9 Best Curly/Wavy Hair Products By Monat

Monat products began to surface early on in my curly girl journey. I didn’t give it a try because I was committed to using drugstore products for the first 6 months of my journey.

Mainly because I wanted to test and experiment with products to see for myself if high-end products were truly worth the cost.

I have no problem investing in high quality as long as it makes sense and delivers its promises. You can read more about my view on drugstore vs high-end products here.

I bought the complete Monat package one year into my curly girl journey.

At that point, I’d made a ton of progress with my curls, had tested both drugstore and high-end brands, and knew exactly what I was looking for in a product line.

Because I experienced postpartum hair loss and have medium density, I wanted a product line that would promote hair growth and protect my hair from the environment (which is two things Monat claims to do).

I was eager to try the product line because I had heard so many great things about it.

Even though it is a quality product line, by the time I purchased everything I consider Monat products to be super affordable(if you order as a VIP member which seemed like a no-brainer for me).

Monat has three different ordering options that allows you to get discounts and free products. You can read all about the Monat ordering options here.

I purchased the Hydration Market Partner Packet and was shocked to see how many products were included in a $200 package.

Since the products are highly concentrated, most of the last 6 months or more.

If you are like me and are a little confused about the products and how to choose them, I have a special gift for you.

I created a quiz that will narrow down your Monat product options.

Monat products

After thoroughly testing tons of different Monat products, I’ve compiled a list of the 9 Best Curly Hair Products By Monat below.

My hope is that this list will help you better understand how to choose the best Monat products for curly hair. Please note that these recommendations are subject to my ongoing experimentation list. I am always testing new products and may add new products that I love!

Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Meaning that at no cost to you, I may make a small commission on anything you purchase through my link. But don’t worry, I never promote products that I don’t believe in or truly love <3 You can read my full privacy policy here.

Scalp Purifying Scrub (2in1 scalp treatment and clarifying wash)

Because clarifying your hair and scalp is crucial to having healthy hair, I was super excited to try this treatment. 

I’ve been clarifying my hair routinely and have tested and experimented with dozens of brands. 

Naturally, I wanted to see if this product held up to my standard on a clarifying wash. 

I used it on my hair as well as both of my daughters’ hair (they usually have a good amount of build-up from swimming) and was very pleased with the results. 

Any time I test a clarifying wash specifically, these are the things I am looking for:

  • Are the ingredients safe? We should always ask this question when we are putting products on our skin or scalp.
  • Will the product effectively clarify my hair? Meaning, will it strip all build-up from products, dirt, and oil? I mean, that is the point of a clarifying wash. 
  • Will it damage my hair? Some clarifying wash can be almost too harsh in my experience. 

My results: When I used the scalp purifying scrub by Monat, here is what the results were:

  • Are the ingredients safe? Because ingredients can be hard to understand, I run them through isitcg.com because it makes it much easier to know what is in the products. After running the ingredients through the site, I was pleased to find that this product contains clean ingredients and it’s curly girl approved which is a bonus!
  • Will the product effectively clarify my hair & will it damage my hair? After using this treatment, my hair and scalp felt super clean but not dry and brittle which is notable for a clarifying wash. It is not uncommon for a clarifying wash to dry out your hair. It also has a light refreshing smell.

This scalp purifying scrub is by far the best clarifying wash I’ve used.

It works in two parts as a scalp scrub and shampoo and contains apple cider vinegar and purifying pink clay. This allows the scrub to deeply cleanse and purify your hair while helping rebalance moisture to the scalp.

How to apply it: Use less than a dime size of the product, rub it between your hands until it becomes bubbly, and apply it to your scalp in small circular motions. 

Rinse, and wash once more to be sure to get everything off your scalp. 

Who is this product for? If you have any of the below-mentioned issues with your hair, this purifying scrub would be highly beneficial for you.

