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Your Guide To Healthy Summer Curls

With summer in full swing and everyone spending more time outside, I want to highlight a few tips to keep your curls healthy and thriving this summer. Today is all about Your Guide To Healthy Summer Curls.

Because believe it or not, your hair can get heat damage from the sun as well as your skin. So it’s important to be aware of the way too much sun affects your hair and have a plan to do so. 

But before we get started, if you are feeling a little overwhelmed on how to style and care for your curls, I have a special gift for you!

I created this simple 5-step system for caring for and styling curls. 

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Because curls are complex by nature, there is a level of re-adjusting your routine with the changing seasons. So much of mastering your curls have to do with knowing their needs during different seasons. 

So it’s important to take care of your curls during the summer months while also keeping your routine simple to make time for all the pool parties and fun summer events. 

Unless of course, you WANT to spend your summer experimenting with complicated styling routines. 

Your Guide To Healthy Summer Curls

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Use heat protection

That’s right, just like your skin, your curls need sun protection. Too much heat of any kind including the sun causes damage to your hair. Argan oil and aloe vera are two natural ingredients that protect from the sun. 

There are also a few great curl friendly protects on the market that offers sun protection.

Here are a few great curl friendly heat protecting products: Cantu has a great heat protecting spray. You can get it here & check out this complete list of heat protecting spray.

Don’t forget to treat

You should of course be implementing deep conditioning treatments in your summer routine, but don’t forget to add protein. Your hair follicle is made up of moisture and protein. Since there is often a lot of moisture in the air during the summer because of the humidity, it’s so important to add protein to your routine. 

My go-to protein treatment is a rice water rinse. See my recipe here. 

Create a simple styling routine 

Summers were meant for pool parties, picnics, hiking, and any other fun summer event. Most people want to spend less time styling their hair. 

I’ve been keeping my routine really simple by squishing in a leave-in conditioner, applying gel using the praying hand’s method, and giving it a few scrunches. 

I’m all about frizz, volumes, and air drying when it comes to summer curls! Use this season to let your curls be free.

Embrace beachy curls 

Beachy waves are acceptable during the summer months, so don’t be afraid to rock them. Since we do spend so much time outside, it seems like frizz is more acceptable. So use this time to give your curls some room to breathe!

Wear a hat or scarf

If you are going to attend an outdoor event that is all day, Bring a hat or scarf with to give your curls a break from the sun. 

Going on an outdoor day trip like the zoo or a festival can be hard on your curls. So don’t forget to cover them to prevent damage.

In Conclusion: Be aware of the effects sun damage has on your curls and become proactive in protection. 

Use heat protection, don’t neglect treatments, keep your styling routine simple, embrace beach waves, and bring a hat or scarf along on any day trip.



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Your Guide To Healthy Summer Curls

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