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Behairful Brush Review – Is It Worth The Hype?

Is the Behairful Brush worth the price? Chances are, you’ve seen the Behairful Brush floating around the internet and have wondered if it’s worth the hype. Today I am sharing Behairful Brush Review – Is It Worth The Hype? to share my experience using this curl friendly brush. 

Before we get started, if you are struggling to care for your curls, I have a special gift for you. 

I created a simple curly girl cheat sheet that simplifies the curly girl method and walks you through each step. 

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Behairful Brush Review – Is It Worth The Hype?

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Family Owned

I’m a huge believer in supporting family-owned businesses. Many of them are truly passionate about their products and have a powerful story of how they came to life.

The creator of the Behairful brush tells her story of how it came to life and it is truly inspiring. 

Before I review a product, I always like to know where it came from, the story behind it, and what the company’s vision is. 

You can read the story of how the Behairful brush came to life here <<<<<INSERT LINK. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

I’ve worked with this company doing several giveaways and they make it so easy to work with them. They have always been kind and very generous. 

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High Quality 

The Behairful brush is the most high-quality brush I’ve ever used. It even comes in a pretty box.

From the material used to form the handle to the boar bristles, you can tell that it is made of high-quality materials. 

The Boar Bristle Distribute Product And Natural Oils Evenly 

Since the Behairful brush is made up of natural board bristles, it helps to distribute product and your natural oils evenly. 

Not only does this keep your hair healthy by replenishing your oils, but it also enhances your styling by evenly distributing the product.

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Gently Detangles 

Detangling curly hair the right way is super important when it comes to hair’s health.

Many brushes can cause damage and even hair loss because it takes a very specific type of brush to detangle curly hair. 

Since the Behairful brush is designed to gently detangle even the tangiest curly hair, it will keep your hair healthy but still do a great job detangling. 

Creates Both Definition And Volume 

Since the Behairful brush can gentle glide through your hair coating every strand, it is the perfect way to create both definition and volume. 

The boar bristles distribute product evenly creating ideal definitely while at the same time lift the hairshaft fro your scalp giving you great volume. 

Great For Brush Styling 

The Behairful brush is perfect for brushing styling. 

Section your hair into 2 inches sections and add your favorite curl cream. Then use your Behairful brush to brush through each hair strand brushing in an upward motion to create volume.

Finish off your look by adding your favorite gel using the praying handing method to lock in moisture and your curl pattern. 

In conclusion:

The Behairful brush is one of my favorite curl friendly brushes. 

It is designed with the curvy girl in mind and is a game-changer when it comes to gently detangling, product distribution, and brush styling. 

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