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3 Products That Control Frizz Without Weighing Down The Curl

When it comes to choosing products for curly or wavy hair, there are a couple things most people are looking for. 

One question I get often is “What products help to control frizz without weighing down your hair? ”

Today, I’m sharing my favorite products to do just that!

In addition, I am going to share a few tips you can incorporate into your wash day that will help reduce frizz as well.

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3 Products That Control Frizz Without Weighing Down The Curl

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Leave- in conditioner

Since frizz occurs due to a lack of moisture, you want to start the styling process with a good leave in conditioner.

This is helps smooth your hair follicles by adding moisture and creates a soft foundation to build upon during the styling process.

A leave-in conditioner, assuming it is right for you hair type, will help reduce frizz without weighing it down because it lays a foundation of light moisture.

Curl cream

Curl creams tend to be lightweight and are a great way to add a light amount of hold while adding another layer of moisture. 

When you layer moisture into your styling process, it helps to keep your style light and not weighed down.

Layering moisture is the difference between thriving curls vs oily, stringy, weighed down curls.


Mousse is great because it can produce a firm hold without weighing your hair down. 

Finish your styling process be adding a bit of mousse using praying hands method to your hair. 

Important note: not all mousse is created equal.

You will need to experiment with a few to find out what’s right for your hair type

Wash Day Tips For Reduce Frizz

Clarify – If you have unexplained frizz, or your hair just feels like it has product build up, you probably need to clarify. Often times frizz is happening because you hair just has too much build up on it and its not able to become smooth

Deep condition – If you are not deep conditioning regularly, your hair becomes dry from the inside out. Remember, frizz occurs due to lack of moisture. It’s super important that you are deep conditioning regularly. 

Think of it like this: By the time you get thirsty, your body is already at a level of dehydration. You have to drink water continuously to stay hydrated. Same with you hair. 

Use a brush in the shower – Using a brush in the shower helps do evenly distribute you deep conditioner as well as increase you natural curl patter. 

Use the micro bowel method – This is one of my favorite ways to add moisture in the shower. 

I like to take a small bowl or cup, put a teaspoon of my deep conditioner in it. Then I’ll section my hair into to large sections and twist each section in the natural direct they want to go.

Then I will use the bowl or cup to soak each side in the conditioner water. This method has done wonders for my hair when it is severely frizzy and lacking moisture. 

The bowl method has a way of adding moisture without making your hair oily because the primary source of moisture is water. 

Remember!! Controlling frizz starts early on in the process.

In Conclusion: 

You don’t need a ton of products to produce healthy, smooth, frizzy free hair. In fact, using too much product is a HUGE mistake I see people make all the time.

The best way to reduce frizz without weighing your hair down is….

  1. Establish a healthy haircare routine & stick to it
  2. Chose a few simple products 

Easy easy lemon squeeze!



Curly Colleen 

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