10 Steps To Create And Sell a Profitable Online Course

If you are content creator in 2023 and you haven’t launched an online course, you are leaving money on the table.

Hello! I am Colleen and I started creating online course and digital products a few years ago.

 I started a blog and Instagram account teaching people how to care for their curly hair.  At the time, my main strategy for monetizing was through as revenue and affiliate marketing. 

That seemed to work great until I finally decided to launch my online course. 

In my first launch, I outlearned months of ad revenue and affiliate income which made me think that I was on to something.

Now I teach content creators all around the world how to sell digital products & online courses through a passive income funnel. 

Because getting sales wile you sleep is cool .

If you are toying with the idea of creating and launching a online course or digital product, I have a special gift for you!

 I compiled a list of over 200 profitable online course & digital product ideas to help you get started. 

Because sometimes getting started is the hardest part!

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I promise this doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Here’s how to keep it super simple.

When I first heard about online courses and digital products, it felt daunting. I couldn’t even wrap my mind around how to get started. 

So I just tucked the information away and focused on what I knew how to do, which was chase ad revenue and promote affiliates. 

It wasn’t until my mentor convinced me that I could make way more money promoting an online course that I decided to give it a go.

Let’s just say I out earned all of my other income streams in my first launch.

10 Steps To Create And Sell a Profitable Online Course

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Choose the right topic

Your topic should be a sweet spot of your passion, your skillset, and a market gap. For the sake of not overthinking and getting stuck, choose 3 ideas of something that you can teach someone. 

Test your idea to make sure it’s profitable 

The best tools to test your idea are…

  • Google: The world’s biggest search engine 
  • Amazon: Where people spend money 
  • Google Trends: This is where you can test the long term sustainability of your idea

Research your potential competitors extensively 

Find 3-5 people that are selling information on the topic that you want to sell and ask yourself..

How much are they charging?

How are they positioning their offer?

What are they not including in their content that you can include to set yourself apart?

Create a course outline to teach your method to xxx

Create a 5-7 step method teaching your philosophy on this topic. This method should encapsulate how you overcame the problem that you want to help other people overcome. 

DO NOT overthink this step. You do not need to be an expert. You just need to be able to get someone a tangible result in a specific area.

Curate a personal brand that promotes your course idea

The name of the game in today’s online atmosphere is adding you to the niche or topic that you want to teach on. 

YOU and your story is what is essentially going to make you stand out in the market and sell your online course. Taking the time to curate a personal brand it going to allow you to connect with your ideal buyer. 

Create your course content 

Now it’s time to create your course content. Use the outline that you previously drafted and start chipping away and each module. 

You can include tons or different formats & resources to teach whatever it is you want to teach. 

Example: Video presentation, checklist, workbook, template, video series

Live launch your online course to your current audience 

Launch your course to your audience! This part is fun and also scary. I encourage you to launch in spite of feeling scared so that you will have data to turn around and optimize everything. 

Run a feedback loop to update your course and gather testimonials

Once you’ve had your first sale, run a feedback loop asking your buyers for honest feedback. This allows you to make revisions to your course & gather testimonials to help promote it.

Set up an evergreen sales funnel that sells your course automatically 

Once you’ve proven your concept and had all your sales come in, you can create an evergreen sales funnel that automatically sells your product throughout the entire year.

Create content that attracts your ideal buyer and direct them to your automated sales funnel 

Now that you have all the pieces together, all you need to focus on is creating ongoing content that directs people to your evergreen sales funnel.

Congrats! Now you have a passive income stream that generates sales in your sleep.

P.S Don’t forget to get a list of over 200 online course and digital product ideas here.

10 Steps To Create And Sell a Profitable Online Course

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