What are digital products? 11 Examples of profitable digital product ideas 

Today I am going to share all the dirty details about digital products with you because this is a topic I can (and do) literally geek out about with anyone, anytime, anywhere. 

I’m particularly happy to share this with you because if you are reading this there is very good chance that you are someone who are someone who is interested in creating a passive income stream while working from home. 

And I’m here to tell you that creating a digital product is, in my opinion, the best way to do that.

Especially if you already have any sort of online business. A digital product is a great way to add an additional revenue stream or replace your current revenue stream.

People who would benefit greatly from creating a digital product are….

  • Content creators
  • Online business owners
  • Influencers 
  • Anyone in direct sales 
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Coaches 
  • Consultants 
  • Someone who wants to start a profitable side hustle
  • Some who wants to quit their 9-5 and replace their income

Before we dive into today’s topic, I have a special gift for you. Sometimes the hardest part of creating a digital product can just be getting started. 

So in order to help you with that, I put together a list of over 200 profitable digital product ideas in all sorts of different niches. 

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I launched my first digital product about 6 months after I started my blog and in my first launch I made just over $5,000. Which out-earned my ad revenue and affiliate income in just a few days. 

That was when I realized that digital products could be a complete game changer for my business.

That single digital product still brings in income over three years later in a mostly passive way. 

Since then, I have created and launched tons of different digital products and have tested and experimented with how to do it successfully. 

Digital products have allowed me to….

  • Bring in revenue as a stay at home mom
  • Sign my kids up for all the extra curricular activities
  • Send my kids to the best private school in our area
  • Pay off credit card debt
  • Pay off our vehicles 
  • My husband to take more time off work 
  • Take our family on fun vacations

Now you might be thinking, that’s great but what excel is a digital product and how on earth do you make money from it?

What Is A Digital Product?

Well, the techy description of a digital product is that it is an intangible item that is delivered electronically and ideally requires zero interaction for someone to purchase. 

They are typically downloadable and consumable information. 

To put it into terms that are more relatable, a digital product is a way for you store your skillset in a digital place so that you can sell it over and over and over again with only ever having to do the work of building it one time. 

It’s basically the idea of teaching a class one time and then selling it to anyone, anywhere, without ever having to interact with them.

It is truly a passive way to earn income and the best way in my opinion. 

If you are like me when I first started throwing around the idea of creating a digital product, I have all these questions like….

  • I don’t have a skillset that anyone would pay for
  • Why would someone pay for that?
  • There are already people teaching my skill set 
  • Do people actually buy stuff like that?

Those are all common and really great questions. 

My challenge for you today is to change your mindset a bit and more importantly trust the data.

When it comes to having a skillset that you can charge money for, I promise you that everyone (who wants to) has some sort of skill set inside of them that someone else would pay for.

You need to think in terms of how you can help someone achieve something rather than that you have to be an expert in order to teach. 

People want results. 

And honestly sometimes getting someone one single result is more beneficial than trying to give them a life changing result that they can’t implement and don’t ever really have a transformation. 

Which is why If you have a skillset, passion, or hobby and have overcome or learned it, then I promise you it can probably be turned into a digital product. 

It just takes a little digging, strategy, and perseverance. 

What are digital products? 11 Examples of profitable digital product ideas 

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Digital product types

When it comes to creating a digital product, there are actually tons of different types of digital products. But the cool thing about them is that there really aren’t any rules. You can literally make them as big or small as you want depending on what niche you are in. 

Capsule products / digital bundle 

The first digital product I always recommend starting with is a product bundle that I like to call a capsule product. The idea is to create 3-5 resources and bundle them together like they are in capsule. 

This type of product’s purpose is to help your ideal buyer achieve one single outcome. 

The purpose of this type of digital product is to get your ideal buyer to be able to implement something right away and get a result. It doesn’t have to be huge. It just has to be meaningful. 

For example: 

My top selling capsule product is a curly hair products guide that walks people with curly hair through exactly how to understand products and choose the right ones for their hair tpye. 

The ideal of a capsule product is to bundle 3-5 resources together so that you are supporting your ideal buyer in every way possible to achieve a specific goal.

With this product guide example, I created 5 resources that will help my buyer truly understand how to choose and use curly hair products. 

