In this recommendation page, you will find products, services, tools, and tons of resources that I use and love. 

I created this page so you can quickly find all the products you hear me rave about throughout my blog and social media platforms. 

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Curly Hair Resources

Below are all of my favorite resources for curly hair care.

I have included downloadable ebooks as well as step by step video guides to help you get the most out of your curly journey.

The Curly Girl Starter Kit: This is perfect for the curly girl who is tired of struggling with curly hair care and wants to learn a step by step foolproof system to simplify the process.

This packed includes an in-depth step by step curly hair ebook, a tracking solution (so you can know exactly what works and what doesn’t work for your curls), all of my favorite DIY recipes, and a product and terminology guide. 

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The Daily Tracker: This downloadable journal is a curl specific daily planner that will enable you to keep a detailed track of your curly journey.

It was designed with the curly girl in mind that wants to know exactly what works for her curls.

Click here to get the daily tracker

My miracle curls step by step video tutorial: This detailed video guide will walk you through everything you need to now to bring dead curls back to life.

You will learn about important curly haircare habits, how to choose the right products, how to apply products, how to style and protect your curls, and much more.

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Hair Growth Supplements

Below is a list of supplements I take to aid in hair growth and keep my hair healthy. 

I get all of my supplements from Modere because they are high quality and scientifically proven to be beneficial to your health.

Liquid Collagen: I love this liquid collagen because it is scientifically proven to support the health of your hair, skin, and nails.

>>>>>Click here to get Biocell liquid collagen

Multivitamin: I take a multivitamin for my overall health, but I also consider it essential for hair growth since you need to eat a balanced diet and get all the essential nutrients  to grow strong, healthy hair.

>>>>>Click here to get a balance daily multivitamin 

Probiotic: Slow growing, damaged hair prone to split ends can be caused by poor gut health, among many other health issues.

>>>>>Click here to get a daily probiotic

Curly Hair Products

Below I’ve listed all of my favorite products for curly hair. This list will be ongoing as I am always trying and experimenting with new products.

Clarifying wash: This is used to completely cleanse the hair shaft from any dirt, oil, or product buildup. You should start your curly journey by doing a final wash using a clarifying cleansing, and incorporate one once per month to rebalance your curls.

These are my favorite clarifying wash:

Cleanser and conditioning combo: I recently discovered a great brand called EVOLVh. It is a curl friendly brand that is completely clean.

They have a curl discovery kit that you can try without having to commit to the full purchase. I love starting with a trial kit before I make a large purchase to see how my curls react. 

EVOLVh also has a value pack that has everything you need to cleanse condition and style your curls.

>>>>>Click here to get the value pack

Treatment & Deep Conditioner: Treating curly hair is essential for health and growth. I recommend incorporating a deep conditioning treatment or hair masque 1-3 times per month depending on your curls needs.

Below are my favorite deep conditioning treatments

Stylers: I’m not a product junkie so I like to keep my stylers simple. I typically use a leave-in conditioner, curl cream, or custard. and gel. Anything beyond that just seems a little excessive to me.

I’ve listed both my favorite drugstore products as well as my favorite high-end products.

Drugstore stylers: 

Leave-in conditioner 


High-end stylers

Oil for hair growth: Incorporate a daily scalp message using oils to increase blood flow and hair growth.

My favorite oils are listed below:

DIY Products

Not all DIY hair care products work, but there are a few that I use, love, and highly recommend if you are just getting started on your curly journey.

All of these DIY’s are super easy to make. Most of the products can be found in your kitchen. I have linked all my favorite recipes below.

Fermented rice water rinse – Adds protein and moisturized your curls
Apple cider vinegar rinse – Cleanses and conditions
Flaxseed gel – Defines and holds curl pattern
Refresh spray – this made up of fermented rice water is meant to be used on highly porous hair.

When using DIY products, it’s really important to track how your curls react to them. If they are not working, try switching up when you use it in your routine, useless (or sometimes more), and experiment for at least three weeks before you make a decision.

Click here to get a custom daily tracking system that will help you track your curly journey.

Curly Hair Accessories

These products are certainly optional, but make caring for curls easier and a lot of fun. I have included all my favorite accessories for curly hair below.

Detangling tools: Not only can you brush curly hair but you should! When it comes to detangling I have two favorite curl friendly brushes. And I love them for completely different reasons. You can read my full review on both here.

The Behairful brush creates shine and volume while still maintaining a good amount of definition.

>>>>>Click here to get the Behairful brush

The Denman brush is the best way to define and train your curls.

>>>>>Click here to get the Denman brush

Curl Protection & nighttime routine: Because silk is sleek and retains moisture, it’s the perfect combo to preserve curls. I use a silk sleep cap to preserve my day one curls, then sleep on silk pillowcase the rest of the week.

I always start my nighttime routine with a scalp message a pick and a massage tool. They are linked below.

Hair Pick: It is infused with Argan Oil, Olive Oil and Keratin and totally worth the money! I use mine every day. Get it here.

Scalp Messager: These are bomb. I use them every single day. They promote blood circulation that may increase hair growth and also help to create volume.

Plopping: Plopping is a great way to reduce your dry time and increase curl pattern. My favorite towel to use to plop is the tee-owel towel because it is made of a high quality, soft material that won’t cause frizz, and is large.

>>>>>>Click here to get the tee-owel towel

Non-damaging hair tie: Since traditional gaieties can cause a ton of damage to curly hair, you will want to use a hair tie or fastener that is non damaging.

My favorite way to fasten my hair is using the puff cuff. It is easy to use and holds your hair without damaging it. You can read more about how to plop your hair here.

>>>>>Click here to get the puff cuff

Drying Curly Hair

Below are all my favorite things to use to dry my hair.

I use the hybrid drying method because I seem to get the best results using it. You can check out my full video here.

The Orchid Diffuser: I love this largemouth diffuser because I can fit all of my hair in it and push it toward my head. This breaks gravity and allows your curls to be more curly. Orchid Diffuser 

>>>>>You can get the full orchid combo diffuser here

Devafuser: The devafuser is perfect for blasting your roots and creating delicious volume. I use this as a final 15 minutes fo drying time to make sure my hair is 100% dry.

>>>>>You can get the Devafuser here

Root Clips: These are used to lift the hair shaft from your scalp and allow your hair to fully dry. It’s a great way to add volume.

>>>>Click here to get root clips

Keep in mind that since I am always testing new products and accessories, this list will be ongoing and updated from time to time.

If you don’t see something you are looking for, you can send me a message on Instagram and I’ll try to get the link to you.


P.S You can get a FREE copy of the curly girl cheat sheet here.

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