The Best REAL LIFE Curly Girl Method Before And After Photos

With all the buzz around the curly girl world, I thought it would be so amazing to compile REAL everyday curly transformation. Today’s I am so excited to share The Best REAL LIFE Curly Girl Method Before And After Photos.

I asked all my curly friends on Instagram to contribute their beautiful photos and am so happy with the response.

If you are new to the curly girl method or having trouble understanding the steps, I got you!

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Here are a few post’s that I think you will love!

Although I love seeing all the flawless curly girl models all over the internet, I really wanted to see real-life stories of different curly girl’s and read about their transformation.

The Best REAL LIFE Curly Girl Method Before And After Photos

Below is are a few REAL life curly girl’s before and after photos.

“I started using the curlygirl method 11 months ago.And many miracles have happened”.


“My journey has been a journey of finally loving my curls and a journey of self love too.  

Over 20 years of flat ironing my curls into submission kept a big part of me “hidden”  May 2018 is when I started and I haven’t looked back.  It’s been frustrations and confusion and lots and lots of patience, but then it starts to click and you see the changes and you fall in love.  No more hiding behind that flat iron!! 

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Curls have given me a freedom I never realized I was missing!!!”


 “I have had such an awesome experience with the Curly Girl Method! I actually had no idea I had curls as a toddler until my mom told me about it around a year and a half ago.

I have been through so much trial and error with my hair and different products for so long, but it has payed off! Even though I don’t really post anything about it on my social media, I very much care about the health of my hair. So here are some before and after pictures of my journey! The one where I have braces on is about 2 years ago, and the other is today. “


I’ve been co-washing and full CGM for just over a year and love the changes to my hair.I’ll be interested to see your blog. I love a good before and after!
On Instagram I’m @commonsenseandcurly 


“My name is Alli (@curlygeorgiapeach) and I live in Atlanta. I started the curly girl method in June 2018. I was married in May and while my hairdresser was doing my hair, she informed me my hair was breaking from all the damage! That was enough for me to start being 100% CGM. I haven’t been brave enough to modify it yet (seeing if I can go a whole year following the “rules”), but I’ve already noticed a huge difference”.


I always knew I had curly hair, but I never learned how to care for it. No one in my family and none of my friends wore their hair curly, so I didn’t even really know that curly hair had specific needs. (Crazy to think about that now!) 

Because I didn’t know how to take care of my curly hair it never looked good so I always straightened it or put it up in braids and ponytails.

After having 4 kids in 3 and 1/2 years, I knew I needed to change something but I didn’t know how. I just didn’t have the time or energy to blow dry straighten and /or curl my hair on a regular basis. For several years I always felt like a mess. I did my best to care for my beautiful children but did not do a very good job caring for myself. 

After 3 years of having 4 kids, I finally hit my breaking point. I decided that I needed to learn how to care for my hair and love it no matter what it turned out to be because there was no alternative.

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There was no way to fit in straightening and blow drying and curling and washing and I was tired of never feeling beautiful. 
Now enters the curly hair community! I had no idea that there was a community solely for curly hair and it has changed my life! I spent the first several weeks searching Instagram and YouTube for all of the information I could find on how to care for curly hair.

I’ve now been on my curly hair journey for over 4 months and I can honestly say that none of me misses my straight hair.
Not only have I gained friends and a sense of community, I’ve gained a newfound love for my body, my self- my authentic self- and, of course, my curls.

There have been bumps along the way, and I still have so much to learn. I’m excited by the idea of continuing this lifestyle change and embracing a more true sense of myself! 


I’ve always had wavy/curlyish hair, all through high school and college. When I graduated college and got set up in my job, I started dying my hair platinum blonde for about a year and a half. I religiously went in every 6 weeks to get it touched up and sooner rather than later, the intense processing DESTROYED my hair.

I had breakage not only on my ends, but also near my scalp! My hair was fried (literally) and all my curl was gone. I could have cried. I decided losing my curly hair wasn’t worth being platinum, so I stopped getting it dyed and started taking better care of my hair.

Below is a picture of my hair when it was still totally fried and absolutely stick straight. I hadn’t blow dried it or anything that day! 

Fast forward two years (two years of little to no heat styling, no coloring, and deep conditioning treatments regularly), and my hair had a wave again! I was so excited!

I stopped heat styling my hair almost completely, and concentrated on keeping my hair protein and moisture balanced, and cultivating my curl pattern. 

Moving right along: after about a year of protein and moisture and curl pattern cultivation, my curls began to flourish. I started getting comments on how curly my hair had become, and how I took care of it?

I started getting into the whole curly girl community, started paying better attention to the ingredients in my hair products, and got my first curl cut. 


I started the curly girl journey at the end of December 2019, it’s almost been two months and I’m amazed. My whole entire life I’ve had curly hair and never seen my curls so beautiful! Learning to love myself for who I am and being healthy in the process. 🥰

-Courtney Donahue aka Instagram @courtcurlz

My curly hair journey started a year and a couple months ago. I had a relaxer for years and I decided to do something when my hair started to fall all off. My hair is the healthiest it has been in my entire life.


Here is a before and after picture:

See my before and after photos below. You can read my story here.


Curly Colleen

P.S Get started with your curly girl journey here.

Here are a few post’s that I think you will love!

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