Protein Moisture Balance

How To Find The Right Moisture Protein Balance For Your Curly Hair

One BIG mistake most curly girls make when starting they’re curly journey, is to primarily focus on moisturizing their curls. It makes sense right? Most curls seem dry so we think they need moisture. But there is a HUGE missing piece to the puzzle that many curl girls are not aware of. Today we’re talking about How To Find The Right Moisture Protein Balance For Curly Hair.

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Although it may seem like the best idea to add a ton of moisture to your curls, it can be destructive and tare your curl pattern down. 

Your curls are made up of a very important component that most people are not aware of. And that is protein. 

That’s right, your hair is made up of protein,. For your curls to thrive and hold their curl pattern, you have to give it the proper amount of protein and moisture. 

The Importance Of Moisture Protein Balance 

It can be a little hard to find the perfect balance for your curls because every curl is different. So it will take tracking, testing, and experimenting to find the perfect moisture, protein balance for your curls. 

Since your hair is made of protein, it is essential to add it to your hair as well as moisture. 

I think of it as fire and oxygen. You can’t have one without the other and if you have too much of one than the other, then bad things happen. 

How To Find The Right Moisture Protein Balance For Your Curly Hair

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Always Start With A Clean Slate

It is so important to start your curl journey by clarifying your hair. This strips our hair of any product or oil build-up and can give you an idea of what the normal balance of your hair is. 

I always recommend letting your hair dry with no product in it after you clarify so you can see what your hair needs. 

Make it a habit to clarify at the beginning of each month to check in with your curls and plan your wash day accordingly. 

Experimentation is key

While some people may think that how much protein you use will depend on your hair porosity, this simply isn’t the truth.

It’s finding the right amount of protein that works for your specific hair type and the right balance of protein and moisture. 

If curls were a one size fits all, this would be so much easier to figure out. But curls by nature are unique in every aspect. 

The only way to know exactly what works and what doesn’t work is to test, track, experiment, and then test, track, and experiment some more. 

And don’t give up! I promise when you find that perfect balance, your curls will be so happy and so will you!

Know The Signs Of Over Moisture 

To know if you’re hair needs moisture or protein, you first need to be able to identify signs of a moisture overload. 

If your curls are characterized by some of the adjectives below, it could mean you have too much moisture in your curls. 

  • Loss of curl pattern
  • Curls are soft and lifeless 
  • Little to no volume 
  • Won’t hold curl 
  • Wet frizz – Your hair gets frizzy before it’s even dry 
  • And in extreme cases, your hair may feel almost mushy at the ends

If your curls seem less curly, super frizzy, and flat it’s a good sign that you may be using too much moisture and not enough protein. 

Solution: Try incorporating a rice water treatment into your weekly routine. This is a great place to start and does wonders for over moisturized curls. There are also many different protein treatments on the market you can test and try. 

Just be sure to keep track of how your hair reacts to different proteins so you have a baseline of what works and what doesn’t. 

Know The Signs Of A Protein Overload 

Same with a moisture overload, to know if your hair needs more or less protein, you need to know the signs of protein overload. 

If your curls are characterized by some of the adjectives below, it could mean you have too much protein in your curls. 

  • You curls feel and look stringy
  • Brittle hair 
  • Hair that snaps or breaks easily 
  • Excessive frizz
  • Dull color 

If your hair meets one or a few of the descriptions above, it needs less protein and more moisture 

Solution: Start incorporating a deep conditioning treatment (using heat to help moisture penetrate the hair shaft) into your weekly routine or even twice per week. 

Read your labels: Always read your labels to determine whether your products contain protein. And if many of them do try swapping a few of them out for a protein-free product.

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In Conclusion: 

Once you have washed with a clarifying cleanser and let your hair dry naturally, you can do a curl assessment and see if your hair reflects the warning signs or a moisture overload, a protein overload, or if it is perfectly balanced.

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