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How to Trade Frozen & Stiff Curls For Healthy And Shining Curls

one problem I often see in the curl community is people struggling to reduce frizz without ending up frozen stiff curls. 

The thought always brings me back to the 90’s and the good old “LA looks” days.

Back then, it seemed like the only solution for curls was a hard hold gel that left your hair stiff and frozen.

But so much has changed since then.

 We live in a world full of new ideas and products to support our curls/waves that work REALLY well.

Today I’m going to share how you can trade the frozen, stuff, 90’s curls for healthy, soft, shining curls. 

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How To Trade Frozen & Stiff Curls For Healthy And Shining Curls

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When we talk about trading frozen and stiff curls, we first have to understand what causes it so we can better understand how to prevent it.

What Causes Your Curls/Waves To Be Frozen And Stiff?

Well, there are a few different things that could be the cause of frizzy hair including:

  • P/M Imbalance: Your hair is made up of 85-90% protein. Your hair NEEDS protein to thrive. However, if your hair contains too much protein, it can cause it to become limp, brittle, and stringy. 
  • Wrong Products: Using the wrong products (and/or in the wrong order can cause your hair to become stringy and frizzy.
  • Wrong Application: even if you use the right products, but use them the wrong way, you could end up with poor results.
  • Build-up: Product, dirt, and other elements from the environment have a way of causing buildup on your hair. 
  • Damage: If your hair is damaged, the hair follicle is unable to retain things like protein and moisture which are essential for your hair to thrive

What Promotes Healthy, Soft Curls/Waves?

  • Consistent healthy hair care routine: You have to start with a healthy foundation in order to have soft, frizz free curls.
  • Balanced protein and moisture: Protein and moisture are the building blocks of your hair. If these elements are not perfectly balance, your hair lacks the ability to hold it’s structure. 
  • The correct styling process: Since all curls/waves are very different there is no one size fits all approach to styling. 
  • The right products: Using the right products for your specific hair type is essential for great results.
  • The right treatments: Since textured hair is more prone to damage, it’s important to use nourishing treatments to keep the hair shaft healthy.  

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In Conclusion: 

Trading frozen, stiff curls for soft healthy curls is a process that takes time and consistency. 

Start by creating a healthy hair care routine that you can stick to.

Test and experiment with different products and styling routines that work for your specific hair type.

And take some time to fully understand the structure of your hair and what it needs to thrive. 


Curly Colleen 

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