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5 Mistakes Beauty Entrepreneurs Make (And How To Avoid Them)

When it comes to being an entrepreneur in the beauty industry, it can feel scary trying to stand out in what seems like a crowded market. 

It is, after all, a $511 billion dollar industry and there are many different paths that lead to profitability. 

I’m here to tell you that if you want to be part of this awesome community, THERE IS ROOM FOR YOU!

Yes, it can be competitive.

BUT…. Now more than ever is the best time to build a profitable business within the beauty niche. And there are dozens of different ways you can do it. 

In order to build a brand full of customers that want to buy from you, there are a few mistakes you will need to avoid.

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Note: When I say beauty entrepreneur, I mean the following: 

  • Stylist
  • Curly hair blogger/ influencer 
  • Hair Care blogger/influencer
  • Makeup artist 
  • Fashion blogger/influencer 
  • Lifestyle blogger/influencer 
  • In the skincare niche
  • Direct sales (yes, this is applicable to this niche as well)

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Today I’m going to share….

5 Mistakes Beauty Preneurs Make (And How To Avoid Them) 

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You will benefit from this post if you are a:

  • Cosmetologist 
  • Curly hair blogger/ influencer 
  • Hair Care blogger/influencer
  • Makeup artist 
  • Fashion blogger/influencer 
  • Lifestyle blogger/influencer 
  • In the skincare niche

The 5 common mistakes I am sharing in this post will help you know exactly what to avoid to have a successful business in the beauty industry.

Not Building An Email List 

I had to start with an email ist because this is THE BIGGEST mistake I see beauty preneurs (& entrepreneurs in general) make. 

Yes, even in 2022, email is the most effective way to sell your product or services.

Email lists are important for 2 reasons:

ONE: The more social media evolves, the less people engage with content pushing a sale. Email marketing is more popular now than it’s ever been when it comes to converting sales.

Think of it like this, social media is where you meet people and add value, email is where you sell.

There is a HUGE difference between the two.

Social media is like going to a party. 

You can go to a party to socialize.  Whatever happens after that will depend on what the person’s needs are and what you have to offer.

But you don’t lead with a sale. You lead with a friendship. 

Selling on social media is like going to a party, handing out your business cards to everyone and trying to make a sale in the middle of the dance floor. 

Spammy, sleazy, and the classic sales person that nobody likes. I’m sorry but it’s true. 

Do not do this on social media. It will KILL your brand.

REASON NUMBER TWO: An email list is an asset to your business because (if done right) it is a list of buyers THAT YOU OWN. 

In contrast when you build solely on social media, you have no rights to your following, and you don’t own the contact information of all your buyers that you’ve worked so hard to attract.

It could literally disappear overnight. Is that likely? no. But still a possibility.

Building a social media following is one of the biggest risks I see beauty preneurs make and I don’t even think they realize how risky it actually is. 

Being Too Broad In Your Niche

You know that phrase “jack of all trades, master of none”? That might be perfectly well and good for someone who loves hobbies. 

But people don’t hire multiple hobbyist.

And why would they? All of us have friends that “dable” in different topics that you can “pick their brain” for free. 

When you show up to your social media platform talking about beauty one day and fitness the next, it waters down your message and says to the world “ I don’t have a specific set of skills”.

Would you hire someone that doesn’t have a specific set of skills? 

I know I wouldn’t.

To compete in our ever evolving online world, you need to get REALLY clear about what you are good at and what you are offering. 

I mean stupid good at it. 

Anymore, just being a “beauty influencer” isn’t enough. You need to dig deep and serve a specific audience.

Here are a few examples of what I mean:

  • Curl Expert: “I help woman with 2b-3a hair trade unmanageable frizz for healthy shining curls”. 
  • Makeup artist: “I teach quick makeup application tips to busy moms”
  • Esthetician: “I help woman over 40 create an easy but effective skincare routine” 
  • Stylist: “I specialize in lived in color so you can get the most out of your color appointment” 
  • Stylist: Balayage specialist, Curl specialist, Wedding updos 

Do you see the common theme here? 

Each tag line tells the person exactly what you offer and exactly what to expect. 

The goal is build a loyal following of people that will buy from you and to do that you have to offer a specific service to them that sets you apart from others in your industry.

Appealing To The Masses

Ok, so once you’ve really honed in on your niche, you then need to hone in on your person. Yes, this is pretty much like taking niching down one step further. 

Rather than creating content that is general, vague and not directed to one specific  person, try creating content that is specific. Like stupid specific. 

 A good way to do this is to brainstorm exactly who your ideal avatar (client/customer) is and create content for them. 

During this brainstorm session, you need to take DEEP DIVE into who you want to serve.

Here are a few questions you need to ask when you are defining your avatar:

  • How old are they?
  • Are they married?
  • Do they have kids?
  • Where do they like to shop?
  • Why do they want the product/service you offer?
  • What type of hobbies do they have?
  • Where is this person on the journey that you want to serve them? Are they just getting started? Have they started but are having trouble? Have they not been getting results and are desperate?

These are just a few examples, but the more specific you can be, the better outcome you will have. 

Once you know EXACTLY who you are creating content for, it gets much easier. AND you attract people that want to buy from you. 

Chasing A Brand Deal Or Aligning With One Product Line

There is nothing wrong with affiliating products. But trust me when I say there is so much more money to be had by offering your own product or service. 

Affiliate marketing should be an afterthought, like the cherry on top….

…not a top priority.

Often times chasing brands deals requires either, a very large and engaged audience OR a lrge purchase of products upfront. 

Neither are bad. Both are great ways to diversify your income. 

But aligingin yourself with one specific product line can back you into a corner and cap your earning potential. 

If you are at the mercy of a product line, then you are not allowing yourself to enjoy the true benefits of entrepreneurship.

Not Building An Online Course 

The online course industry is just under a $200 billion industry. And there are seriously so many profitable course topics in almost all niches. 

You can create a course with very little investment, sell it before you even create it, and set up an evergreen sales funnel that brings in revenue on autopilot. 

Yes, that is a real thing, and I’ve done it.

There is so much education that needs to be distributed in the beauty industry and having an online course teaching your specific skill set is one of the best ways to add revenue to your business plan.

Not Automating Your Business 

This can be a last step in your business plan and it can take a but of time to set everything up. 


There is so much freedom in being able create a business that runs on it’s own. 

Yes, it is true that you will have to manage your business to some degree. But building a business that is automated is true freedom.

In Conclusion:

The beauty industry has a TON of untapped potential to create a business around. The key to being successful in this industry is…

Prioritize email from the get go

I cannot even count how many people have told me they regret not starting an email list early on.

Building an email list full of buyers should be a top priority.

Being Too Broad In Your Niche

Hone in on a very specific, profitable niche.

Talk to one person

Take some time to get clear on exactly who you are talking to.

Don’t make brand deals or affiliate marketing your number one source of income

On any given month I make double revenue on my products than I do on any affiliate.

Not Building An Online Course 

Building a niched online course is the way of the future and there are thousands of profitable topics.

Automate Your Business

Once you have a clear vision on your niche, avatar, and business plan, automate so you can truly make passive income.


Curly Colleen

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