Become A Full Time Content Creator In 12 Months Or Less: Your Exact Roadmap

So you are finally ready to take this content creation thing to a full time gig? Or maybe you are finally ready to start that business you’ve been wanting to start for years and want a specific roadmap on how to make it successful as quickly as possible. 

Either way, today I am going to share exactly how you can Become A Full Time Content Creator In 12 Months Or Less: Your Exact Roadmap.

And I am excited to tell you that there has never been a better time to start building an online business as a content creator. 

My goal for this post is that you walk away with a very specific roadmap to becoming a full time content creator this year. 

 I promise this is so doable. 

I started my first online business as a content creator talking about curly hair care when I had all three of my kids home with me.

Working no more than 10 hours per week, I was able to generate a consistent semi passive income stream that allowed us to pay off debt, send our kids to the best private school in our area, and do fun things as a family like fly across the country to Los Angeles and go to Universal Studio, take more family vacations, and pay for all the extra things for my kids like gymnastics, and fun day trips.

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Become A Full Time Content Creator In 12 Months Or Less: Your Exact Roadmap

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Choose A Topic That You Can’t Stop Talking About 

You may have heard this be referred to as a niche. Which basically just means the topic that you want to talk about. 

The topic you choose to create content around is super important because in order for you to be successful as a content creator. Your topic needs to check a few boxes.

Here are a few important questions you need to answer before you settle in on a topic that you will build an entire business around.

Define A Specific Person That You Want To Help 

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when becoming a content creator is starting with the question “what do I want to sell?” rather than “who do I want to serve?”.

What you actually want to do is flip the script by asking yourself who do you want to serve and be very specific. 

This is called a buyer persona, avatar, or ideal client. It really doesn’t matter what you want to call it. What does matter is that you get clear on a very specific person that you want to talk to.

The more specific you can be, the more engaged your ideal buyer will become with your content. 

Once you have an exact idea of who you want to talk to, then you need to create every single piece of content with them in mind. 

I actually envision that person before creating a piece of content and approach it as if I am having a conversation with them.

Create 3-5 Content Pillars

Now that you have chosen your topic (a niche) and defined who you want to serve (your avatar) it’s time to start creating content which is one of my favorite parts!

Before creating a single piece of content, you need to identify 3-5 content pillars. I like to think of these as legs that support your niche idea. 

I am a girl who loves hard numbers so I actually use a tool called keywords everywhere to locate high ranking keywords that relate to my niche.

Another way to think of these is like sub topics that support your main topic. Once you’ve nailed your pillars, you can start creating content surrounding each content pillar. 

When you take the time to create content pillars, it makes creating relevant content easier because you are pulling from topics that relate to your ideal client, and it makes you stand out in your industry because there will be a cohesive flow to your content. 

Here are a few examples of what content pillars might look like:

Example: If your niche is Curly Hair Care your content pillars may be…

  • Curly hair products
  • Curly hair application techniques 
  • Scalp Care 
  • Hair growth
  • Beauty tips 

Example: My niche is social media marketing, my content pillars are….

  • Email marketing
  • Digital products
  • Content creation 
  • Passive Income

Once you’ve mapped out your content pillars, it’s time to move on to choosing which platform to use.

Choose one long form platform and one short form platform

If you want to go full time with content creation, it’s super important to choose one long form and one short form platform to publish on. 

One huge mistake I see new content creators make is publishing all of their content on one short form platform. 

The reason this is a mistake is because…

  1. You are then completely dependant on one single platform that you don’t own and you have zero assets in your business
  2. It is harder to convert followers to sales on a short form platform. The majority of your sales will come from your long form platform and/or your email list which we will talk about in a little bit 

The best practice for publishing content and what I teach all of my students is to choose one long form platform and completely own it followed by one short form platform. 

Then spend time understanding the platforms your choose and completely conquer them before moving on to another platform. 

Your goal should be to post 1-3 long from content pieces per week and 1-3 short form content pieces per day.

This may sound overwhelming but I promise that when you plan your content starting with short form, it makes planning all of your short form content not only easier but also more cohesive. 

