The Best Diffuser For Curly Hair That Creates Volume And Definition

Every curly girl understands the struggle of trying to dry their curls while maintaining curl definition and creating volume. It is no easy task that takes a bit of practice and the perfect tools. Today I’m sharing The Best Diffuser For Curly Hair That Creates Volume And Definition.

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I’ve had curly hair since I can remember and have used my share of different diffusers. Along my diffuser journey I have found a few I disliked, a few that were meh, and a two that I love!

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Why Use Diffuser?

When it comes to curly hair, using a diffuser is non negotiable when blow drying. Unlike non-curly haired people, a traditional blow dryer is too harsh.

It will blow apart your gorgeous curl pattern and create frizz before your hair is even dry.

A diffuser is designed to distribute the airflow in a gentle way so that you are getting the benefits of the blow dryer, but not the frizzy aftermath of broken up frizzy curls.

The Best Diffuser For Curly Hair That Creates Volume And Definition

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Black Orchid Diffuser

Shortly after I started my curly girl journey in August 2019, I decided to purchase a diffuser. After a few instagram searches I found the Black Orchid Diffuser and purchase it through amazon. 

It was a prime item, had good reviews, and was within my budget so I made the purchase and easgerly waited for it to arrive. 

It came within two business days and I was pleasantly surprised by the pretty packaging and high quality of the product. I used it for the first few months with no complaints. 

If you are looking for a nice diffuser with affordable price tag, I would highly recommend the Black Orchid Diffuser. 

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Devacurl DevaFuser

I stumbled on several instagram and youtube video reviews of the Devacurl Devafuser and was so intrigued. The DevaCurl diffuser has a super unique design that appeared to create gorgeous volumunous curls. 

My sister purchased one for me for my birthday and I was so excited to give it a try. 

What I Love About The DevaCurl Devafuser

  1. The diffuser is shaped like a hand and designed to fit around your scalp cradling your curls while distributing airflow throughout your head. 
  2. Becuase it has long finger like prongs, it allows more airflow which dries your hair quicker. (yay!)
  3. It’s design allows you to hold it close to your scalp which creates volume but is gentle enough to keep definition. 
  4. It has a sturdy high quality feel to it.
  5. The fit is adjustable and fits most standard blow dryers.
  6. Although it’s a little more expensive than other diffusers, I would say it is still affordable. 

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In conclusion: After using the Devacurl diffuser, I am totally in love with it. In hindsight, I would have skipped the Orchid and purchased the Devafuser right away.

It’s pretty much a dream diffuser and I highly recommend it. 



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