  • If you swim in a pool with chlorine, salt, or the ocean
  • You have inconsistent results 
  • Your products don’t work like they used to 
  • You have fine or low-density hair 
  • Your hair is dull or lifeless 
  • If you have build-up 
  • Nothing seems to be working
  • You have scalp issues – oily, dry, or flakey 
  • Loss of curl pattern 

It is super important to incorporate a clarifying wash into your routine to keep build-up at bay and keep your scalp healthy. 

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Renew Shampoo

When it comes to shampooing curly hair, It’s important to get a shampoo that will cleanse your hair while maintaining the important oils it needs to thrive. 

Yes, you should use a clarifying wash once a month to remove oil and product build-up from your hair, but during your weekly routine, it’s important to maintain natural oils. 

Natural oils are necessary for your curls to thrive. 

When it comes to a curl friendly shampoo, there are three things I look for:

  • Is it safe? This is always my first question.
  • Is it moisturizing? This helps maintain moisture during the cleansing process.
  • Will it be too heavy for my hair? Some curl cleansers and co-washes are designed for thicker and more coiled hair which can be too heavy for 3a curls and below. This can cause them to become weighed down and over moisturized. 

My results when I used Renew Shampoo By Monat:

  • Is it safe? Yes. However, this shampoo is not curly-girl-approved because it contains one silicone which is frowned upon in the curly community. Silicone is often added to hair products to control frizz and create shine but can build up your hair shaft over time. Since I have never been strict while following the curly girl method, I am ok with that. My mindset is more about using what works on your hair rather than trying to stick to rules and not get the results I want. As long as you are using a clarifying wash from to time, you won’t have a problem with build-up.
  • Is it moisturizing & will it be too heavy for my hair? The renew shampoo is the perfect amount of moisture for 2b-3b curls. It is the perfect combination of a gentle cleanser, yet moisturizing without weighing my curls down. Since renew is infused with rejuvenique oil, it helps boost hair growth and improve follicle strength. Renew is also safe to use on color or chemically treated hair. 

How to apply it: Use a nickel size of the product, rub it between your hands until it becomes bubbly, and apply it to your scalp in small circular motions focusing on your roots. 

Rinse, and wash once more to be sure to get everything off your scalp. 

Who is Renew Shampoo for? If you have wavy to curly hair or a dry scalp, renew would be a great fit for you!

If you would like to get a customized product recommendation from me, you can fill out this quiz.

Replenish Masque 

Because wavy and curly hair is prone to breakage, it’s important to treat your hair with a masque that will repair and restore any damage. 

When it comes to a masque, I typically look for two things:

  • Is it safe?  
  • Will it repair and restore my hair? 

After testing the repair mask, here is what I found:

  • Is it safe? Yes. The replenish masque is curly girl approved and considered a clean product. Meaning free from parabens, silicones, and sulfates.  
  • Will it repair and restore my hair? Heck yes! Since I lighten my hair, It is super important that I am replenishing all of the nutrients it loses during the lightening process. This masque works to repair and hydrate dry or damaged hair. 

How to apply it: Apply this product from your roots to your ends after you shampoo. Let it sit for 15 minutes and rinse thoroughly. 

Who is the Replenish Masque for? Anyone who has damaged or super dry hair. 

Smoothing Deep Conditioner 

Because curls get thirsty, it’s important to incorporate a deep conditioner into your routine. 

Monat has a couple of deep conditioners designed for curly hair. 

Smoothing Deep Conditioner is the first product I used and tested.

Note: I am currently testing two more deep conditioners and will write a comparison post in the future. You can sign up for my email list and be the first to read my latest blog posts by opting in here

When testing a deep conditioner, I am looking for three things:

  • Is it safe? Yes! This product is safe to use and curly girl approved!
  • Is the moisture level a good fit for my hair & how long does the moisture last? This product contains the perfect amount of moisture that is light enough for 2b-3b curls. 
  • Does it contain protein? Yes. Protein is a key factor for many curly girls. Protein is responsible for reducing frizz and holding your curl structure. If your hair is colored, damaged, or low porosity, you will typically need protein to help fill in the gaps of your hair structure. 