Here are a few examples of short form content:

Short form content examples:

  • Instagram 
  • TikTok
  • Youtube shorts

Long form content examples:

  • Blog 
  • Youtube 
  • Podcast

Create An Email Opt In That Solves One Single Problem That Your Ideal Client Has 

Email is the new penpal. I know it may sound crazy and it took me years to wrap my head around this idea. 

But the truth about selling on social media is that the majority of sales actually happen inside your sales emails, not directly on social media. 

According to Forbes, email marketing is still king in marketing.

“Despite the advent of social media and the proliferation of billions of websites on the internet, email marketing is still standing. Email lets you personalize your message in ways that social media can’t match. And email automation offers deep insights into your customers, which can be a convenient way to keep them engaged with your brand.” You can check out the article here.

So you need to think of your social media as a place where you meet a potential buyer and offer something of value to them. This is called a lead magnet. 

These are often referred to as email opt-ins, freebies, or lead magnet. The whole purpose of an email opt in is to create a high value resource for your ideal buyer and offer it in exchange for their email address.

This allows you to serve your person from the very beginning of your relationship and it allows you to collect their contact information on a platform that you own. 

But it’s important that you don’t stop there. Email marketing is a nurture tool. Meaning that you need to show up consistently in your subscribers email box offering them something of value. 

Trust me when I tell you that from day one all roads should lead to an email list.

Create a digital product 

If you are thinking “I have no idea what a digital product is and can’t even begin to wrap my mind around creating one let alone someone actually buying it, I see you! And I was there. 

So much so that I actually put off creating a digital product because I thought I wanted to focus on brand deals and affiliates. 

Let’s just say I felt really silly when I out earned all my other income streams in my first digital product launch that brought in just over $5,000. 

I go into more detail about what a digital product is and how you can start selling them in these two videos.

The reason I am obsessed with digital products and recommend everyone create one immediately is because they are…

  • The best way to monetize quickly
  • The best way to automate sales
  • Easy to make
  • Have a low overhead 
  • Have high profit margin

I mean, do I need to say more? If I don’t have you convinced yet, stay tuned because I am currently working on a video where I’ll share how I generated over $50 worth of digital products.

Build an automated sales funnel

This reason why I always teach my students to  build animated sales funnel is because if you do this in the beginning of your journey, it will allow you to eventually build out a passive income stream. 

An automated sales funnel takes the entire sales conversation that you used to have with each potential buyer and automates it via an email sales series and sales page. 

When an automated sales funnel is built out correctly and with intention of high conversions, it allows you to fully focus on creating content and driving traffic to a single email opt in for that is then triggered to take your potential buyer through a series of emails that sell your digital product.

If you understand the power of creating a digital product but you just need some direction on the exact steps to take and in what order…

…..then I have a special gift for you!

In this FREE masterclass I am teaching….

  • How to choose a profitable topic that aligns with your skills & life experiences so that you can create & launch a digital product without the fear & doubt that nobody will buy
  • 3 Case studies of wildly successful digital product launches, what made them successful, & the incredible potential they have to create a passive income stream
  • Top 5 mistakes people make when launching a digital product that results in a failed launch + My secret roadmap to creating an irresistible digital product that you can charge a premium for so that you are getting the most out of each purchase.
  • How to create multi dimensional content strategy that will attract your ideal follower & convert them into a raving fan that are excited to buy your digital product
  • How to strategically build an email list full of buyers that you can leverage to create multiple monetization strategies over years to come 


In Conclusion:

If you are a millennial mom who spent her life hating social media but now realizes that it is our biggest asset, then it’s time to cut the crap and start building that business that is burning inside of you. 

I promise you can do this friend, and I am here to guide you every step of the way.  

Learn to master each of these skills and you will be able to build a business bigger than your wildest dreams. 

  • Choose A Niche
  • Define A Specific Avatar
  • Create 3-5 Content Pillars
  • Choose one long form platform and one short form platform
  • Create An Email Opt In That Solves One Single Problem That Your Ideal Client Has 
  • Create a digital product 
  • Build an automated sales funnel



P.S. Don’t forget to snag the free digital product idea workbook here.

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