5 Reasons Your Curls Won’t Clump

Curl clumping…… to the outside world, the term holds no meaning. But once you’ve stepped inside the curly world you realize that curl clumping is REALLY important. Today I’m sharing 5 Reasons Your Curls Won’t Clump. I hope this helps you identify a few things that might be killing your curl clumps.

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When I first started on my curly journey, I kept seeing the term curl clumping. I had no idea what it meant but the more I searched, the more curlies I saw that had healthy-looking “curl clumps” and I wanted them.

My curls were more stringy and straw-like than they were clumps. So I went on a journey to create healthy curl clumps.

What Is Curl Clumping?

Curl clumping is when your natural curl pattern clumps together to create bigger healthier curls. No matter what your curl type, when properly cared for you will be able to create healthier curls that clump together. 

But there are a few things that will sabotage your curl clumps if not done right.

5 Reasons Your Curls Won’t Clump

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Product Is Too Heavy Or Too Light

Finding the right product for your specific hair is key. This can be frustrating especially in the beginning so I recommend choosing products designed for your hair type, using them for a month trying different application techniques and where you use them in your routine, and keep detailed track of how your hair reacts to them. 

You can keep track of your curly journey with a pen and paper or if you’d like to get fancy you can use a Custome Curl Tracker to track your entire curly journey. 

Did I mention that I designed a unique curl tracker just for you? Well I did, and you can check it out here 🙂 I think you will LOVE it! Read How To Track Your Curly Journey Here.

If you have wavy to curly hair and are using heavy butter and oils, it is most likely too heavy for your curls. It will weigh them down and cause your curls to be stringy which will break up any curl clumps. 

And if your hair is super curly and you are using a lightweight product, it won’t be able to keep your curl clumps together because they need a little more weight.

It can be a little discouraging finding the right products, but I promise it’s worth it. 

Commit to testing and experimenting the first 6 months on your curly journey. 

Protein Moisture Balance Is Off

I have such a love-hate relationship with this topic. I know to new curlies this seems super overwhelming but it isn’t. 

Your curls need both protein and moisture to thrive and each curl has different needs. This is something you will have to experiment with to find out what works for you.

Important Note: Although it’s common for curly girls to use multiple products from multiple brands in their routine, this can sometimes be the problem with the wrong protein moisture balance. 

Most product lines are designed to complement each other and when you pull from a different line in the same wash day, you run the risk of over-moisturizing or adding too much protein. 

At the beginning of your journey, try to stick to one product line. When you find products that your hair loves, experiment with it, and incorporate it into your routine. But Keep in mind that sometimes it won’t work as well as others. 

Proceed with caution.  

You Don’t Use Enough Water When You Wash Your Curls 

When you cleanse or condition your hair, make sure it is soaking wet all the way through. I like to flip my head upside down and let the water run over my hair pulling it into perfect curl clumps. 

If you are not diligent in getting your hair soaking wet before you apply products, they will not distribute as well and not fully moisturize your hair. 

Note to self: Get hair soaking wet on washday.

When You Appy Your Product

This is going to change from person to person and depending on what product you use, but I have found that the best way to keep my curl clumps together is to apply the product to super wet hair. 

Use the 30,60,80 rule and check back while my hair is drying. If it needs more product I’ll add it then.

Skipping The Deep Conditioning 

This is a huge mistake. Deep conditioning is a must to create gorgeous curl clumps. 

I’m not talking about “whenever you feel like”. I’m talking about scheduling it in and making it happen weekly (unless your curls can go bi-weekly). 

Consistently skipping a deep conditioning treatment will kill any hope you have of getting your curls to clump.

Not Deep Conditioning The Right Way 

Yes, there is a right and wrong way to deep condition your curls. Just slapping a deep conditioner on and hoping for the best will get you minimal results. 

When you deep condition your curls, start by flipping your head upside down and letting the water run through it. The weight of the water will pull your curls together forming natural curl clumps. 

Generously apply your deep conditioner to individual curl clumps. While you are applying it focuses on the tips and any rough areas you can feel throughout the hair strand. 

Once you’ve applied the deep conditioner throughout your hair, squish you curls upward (squish to condish) and pulse at the top.

Cover with a shower cap or heat cap and let sit for 30 minutes. 

It’s Your Cut

Slide cutting, razors, and super short layers will kill your clumps. Slide cutting breaks up the natural curls pattern and creates stringy curls. 

I prefer medium-length layers and request straight cutting. I’ve noticed my curls curl so much better when they are in the groups they want to be.

Find a curl specialist and be very clear about what you want during your consultation. Your cut will make or break your curl clumps.

In conclusion: 

Curl clumping won’t happen overnight. It takes commitment and consistency to get your curls to naturally form beautiful clumps. 

By using the right products for your curl type, giving your curls the proper protein moisture balance, and getting your hair super wet you will be off to a great start!

After that, experiment with how and when to apply products, schedule in your deep conditioning treatment, and consult with your hairstylist on how you want your hair cut. 

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