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Top Tips To Reduce Frizz & Beat Humidity In The Summer

There is nothing that can make your curls quite as angry as humidity. For many different reasons, humidity seems to bring out the worst in our curls.

Which can make a day trip to the beach or local theme park less than enjoyable.

It’s hard to live your best life when you have an unmanageable frizzy mess on your head. 

I totally get it.

In this article, I’ll share my Top Tips To Reduce Frizz & Beat Humidity In The Summer.

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Top Tips To Reduce Frizz & Beat Humidity In The Summer

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Start With A Solid Foundation

Frizz is often just a symptom of a bigger problem. Many times it comes by way of a faulty foundation rather than the weather or a single product. 

So when it comes to analyzing the source of frizz, we first need to look at the foundation of your hair habits to make sure we are doing everything we can to reduce frizz from the get go. 

Know The Difference Between Hydrating And Moisturizing

These terms are often confused with one another. But they are actually different and it’s important to understand that.

Hydration is where we give our hair the water it needs to thrive. This is how we hydrate our hair without weighing it down. 

A really good way to fully hydrate your hair is to make sure you are wetting it all the way through before you put any products on it.

When your hair is fully hydrated it makes it easier to distribute and absorb products. 

Using a bowl to fully soak your hair in the shower is another great way to fully hydrate your hair.

Think Of Moisture And Hydration In Terms Of Layers

When it comes to moisture and hydration, it’s important to think of it in terms of layers rather than one heavy moisturizing product. 

Most curlies that fall into the 2b-3b category are easily weighed down by heavy products. Layering moisture and hydration is a great way to give your hair what it needs to thrive without weighing it down or making it greasy.

And when I say layering moisture, it doesn’t mean only products. 

All of these things are ways of layering moisture and hydration:

  • Co-washing
  • The bowl method 
  • Steamer refresh 
  • Curl cream 
  • Leave in conditioner   
  • Dirty deep condition

Use A Cowash 

A co-wash is a conditioner based shampoo. Essentially you are adding moisture to the cleaning process. 

Traditional shampoos tend to dry out your hair a bit. 

During the summer months, try using this method to layer moisture in the beginning of your routine. 

The Bowl Method

The bowl method is using a bowl to soak your hair in on washday. When you incorporate this method into your routine, it allows your hair to become fully saturated and fully hydrated before you even start the styling process. 


If you are experiencing excessive frizz and nothing seems to be working, you should clarify. 

Build up can be a huge cause of frizz that is often blamed on humidity. 

Pretty much any time my hair is acting weird, I clarify and it fixes most problems.

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Opt for glycerin free products 

Glycerin can be the cause of frizz during humidity months. I wrote a whole article on how glycerin affects curly hair that you can check out here.  

All of my favorite glycerine free products are listed in The Curly Hair Products Made Easy Guide.

Important note: While it is true that curls need moisture to thrive, sometimes moisture can be the culprit. 

If your hair doesn’t feel dry but you are experiencing excessive frizz, then you may need to use a protein heavy product to help balance out protein and moisture. 

If you have a hard time determining which products are protein heavy and which are moisture heavy, check out The Curly Hair Products Made Easy Guide.


 Everything is listed based on curl type and ingredients. 

Layer Stylers 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with stylers and how to apply them. Again think in terms of layers rather than one strong hold gel that is going to make your hair stiff and gunky. 

You can layer products using a curl cream, light gel, strong hold gel and even throw some mousse in there. 

As always, there will be some trial and error. But experimenting with layering products is the best way to find out what works for your specific hair type.

Lastly, check your hair when it is 80% dry dilute gel between your hands and apply it to any areas that may already be frizzing.

Use Satin To Protect Your Hair

If there is ever a time to use a satin pillowcase, it’s when you are struggling to maintain moisture and control frizz. 

Satin retains moisture while most other materials that you sleep on actually withdraw moisture from your hair. 

Failing to use proper sleep protection is a HUGE cause of frizz at any time but especially during the summer. 

Adjust Your Expectations 

There are a lot of practical things you can do to control and reduce frizz. But at the end of the day, frizz is an essential part of having curly hair and during super humid seasons, you may have more frizz than usual. 

It’s important to do everything you can to mitigate frizz while acknowledging that it is part of having curly hair and making peace with that in a way.

All of my favorite products for tackling frizz are listed in the The Curly Hair Products Made Easy Guide.

In conclusion:

Start With A Solid Foundation

Frizz is often a symptom of a bigger problem. Make sure that your hair has plenty of protein and moisture to thrive before you even begin to tackle frizz with stylers. 

Layer Stylers 

Stylers can be a great tool to reduce frizz. Focus on layering light products rather than using one single strong hold gel. 

This will give your hair flexibility and avoid looking crunchy and stiff. 

Use Satin To Protect Your Hair

Protect your hair with satin to retain moisture. 

Adjust Your Expectations 

Frizz is normal and part of having curly hair. There are many things you can do to mitigate frizz. 

However, accepting that a bit more frizz than usual is normal in the summer time is important. 


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