My results when using Monat’s Smoothing Deep Conditioner: 

  • Is the moisture level a good fit for my hair & how long does the moisture last? I’ve found that using a smoothing deep conditioner is the perfect amount (and the right kind) of moisture for my 3a curls. My curls feel moisturized but are also able to retain moisture. Before using Monat products, I was only able to go 2-3 days before my hair started to lose moisture. After using Monat products consistently, I’ve been able to stretch my wash day to 5-7 days while maintaining healthy moisturized curls. 
  • Does it contain protein? Yes. Smoothing Deep Conditioner contains wheat amino acids as a protein source. 

How to apply it: You can apply the smoothing conditioner after you’ve shampooed (and replenish masque) your hair by gently squeezing out excess water. Apply conditioner and let sit for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly. 

Who is the Smoothing Conditioner for? This conditioner is the perfect fit for wavy to curly hair or anyone with a dry scalp. It helps to control frizz, promote shine, and protects from humidity. 

Restore Leave-In Conditioner 

The purpose of a leave-in conditioner is to add one final layer of moisture that will stay on your hair throughout the day. 

The three things I look for in a leave-in are:

  • Is it safe? 
  • Does it have a strong smell? I am very sensitive to smell and since a leave-in stays in your hair all day, it’s important to me that it is odorless or has a slight smell. 
  • Is it light enough for my hair? Some leave-in conditioners can weigh your hair down and cause it to be stringy.

My results when testing the restore leave-in conditioner: 

  • Is it safe? Yes. But this product is not technically curly girl approved because it contains one silicone. As always, my rule of thumb is if it is not harmful to your body and works, then use it. 
  • Does it have a strong smell? This leave-in has a light refreshing smell that I don’t even notice throughout the day.
  • Is it light enough for my hair? The restore leave-in conditioner is the perfect amount of moisture to add hydration to my hair without weighing it down. 

This product helps restore nutrients to the scalp boosting natural hair growth and improving strength to each hair follicle. This helps reduce thinning. 

How to apply it: Apply evenly to wet hair and style as usual. For adding moisture, you can apply this product to dry or day two hair as well. 

Who is the restore leave in the conditioner for? This product is for anyone. I use this on my kid’s and husband’s hair because it’s the perfect way to add moisture and repair your hair.

Take the hair type quiz here!!

Moxie Mousse 

When it comes to styling curly hair, my hands-down favorite product is Monat’s moxie mousse. 

This is actually kind of shocking because before I used this mousse, I did not like mousse at all. 

In fact, I tried several different mousses and disliked them so much that I didn’t use mousse for a year. 

But I finally decided to give moxie mousse a try because I saw many great reviews about it. 

A few things I look for in mousse as a styler:

  • Is it safe?
  • Is it volumizing?
  • Can you see product build-up?

My results when testing Moxie Mousse:

  • Is it safe? Yes! Moxie mousse is curly girl approved and contains ingredients that are considered safe. 
  • Is it volumizing? Yes! I swear this product is the absolute best way to add volume to your curls while maintaining definition.
  • Can you see the product build-up? Nope! And that’s the number one reason I love it! I used many different mousse products before that all looks super producty once my hair dried. The moxie mousse keeps my hair light, bouncy, and shiny. 

This product creates volume and body while providing soft texture without the crunch.

How to apply: Apply a small amount to your hair after your leave in the conditioner. Apply via praying hands method to help maintain curl clumps. 

Who is this product for? Anyone who wants to increase volume, reduce frizz, while maintaining softness and shine. 

Flexible Hold Gel 

Gel is a styling product that I’ve always loved! It helps create definition and hold your gorgeous curl pattern. 

A few things I look for in a gel are:

  • Is it safe?
  • Does it add hold to my curl pattern?
  • Will it leave my curl soft rather than crunchy?

My results after using Monat’s Flexible Hold Gel

  • Is it safe? Yes! The flexible hold gel is considered safe and is curly girl approved.
  • Does it add hold to my curl pattern? Yes. This gel does a great job locking in moisture and curl pattern. 
  • Will it leave my curl soft rather than crunchy? Yes. My curls remain soft and bouncing with this gel. 

