follower & convert them into a raving fan that are excited to buy your digital product
  • How to strategically build an email list full of buyers that you can leverage to create multiple monetization strategies over years to come 




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