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6 Must-Have Curly Hair Products By EVOLVh

Choosing curly hair products is one of the most important steps in the life of a curly girl. Aside from establishing healthy hair habits and tracking your progress, I’d venture to say that it is the most important step. Today I’m sharing 6 Must-Have Curly Hair Products By EVOLVh. 

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After testing and experimenting with hundreds of different product lines, EVOLVh is one of my all-time favorites and will always be a stable in my curly hair products basket. In this post, I’ll highlight a few things I love about the company as well as an in-depth review of my 6 favorite EVOLVh products. 

A few things I love about EVOLVh

EVOLVh is a high-end curly hair product line that is committed to formulating innovative products that heal your hair from the inside out. 

Many companies fill their products with harmful ingredients that act as a band-aide for your hair but don’t deal with the root issue.

Long term, this causes your curls to become dependent on harsh ingredients.

EVOLVh’s products are formulated with clean ingredients that are friendly to the environment. Their goal is function and performance. 

A couple of things I love about EVOLVh

  • The products have a light pleasant smell – Strong smells in products give me a headache after a while
  • Formulated with clean ingredients – It’s a great way to swap out your toxic hair care line with a clean toxic free line
  • The products last a long time – A little bit goes a long way 
  • Free from: Sulfates, gluten, parabens, propylene glycol, silicones, phthalates
  • Hydrates, without weighing down – It’s the perfect amount of moisture for my 3a curls 
  • Medium hold – I love the super defining cream because it offers the perfect amount of hold
  • I love that they keep their products simple. You don’t have to try to choose from dozens of different products

This is currently my top recommended brand. Keep in mind that product recommendations in this blog are subject to change as I am always testing new product lines. 

I use and highly recommend EVOLVh. My curls are loving these products! I recommend getting started with the curl bundle. It has everything you need to get started on your curly journey.

Important note: I’ve noticed while using EVOLVh on my 3a curls, doing a weekly rice water rinse is a great way to balance protein back into my routine. 

As always, you should test and experiment on what works best for your curls. You can get the Daily Curl Tracker here.

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If you feel overwhelmed about how to choose curly hair products, I wrote a complete post that guides you through the process helping you feel less overwhelmed. 

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6 Must-Have Curly Hair Products By EVOLVh

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SmartCurl Hydrating Wash 

I love the gentle cleanser because it cleanses without stripping your curls from natural oils that are essential for healthy curls. 

My curls are unique in the way that a co-wash tends to irritate my scalp, but traditional shampoos are too harsh. 

This hydrating wash is the perfect combination of hydration but also cleanses really well. It has a light smell and a little bit goes a long way. 

I use this cleanser throughout my regular routine except for once per month when I use a clarifying wash.

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SmartCurl Hydrating Conditioner

EVOLVh’s SmartCurl conditioner is great for a quick boost of moisture. 

I like to use a tiny bit of this as a pre-poo before I wash to help loosen up any stubborn tangles. One thing I love about this conditioner is that it adds a good amount of moisture without weighing down my curls. 

This is the perfect conditioner to use as a staple product for your weekly washday. 

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SmartCurl Leave-In Conditioner

This handy leave-in conditioner comes with a spray bottle making it super convenient. I use this product specifically on the mohawk patch of the top of my head because my hair loses moisture quickly on the top. 

Since it has a spray nozzle, it’s super easy to add moisture throughout the day to areas of your curls that need a boost. 

This leave-in conditioner goes a long way so be careful not to over-apply it. 

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6 Must-Have Curly Hair Products By EVOLVh

SuperCurl Defining Cream 

The EVOLVh curl bundle comes with a super curl defining cream that is one of my favorite styling products. 

Once I have sprayed the leave-in conditioner through my hair and used my Behairful brush to gather curl clumps, I like to finish off my look by adding the defining cream to my curls using the praying hand’s method. 

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UltraRepair Reconstructing Masque

You know I’m a treatment junkie, so naturally, I had to test the reconstructing masque. To my delight, this treatment doesn’t disappoint. 

Rich in essential amino and fatty acids which help repair our hairshaft, UltraRepair repairs damage, strengthens, seals split ends, prevents moisture loss, while protecting against future damage. Promotes healthy, shiny, and silky hair. 

And because it does such a great job restoring my hair, I’ve found that I need to do treatments less frequently. 

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Wonderbalm Magic For Curls 

This secret ingredient is some kind of delicious concussion of oil meats serum. I’m not sure I’ve used a curl specific product that compares to the wonder balm. 

I use it as a refresh on day two, and to tame any outrageous frizz through the day. It’s highly concentrated and leaves a great shine to your hair. It also works as a heat protectant if you do choose to use heat. 

This will be a staple product in my bathroom cabinet for sure.

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The Cons To EVOLVh Products

I’ve highlighted all the features that I love about EVOLVh products. From my experimenting, there are two cons worth mentioning.

The Products Are Highly Moisturizing

The EVOLVh products do a great job of adding moisture but if you are not careful you can overdo it. I found that I was able to cut back on doing treatments and adding in a rice water treatment helped offset the moisture protein balance. 

You can read more about moisture and protein here.

I Consider Them To Be High End

I’d consider them to be a bit more costly than what you would pick up at the drugstore, but in my opinion, they are well worth the price.

The products are high quality and highly concentrated so they last a really long time. 

All of the nontoxic features are well worth the investment to me because I know that what I am putting on my scalp is clean.

I wrote an in-depth post about high-end versus drug store products because I know it can be confusing. You can read the full post here.

In conclusion:

EVOLVh is a must-try product line when it comes to curly hair. They have developed a product line that checks all the boxes of what I look for in curly hair products. 

The best way to shop EVOLVh products is to start with the Curl Bundle, and add on the wonder balm and reconstructing masque. 

Remember to always test and experiment with what works for your specific curls.

Don’t be afraid to move a product to a different step in your routine when you are testing them. You can get my fancy curl tracker here.  

And check this post out on how to test and experiment with curly hair products.

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