6 Reasons You Should Wear Your Hair Curly

As a curly girl, it can be hard to decide how to wear your hair. I spent the first 30 years of my life wrestling with whether to wear my hair curly or use the heat tools to make it straight. Today I’m sharing 6 Reasons You Should Wear Your Hair Curly and I hope to inspire you to accept your natural curl pattern.

If you are struggling with how to care for your curls, I have a special gift for you!

I created a curly girl cheat sheet that walks you through each step of caring for your curls. 

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Caught in the in-between……

…..that’s how I spent my first 30 years of life.

I remember in high school and college getting fed up with only feeling pretty when my hair was straight. 

But each time I began to wear my hair curly, I’d quickly get the idea that wasn’t the standard of beauty the world had set forth.

Whether it was my inner dialog or the “you should straighten your hair more often”,I’m not sure (it was probably both) I always ended up going back to my straightening iron. 

It seemed like to be a “cool kid” you had to be skinny, have stick-straight hair, and be rude to people.

I have to admit that many times in my life, I tried to fit that mold. 

But after having back to back pregnancies and experiencing postpartum hair loss I realized that something had to give.

Looking back, it’s embarrassing that it took 30 years before I ditched the mainstream narrative’s definition of beauty but hindsight is truly 2020.

After spending many hours researching and testing different products and techniques, I’m happy to say that for the most part I have accepted and learned to love my curls. 

Do I have bad hair days? For sure!

Do I still dislike my curls sometimes? Of course!

But as a whole, I am more content now with my hair than I’ve ever been.

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6 Reasons You Should Wear Your Hair Curly 

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1. Covid-19 Happened

Like it or not, COVID-19 made it hard to get into a salon.

Some of the salons near me are booked out 3 months, not to mention that even if you do get an appointment, you can plan on wearing a mask, waiting in your car, and tons of other social distancing measures that make the experience not so fun.

Now has never been a better time to start embracing your natural curls because it will limit the number of trips you make to the salon.

With a few simple instructions and products, you won’t have to make regular trips to the salon.

I created a simple step by step video tutorial teaching you the exact steps you need to take to care for your curls. If you implement My Miracle Curls Video Tutorial, not only will you have gorgeous curls, but your hair will be healthy.

6 Reasons You Should Wear Your Hair Curly

2. Curl Care = Self Care

Summer came and went, and there’s a good chance that you spent tons of time taking care of your kids, family, and loved ones.

And now that the school year is on its way, what is a better time to set aside some self-care and hobby time to refill your cup?

Learning to care for your curls is a form of self care because it is all about self acceptance and self care.

3. Saves time and money

That’s right, wearing your hair curly is much less expensive than chemically processing your hair to straighten it or spending tons of time and money on heat to tools.

With a one time investment in My Miracle Curls Video Tutorial, and a few (you don’t need a lot) curly hair products, you will end up spending much less time and money on your hair.

Not to mention that you will love wearing your hair curly when you actually know how to do it.

You can get my favorite curl friendly brush here!

4. Curls are trending

For the first time in a very long time, people are wanting to wear their natural curl pattern. Do a quick google search on celebrities and natural hair and you will see so many gorgeous women who are embracing their natural curl pattern.

What better way embrace self-acceptance and ditch the heat tools

6 Reasons You Should Wear Your Hair Curly

5. You don’t have to wash your hair as often

One of the huge benefits of having curly hair is that you don’t have to wash your hair as often. Some curlies can go 3-4 days while others have been able to stretch their wash days to 6-9 days. Pretty amazing right?

By not having to wash your hair as much, you save time and product which means less money spent on products.

When you take the time to learn how to properly care for your hair, and find the right moisture protein balance (which My Miracle Curls walks you through), you will be able to go much longer without washing and not have the adverse side effects of itchy scalp and dried out curls.

6. Your curls aren’t going to away

The ugly truth about giving up on your curls is that your curls won’t go away.

They are still going to be curly, you are still going to fight frizz, and there will always be an element of styling them.

Every time I think about giving up, I start to map out what that looks like in real life.

It means using a lot of heat to style my hair, spending a lot of money on treatments to straighten and keep it healthy, and in the end, my hair will not be nearly as healthy as it is now.

Because one of the amazing things about My Miracle Curls Video Tutorial is its primary focus is your hair’s health.

And long term, that’s the most important thing.

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Anyone who struggles with postpartum hair loss knows that hair health is super important.

In conclusion:

There has never been a better time to ditch the heat tools and embrace your natural curls pattern. 

With the closing of many salons due to COVID-19, you won’t need to stress about making an appointment. Instead, you can take the time to learn and experiment from home. 

Even though we’ve been told for a long time that we need to change our hair to “fit the mold”, it’s time to reclaim our natural beauty. Because self-acceptance is a form of self-care.

Long term, wearing your hair curly saves time and money.

Curls are trending in Hollywood. With a little research, you could find a celebrity that is rocking your exact curl pattern. 

By accepting your curls and taking the time to learn about them, you will end up spending less time and money on your hair. 



P.S >>>>>>>>>>>Get your FREE curly girl cheat sheet here

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