How To Refresh Curly Hair Using Flaxseed Gel

There is nothing quite lovely as being able to rock day two, three, and four curls that get better each day. In contrast, there is nothing as annoying as spending valuable time styling your curls only to wake up to a messy nest of curls and not know what to do with them. Today I am sharing How To Refresh Curly Hair Using Flaxseed Gel to help guide you on your curly journey in finding the best refresh method for your curls. 

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I created this DIY curly hair products guide through many hours of research and testing. After a lot of trial and error I have created a few simple DIY curly hair care recipes that will keep your curls healthy, defined, and beautiful.

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Early on in my curly journey, I spend hours researching how to care for and style my hair, followed my hours experimenting with different products and techniques. All in vain to wake up to a messy mop. Lost on how to refresh my hair, I would throw my hair in a messy bun and go on about my day until next wash day. 

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I’m here to tell you, curly friend, that you can absolutely wear your hair for multiple days if you will take the time to establish a solid refresh routine that works for your hair. 

There are many different products and techniques when it comes to refreshing next day curls that work but today I want to hone in on How To Refresh Curly Hair Using Flaxseed Gel because homemade flaxseed gel is one of my favorite things. 

You haven’t made your own gel yet, you can find my recipe here. It is the bomb!

Just a few benefits to using flaxseed gel include (but are certainly not limited to…..)

  • Rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Nourishes your hair
  • Keeps hair conditioned
  • Soothes Scalp
  • Can be used as a moisturizing gel or mask
  • Adds protein to even out moisture and protein balance

You can see from the benefits listed above that using flaxseed gel will not only give you soft, defined, bouncing curls, but it nourishes your hair at the same time. 

Sign, me, up!! 

If DIY’s are not your thing or you simply don’t have time, I highly recommend this leave-in conditioner. It is moisturizing but doesn’t weigh your curls down.

How To Refresh Curly Hair Using Flaxseed Gel 

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First, you’ll want to head over to this post and get my super-secret DIY refresh spray recipe

I developed this recipe after months of testing different products and refresh methods. My secret recipe is the perfect amount of moisture but won’t weigh your curls down or make them oily and stringy. 

So quick go here and get the recipe, then come back and read the rest of this post. 

Second, apply my secret flaxseed refresh spray using the pull and scrunch method. 

Gentle section your curls in natural 1-2 inch sections. Note: It’s important to not break up curl clumps so be intentional about how you section your curls.

Spritz refresh spray on each section and glide/pull your curls down to fully coat them with the spray. 

Then scrunch your curls upward toward your head. You can watch this quick video to see the pull and scrunch technique.

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Let it settle for 15 minutes, then diffuse until dry

Always let your hair settle for 15 minutes before blasting it with a diffuser. 

In a perfect world, I would always air dry my hair because it’s so much better than using a diffuser or plopping. But life doesn’t always permit air drying. 

If you are like me and don’t typically have the time to let your hair completely dry, diffuse on the low heat or cool setting until dry. 

Finally, scrunch out the crunch

Once your hair is 100% dry (and I mean not even the tiniest bit wet) rub a tiny bit of your favorite oil (i use and love Righteous roots) between your hands to activate it. 

Then gently glide your hands over your hair using the praying hand’s method. This will gently break the light gel cast that formed by reactivating your product. 

Add a tiny bit more oil to your fingertips, rub them together to activate it, then do a scalp massage to help add volume to your curls. 

In Conclusion: Finding a refresh method that works for you is crucial on your curly journey. It’s so important that you find a product that will add moisture without disrupting your curl pattern and an application method that will add definition. 

Using My Secret DIY Refresh Spray and apply it using the pull and scrunch method will give you second, third, and fourth-day curls that will get better each day!

If you are not able or don’t want to make your own refresh spray, I highly recommend this refresh spray. It’s moisturizing and you can apply it using the pull and scrunch method. 




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