Monat: Ordering Options Explained

After working with dozens of curls and waves around the world, I’ve found the two most important factors in transforming your hair are…

1) Establishing healthy at-home habits 

2) Choosing a quality product line that will repair your hair and promote hair growth

And after testing and experimenting with dozens of drugstore and high-end product lines, my top recommendation is a product line called Monat. 

Monat products are a plant-based, non-toxic, anti-aging, and award-winning haircare and skincare company.

After using this product line for more than 6 months, I noticed thicker, more shine, and less frizzy hair. This is why decided to partner with them and recommend their products. 

If you are interested in giving these products a try, fill out the quiz below and I will send you an email explaining which products will be right for your specific hair type. 

Monat has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so there is no risk in giving them a try.  

There are 3 ways to make a purchase

1) Retail: You pay full price for each product + shipping

2) VIP Memebership: With the VIP membership there is a one-time fee of $19.99 BUT with that membership you will get free shipping on orders over $84. Since shipping is crazy expensive, I consider it well worth it.

What does Monat VIP mean?

Similar to an Amazon Prime membership, Monat VIP membership allows you to get free shipping (for orders over $84) and qualify for monthly promos and flash sales. 

Which are typically really great sales. I got a shampoo for just $12 this past month. Just sayin….

As a VIP customer, you will also receive 15% off all products which is awesome!

Included in the VIP membership you’ll get:

  • Access to my VIP Facebook group (giveaways, tutorials, hair coaching)
  • 15-40% off for life
  • Free shipping ($84 minimum)
  • No monthly purchase required
  • You decide when you want more products and choose your date for your next shipment (Flexship). You can push this date out as long as you want
  • Free products with all Flexship purchases
  • Access to all Flash Sales
  • Money to spend in your Birthday month

3) Market Partner (Brand Influencer):

  • Lifetime discount of 30%-55% off products
  • No monthly fees
  • No inventory
  • Affiliate link to earn commission 
  • Option to build a team and increase your income

*If you are interested in becoming a Market Partner, just select the box on the form.

Keep in mind that these products are highly concentrated and will last 4-6 months (they typically last me 6 months). So when you break it down by day, you’re paying well under $1 per day to have amazing products that truly work.

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