How I Beat The Transitioning Stage On The Curly Girl Method

Everything You Need To Know About Transitioning On The Curly Girl Method

The curly transition. It’s an absolute pig, isn’t it? Inconsistent washes, frizz, wonky curls, product confusion… ouch! Today we’re talking all about How I Beat The Transitioning Stage On The Curly Girl Method.

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What is transition?

Transition is the assy phase at the start of the Curly Girl Method when your hair adjusts to your new routine. Transition is different for everyone; there’s no guarantee of how long it will last or what your hair will be like during this period.

So, let’s be upfront about this. Some of the things you may experience are:

  • Greasy roots and scalp: Shampooing causes your scalp to overproduce sebum, as it attempts to counteract the drying effects of sulfates. When you go CG, your scalp needs time to adjust, meaning it can become greasy as it rebalances the sebum levels.
  • Stringy, undefined curls: If you have heat or chemically damaged curls, they will take time to refund their curl pattern. Even with low-level damage, your curls will need to adjust to new routines and products. Take it from me, curl shock is real!
  • Frizz: And lots of it! Frizz results from dehydrated hair and damage. When you cut out the straighteners, you will need to figure out how to deal with said frizz, perhaps for the first time.
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How I Beat The Transitioning Stage On The Curly Girl Method

Fight the urge to apply heat

It’s incredibly tempting but will not help in the long run.

Cut the sulfates gradually if you need to (controversial!)

CGM encourages you to jump straight in with cowashing, but if you need to wean your hair off sulfates, do. Transitioning may take longer as a result, but this can help ease you through.

Check your ingredients and cut out the nasties (silicones, drying alcohols, etc.)

Use isitcg.com and curlsbot to guide you through this minefield.

Hydrate and repair

Apply DC’s to tackle dryness and protein treatments to rebuild the bonds in your hair as necessary.


Don’t over complicate your product line up. Focus on building techniques.

Allow your hair (and yourself) time to breathe

If you want to go product free, do it.

And if you’re truly sick of your hair, try an updo or a headband.
Don’t give up though.

The benefits of CG, far outweigh the negatives of the transition to curly.

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P.S Don’t forget your FREE copy of The Ultimate Curly Girl Method Cheat Sheet” (including a guide to my favorite affordable drug store products) to help simplify the process.

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  1. Thank you Thank you and Thank you!!!!!! I am from Chile working on a cruise ship and Looking for something else in Instagram I came across with one of your videos and it was a life changing. I have to admit I was very overwhelmed with all the information about CGM and before I even started I wanted to give up but I decide to follow you on Instagram and then I check your website and you made everything so simple, so well explain and so encouraging that I decide to give it a try. I only been doing the CGM for less than a month and I am very happy with the results. I do not have all the suggested product and not always follow the steps but my hair looks so much healthier and I am very happy looking forward to see the results during thisjourney.
    Thank you Collen you are absolutely AMAZING!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much for all the kind words! I am so glad you have found value in my content <3

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