This product is silicone-free and delivers a strong hold while still maintaining flexibility. It is lightweight and doesn’t leave your hair feeling sticky. 

How to apply this product: Apply this product to wet or damp hair and scrunch. I like to mix it with moxie mousse and apply via praying hands method. 

Who is this product for? Anyone who would likes definition without crunch. 

Curl Defining Cream 

Curl cream (in my opinion is totally optional). I happen to LOVE a good curl cream for days that I want to let my hair go natural but add a tiny bit of styler. Think, beachy curls. 

These are a few things I look for in a curl cream:

  • Is it safe?
  • Is it lightweight? When using a curl cream, I prefer it to be super lightweight. That way it will work for a quick wash and go or for layering with other products.

My results after using curl defining cream:

  • Is it safe? Yes! The ingredients used in this product are safe and it is curl girl approved. 
  • Is it lightweight? Yes! This product is the perfect amount of moisture and hold for a quick wash-and-go style. 
  • Bonus: This product contains two forms of protein (wheat Amino Acids & hydrolyzed Rice Protein) which help give your curls structure by filling in any gaps in your hair strand. 

You can read more about the relationship of protein and moisture and how they relate to curls here.

How to apply it: You can apply this curl cream evenly from your roots to your ends on wet or damp hair. Diffuse or air dry and enjoy a soft natural hair pattern.   

Who is this product for? Anyone who would like a wash-and-go style that is aiming for a beachy vibe. This is also a great product to use for layering.

Take the product recommendation quiz here!

Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive

When it comes to oil, I believe it is one of the most important products to use, yet the most underrated. 

The purpose of using oil on your hair is to help balance your scalp, soften curls after a cast, and promoted regrowth. 

I typically use oil for a scalp message 4-6 times per week.

When choosing oil for my hair, I am looking for four things:

  • Is it safe?
  • What is the quality of the oil blend? Some brands use low-quality oil that sits on your hair shaft rather than penetrating it causing your hair to become oily.
  • Is it light enough for my hair? If the oil blend is too heavy for your hair it can cause it to become stringy.
  • Is the product designed to promote hair growth? Because hair growth is always a priority for me. 

My results after using Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive:

  • Is it safe? Yes! This product contains ingredients that are considered safe and it is curly girl approved. 
  • What is the quality of the oil blend? This oil contains a blend of 13+ Natural Plant and Essential Oils rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and nutrients highly beneficial for hair health. 
  • Is it light enough for my hair? Yup! This oil is the perfect amount of moisture without causing my 3a curls to become stringy. 
  • Is the product designed to promote hair growth? Yes! All Monat products are formulated with nourishing ingredients that promote natural hair growth. 

How to apply it: You can use this product as a pre-poo <<INSERT POST, an intensive hydrating treatment, or finishing product. 

Who is it for? Everyone! This oil is beneficial for all hair types.

Commonly asked questions

Are Monat products curly girl approved?

Yes, well, some. Most of the products listed above are curly girl approved but you will occasionally find a silicone or two in some of them.

After reading the curly girl handbook and sticking to the method for six months, I quickly realized that the strict curly girl method just wasn’t for me. 

All curls are different and have different needs. If something works, and your hair is healthy, then I have no problem using it. 

What products should I avoid with curly hair?

Shampoos and conditioners that are harsh tend to dry curly hair out causing frizz and breakage.

I’m also not a huge fan of drugstore products. Although you may see immediate results, they are simply a band-aid approach and won’t work long term. 

You can read more about my view on drugstore vs high-end products here.

What does Monat curl cream do?

Monat’s curl cream can be used as a wash-and-go product, or to layer with gel and/or mousse. 

It contains two different forms of protein which help to enhance your curl pattern and reduce frizz.

In Conclusion: Is Monat good for your hair?

Yes! Monat is designed to protect your hair from the environment, promote hair growth, and protect against aging. Monat is my number one recommendation for healthy hair. You can read my complete review of the Monat product line here.



P.S Don’t forget to take the curl type quiz here!

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