Here is an example of that specific digital product.

This is how you take a digital product that would typically be priced at $12 and you are able to charge a premium of up to $29.

I call this the multi dimensional effect.

I always recommend people start by creating a lower priced, capsule product because they are super easy to create and launch and since they offer a quick win for your audience people are excited to buy. 

Online course 

After you’ve created a capsule product, the next digital product you should create is an online course. 

This is where you will teach your entire method from A-Z for achieving X.

For example: My capsule product was a product guide, but my online course is called Online Curls Academy. Inside OCA I literally teach everything you need to know about curly hair care. This is for the person who wants to go all in and truly transform their hair once and for all. 

Trust me when I tell you that every market has multiple different buyers in it which is why I always teach my clients to create a complete offer suite of digital products. This allows you to serve all of your buyers exactly where they are at on their journey AND it allows you to not leave any revenue on the table.  

Masterclass or webinar 

Teaching a masterclass or webinar on a very specific topic is a great way to either upsell your buyers or launch a special class and create a cash infusion inside your business. 

They are particularly useful to launch to your current clients but they can also be used as a freebie to upsell your buyers to a high ticket offer. 


Teaching a masterclass or webinar on a very specific topic is a great way to either upsell your buyers or launch a special class and create a cash infusion inside your business. 

They are particularly useful to launch to your current clients but they can also be used as a freebie to upsell your buyers to a high ticket offer. 


Creating a monthly membership can be a great way to continue adding value to your clients plus create a recurring revenue. 

The only downside with membership is they aren’t passive as the other option digital product mentioned above. 

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11 Digital Product Ideas:

Product Guide:

A comprehensive document providing information and guidance on how to use a particular product. It may include instructions, tips, and troubleshooting advice.

Shopping List:

A list of recommended products or items needed for a specific purpose, often accompanied by descriptions or links for easy purchasing.


Printable or digital sheets designed for tasks, calculations, or data collection. They can be interactive and help users organize information.

Video Series:

A sequence of videos that together form a cohesive narrative or learning experience. Each video typically covers a specific topic or aspect.


An interactive, hands-on session where participants actively engage in learning or creating something under the guidance of an expert.


An in-depth and specialized class conducted by an expert in a particular field, offering advanced insights and techniques


Pre-designed formats or layouts that users can customize for their own purposes, such as documents, presentations, or graphics.

Swipe Files:

Collections of proven and effective examples, templates, or content that users can “swipe” or borrow for their own projects.

Excel Spreadsheet:

A digital file created in Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet software, often used for organizing, analyzing, and visualizing data.

Detailed Tutorials:

In-depth guides or lessons providing step-by-step instructions on how to perform specific tasks or achieve certain outcomes.


Settings or configurations pre-defined by experts, commonly used in photography, design, or software to achieve a desired look or effect.

In conclusion

Digital products have revolutionized the way we share knowledge, offer solutions, and build businesses. 

From capsule products to comprehensive online courses, and engaging masterclasses, the possibilities are literally endless. 

The concept of the capsule product

Like the curly hair products guide, is an example of the “multi-dimensional effect,” enabling creators to charge a premium by bundling resources that support the buyer in achieving specific goals. 

This approach not only provides a quick win for the audience but also sets the stage for more extensive offerings.

Creating a signature online course

Allows creators to share their expertise comprehensively, guiding individuals from start to finish in their pursuit of a particular outcome. 

This is why I always recommend diversifying the digital product suite, including masterclasses and webinars, and provides the perfect opportunity to upsell and create a cash infusion inside your business. 

The monthly membership model

Although requiring ongoing engagement, it offers a steady stream of recurring revenue while continuously adding value to clients. 

However, the key is understanding that each digital product format serves a unique purpose, and the choice depends on the creator’s goals and what their audience needs.

As you start creating your own digital products, remember that there are no rules. 

The flexibility of these formats allows you to tailor your offerings to your niche, whether it’s through product guides, shopping lists, worksheets, video series, workshops, masterclasses, templates, swipe files, Excel spreadsheets, detailed tutorials, or presets.

 Your creativity is the limit, and by embracing the diversity of digital products, you can build a thriving online presence while offering genuine value to your audience.


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