How I Made Over $30,000 Selling Digital Products Made In Canva

If you are an influencer, blogger, coach, consultant, or building any business online, adding a digital product to your revenue can do wonders for your bottom line.

I have used multiple digital products to monetize my blog, Instagram, Facebook Group, Quiz, & Email list. 

Below are just a few digital products I created early on in my online business & how much money they generated. 

It’s important to note that all of these products were promoted in a very passive way. 

Meaning I automated my launch and then just set them up in my automated email system to sell on their own.

  • Daily Curl Tracker: $1269.4
  • Curly/Wavy Hair Products Made Easy Guide: $7,039
  • The Ultimate Guide To Styling Curly Or Wavy Hair: $485
  • Curly Girl Starter Kit: $469.35
  • Healthy hair bootcamp: $612
  • MY Miracle Curls: $5,070

But before we get into the dirty details of How I Made Over $30,000 Selling Digital Products, let me quickly explain why digital products are awesome.

Just in case you weren’t already aware 🙂

Why Digital Products Are SO Impactful For Your Online Business

Here are just a few reasons digital products are super important for online business owners in 2023. 

  • Low cost & easy to create: One of my favorite things about digital products is that they don’t cost a lot to get started and they are easy to create. You can literally create and launch an irresistible digital product in two weeks. It all starts by choosing a profitable topic. 

To help you do this, I compiled a list of over 200 profitable digital products. 

You can check to get the entire list for free by clicking here. 

  • High-profit margin: Because of the nature of digital products, once they are created, they are almost 100% profit on every sale. You need to take this into account when you are promoting affiliates. Often times it makes sense to spend that energy promoting your own profit because you are making much more money on each sale. 
  • Scalability: Digital products can be replicated and distributed effortlessly, allowing business owners to serve an unlimited number of customers without worrying about inventory or shipping logistics. 
  • It positions you as an expert: In a saturated influencer landscape, a digital product sets you apart. It showcases your unique value proposition and differentiates you from others in your niche. 

Can get paid while you build your email list: This is possibly one of my favorite things about a digital product. It allows you to build an email list full of high-quality leads that are raving fans and BUYERS.

How I Made Over $30,000 Selling Digital Products

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Meaning that at no cost to you, I may make a small commission on anything you purchase through my link. But don’t worry, I never promote products that I don’t believe in or truly love <3 This just allows me to continue publishing quality content regularly. You can read my full privacy policy here.

I Chose A Super Clear Niche 

When I first got started building online, I was all over the place which made it really hard to focus on strategy.

After a few months of feeling completely scatterbrained, I started to hone my content on one single topic. Curly hair care. And that is when my entire business started to take off. 

In order to stand out on social media you absolutely have to choose a super clear niche. Lifestyle is not a niche, motherhood is not a niche and neither is Christianity. 

I could write an entire series on how to choose a niche because I have seriously learned so much about it. 

But in order to keep this post simple, you need to choose an umbrella topic and choose 5-10 pillars that relate to that topic. These are called content pillars and once you’ve identified them. It makes writing content super simple.

The number one most important question to ask when choosing a niche is “Am I solving a problem?”.

The bigger the problem you solve, the more you can charge for your products and services.

I Prioritized Building An Email List Right Away 

If anyone tells you that you don’t need to build an email list, run. 

Email is not only a huge asset to your business because it allows you to own your contacts and have a direct line to them. 

But people primarily buy through email.

Yes, they buy through social media as well, but if you want to create a sustainable business, then you need to prioritize email ASAP.

Trust me, this is not nearly as hard as you may think.

I was able to build an email list of over 14,000 subscribers without spending a single dollar on ads only working part time. 

It’s just a matter of offering a high-value freebie to your audience in exchange for their email address and promoting it every single day.

I Continually Pulled My Audience To See What Problems They Had & How I Could Help Solve Them 

This is key to creating digital products that are PROFITABLE.

Do not, I repeat, do not create products purely from your mind. Yes, past experiences are a great place to start, but ultimately you need to listen to what your audience tells you by asking them strategic questions. 

Once you identify a common problem they have, you can then go to work to create a solution to that problem with, you guessed it, a digital product.

The key here is selling a digital product THAT SOLVES A PROBLEM.

So put your head down, figure out what your audience’s problem is, and brainstorm and create a digital product that solves it.

Important note: You don’t have to be solving world hunger here. You just have to solve one single problem for your ideal client. 

That’s it 🙂

I Created A Digital Product Before I Was Ready 

This was so hard and I had so many limiting beliefs about creating a digital product before I was ready. I seriously had to re-talk myself into it every single day.

Fun fact, that feeling actually never goes away. 

I still have to talk myself into posting on social, writing that blog post, and sending that email, every.single.day.

It actually never gets easier which is why you need to just create the discipline of getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

I’m telling you right now, if you want to truly serve your audience and make money selling valuable digital products to them, you need to just freaking start! 

Because you will never truly feel ready:)

I made getting started easy for you by compiling a list of 200 profitable digital product ideas that you can snag here.

I Ran A Feedback Loop To Make My Digital Product Amazing

This is a step in the process that most people miss. 

Launching a digital product is great, and to a certain extent, your marketing strategy will sell it. But even the savviest marketing skills can’t fix a crappy product. 

Besides, you don’t want to be the sleazy salesperson that sells a bad product and doesn’t deliver on their promise. 

In order to avoid each of those scenarios, I like to run a feedback loop on all of my digital products.

This allows me to see the blindspots in my product, see the things I nailed with my product, and it allows me to show my customers that I truly care about their experience. 

Running a feedback loop will allow you to create the best version of your digital product if done well.

I Consistently Created Content That Led To My Digital Product 

This is key. You could create the most amazing digital product of all time, but if it sits in a Canva doc, it’s never going to help anyone or make you a single dollar.

While I was building my digital product, I was also working on 20 separate long-form content pieces that all linked back to that single product. 

This allowed me to eventually make money off that single digital product for years on autopilot.

Important Note: I always recommend leading with a piece of long-form content that has a longer shelf life like a blog post or youtube video.

Then using that piece of content to plan all of your short-form content pieces.

This will allow you to create a passive income stream without having to promote your product over and over again. 

In Conclusion: 

Chose A Super Clear Niche 

Having a clear niche is key. Remember if you confuse you lose.

Prioritize Building An Email List Right Away 

Amateurs focus on followers, professionals build email lists.

Pull Your Audience To See What Problems They Have & Think Of Unique Ways To Help Them Solve Them

The secret to having success with digital products (or any business for that matter) is to ask…..then listen.

Create A Digital Product Before You Are Ready 

Just freaking start. You will never feel ready.

Run A Feedback Loop To Make Your Digital Product Amazing

Commit to making a quality product that delivers results. 

Consistently Create Content That Leads To Your Digital Product 

Create a minimum of 20 content pieces that lead to your digital product and promote, promote, promote.


Curly Colleen

P.S. I made getting started easy for you by compiling a list of 200 profitable digital product ideas that you can snag here.

How I Made Over $30,000 Selling Digital Products Made In Canva

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