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How To Create An Even Consistent Curl Pattern Throughout Your Head

Hello Curl Friends,

It’s Curly Colleen here….

….and today I want to share a few tips on How To Create An Even Consistent Curl Pattern Throughout Your Head.

This is a question I get asked all the time and I’ve had my fair share of struggles in this exact area myself. 

About 3 months into my curly journey, I was going through the transitioning phase which wasn’t fun.

I had wonky curls all over the place and I really didn’t understand how to use products or what my hair needed. 

Looking back, my hair was kind of a disaster!!

Then again, sometimes the best way to learn is through experience…

…..Or in your case, through someone else’s experience (hopefully avoiding making the mistakes I made?)

Each wash day seemed to result in curls, mixed with strings and frizz. I just couldn’t seem to get consistent results until I started implementing the 5 tips listed below. 

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How To Create An Even Consistent Curl Pattern Throughout Your Head

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Set The Foundation 

Before we dive into getting a consistent curl pattern , we need to quickly go back to the start. 

Oftentimes the reason we aren’t getting consistent curl patterns throughout our head is because we haven’t set a solid foundation. 

Almost all of your results rise and fall on whether or not you are able to nail your washday. And when it comes to your washday, there are a lot of factors that play a role.

Here are a few things that can make or break your wash day results:

  • Make sure your hair is properly moisturized..but not too much
  • Make sure you have the right protein moisture balance
  • Apply products correctly
  • Choose the right products 
  • Treat your hair with deep conditioners, clarifiers, protein treatments

Each of these topics are complex and can be elaborated on, but I won’t be able to go over all of those in this specific post. 

The important thing to take away today is that you are aware that each of these elements play a role in the consistency of your curl pattern.

Use A Brush To Style

Once you’ve set a solid foundation for your hair, brush styling is a helpful way to create consistency throughout your curl pattern. 

Using a brush to style helps evenly distribute products and can increase your curl pattern making it more uniform.

Style Sections Of Your Individually 

I like to use a hybrid styling method when it comes to styling and applying products. The reason being is that it is super normal to have multiple curl patterns throughout your head. And some sections may need a little more TLC than others. 

For example, the crown of my head tends to get dry, frizzy, and tangly. So I apply a little more leave in conditioner, and use my denman brush to help smooth the hair shaft. 

Don’t Take Your Curls Too Seriously

Even if the stars align, and you do everything you can do to get a consistent curl pattern throughout your head, It’s totally normal to still have a level of inconsistent curl pattern.

It’s just the nature of curls. 

They are wild, free, and to a certain extent really can’t be tamed. It’s what makes them special, unique, and also frustrating. 

Yes, you can do many things to help get a more consistent curl pattern, but it’s also important to let go of rigid expectations of curly hair. 

When In Doubt….You May Need A Haircut

If you’ve tried everything above, but still your curls still seem to be abnormally inconsistent with the rest of your hair, it may be time for a cut. 

Especially if your hair is heat or color damaged.

There is a good chance it is not able to align with the rest of your hair pattern because there is simply too much damage. 

In this case, a trim or cut may be in order. 

In conclusion:

When it comes to creating a consistent curl pattern throughout your head…..

Take the time to create a consistent hair care routine that is giving your hair everything it needs to thrive. This set a solid foundation to build upon.

Don’t be afraid to manipulate problem areas with a brush or finger coiling.

Let go of expectations and don’t take your curls too seriously.

…and when in doubt, it may be time for a haircut!


Curly Colleen 
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consistent curly pattern

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