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10 Reasons Your Curls Are Frizzy And How To Tame Them

Every curly girl knows the struggle is real when it comes to rocking your curls but keeping the frizz at bay. Today I want to share 10 Reasons Your Curls Are Frizzy And How To Tame Them 

The truth is, frizz happens.

Even on your best curl day, you will typically be able to find frizz hiding under your curls. In my opinion, frizz can get a bad rep. Because frizz is a crucial part of having curls. It adds character and can give you oh so much delicious volume. 

Still, if not kept under control, frizz can kill your curl vibe and make you feel less then excited to live that curly life. 

But before we get started, if you are feeling a little lost on your curly journey then girl, you are in the right place! I created a 5-step curly girl challenge just for you!

In this challenge I break down the basics steps of caring for and styling curly hair.

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I am sharing these 10 Reasons Your Curls Are Frizzy And How To Tame Them because this is one of the questions I get the most. I hope these tips are helpful and enable you to enjoy your curls more freely <3

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10 Reasons Your Curls Are Frizzy And How To Tame Them 

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Shampoo Too Often

Cleansing your hair too often (and/or using a harsh shampoo) causes frizz right out of the gate!

Most shampoos are too harsh for curly hair and strip them of their natural oils which causes your hair to become dry and frizzy. 

Stretch your wash days as far apart as possible. This helps your hair retain moisture and keep its natural oils which in turn will reduce frizz. 

Also, ditch traditional shampoo and opt for a co-wash or low poo cleanser. 

EVOLVh’s moisturizing cleanser is one of my favorite gentle cleansers because it makes my scalp feel clean without drying my hair out. It also has a lovely scent which is a bonus. 

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Dry Brushing Your Hair

Brushing your curls dry will destroy your curl pattern and cause frizz. 

Always brush hair once it is wet in the shower and lathered with conditioner or oil. This will give it slip and enable you to gently detangle without causing frizz. Read all about brushing curly hair here.

My favorite curl friendly brush is the Behairful brush. It is designed specifically for curly hair and gently detangled while increasing your curl pattern.

I know that sounds too good to be true but it works really well. You can read my full review here.

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Skipping The Deep Conditioning Treatment

This is my number one recommendation for almost all curl problems. Deep conditioning your hair has so many benefits including restoring frizzy or damaged hair. 

Incorporate a deep conditioning treatment into your weekly hair routine consistently. It will help restore your hair and keep it moisturized.

I love the mixed chicks deep conditioning treatment.

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If your hair is extremely damaged like mine, I recommend EVOLVh’s reconstructive treatment. It does wonders for damaged hair.

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Not Using Stylers

Stylers are a must when it comes to reducing frizz. Leave-in conditioners and oils are not stylers. They are meant to moisturize your hair, but not hold your curl pattern. 

You need to apply products that are labeled as “Frizz reducing” or “Anti Frizz” on them. These products are designed to hold your curls pattern in and let it set which reduces frizz. 

My favorite stylers are a gel and/or a curl cream.

I love the cream based gel by EVOLVh because it offers a soft hold and is moisturizing. You can make a DIY flaxseed gel that works well. You can get my recipe here

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Applying Product On Damp Or Dry Hair

Applying product on damp or dry hair will result in stringy, frizzy, crunchy curls. Because curly hair is the smoothest when it’s wet. Apply the product as quickly as possible right out of the shower. 

Towel Drying Your Hair With A Normal Towel

A normal towel will dry your hair out and cause frizz because they are too rough. 

Opt for a high-end microfiber towel or an old t-shirt to squish moisture out of your curls. 

I use and love the tee-owel towel because it is very large which makes it easier to work with. It’s also super soft which helps reduce frizz.

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Frizz mistakes

You Scrunch Out Your Hair Before It’s Completely Dry 

Once you have applied and styled your curls. You mustn’t touch it until it’s dry. Every time you touch or fluff your hair before it is completely dry, you break the curl pattern down causing unnecessary frizz.

Once you are done styling, do not, I repeat DO NOT touch your curls!

Not Protecting Your Hair While You Sleep

Sleeping on silk is a game-changer for a curly girl. Other fabrics cause friction on your hair when you sleep which causes frizz. While silk is smooth and allows you to sleep without causing friction. Silk also helps retain moisture while other fabrics dry out your hair.

Always sleep on a silk pillowcase or a silk cap to protect your curls. Read more about protecting your curls while you sleep here

I’ve linked my favorite silk pillowcase and sleep cap below

You Aren’t Using Your Pick The Right Way

A pick can be a curly girl’s best friend when it comes to creating voluptuous volume. But if you use your pick before your curls are completely dry, you will ruin your curl pattern and cause frizz. 

Always always always, wait until your hair is completely dry before you use a pick to fluff it.

I use and love this pick because it is infused with oils 

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You Don’t Add Product When You Refresh Your Curls 

If you only refresh your curls with water or a leave-in conditioner, it can be the cause of unwanted frizz.

Experiment with how you refresh your hair and don’t be afraid to add a bit of gel or mousse. 

10 Reasons Your Curls Are Frizzy And How To Tame Them

In Conclusion: Ditching frizz starts far before you style your hair.  

It comes to establishing healthy, consistent habits to give your hair what it needs to flourish.

Which is why it is so dang important to establish healthy habits into your daily routine.

Be sure to not over-cleanse your curls because it strips them of natural oils that are nourishing.

Opt for finger detangling or using a brush designed for curly hair to eliminate breaking up your curl pattern and causing unnecessary frizz.

Don’t skip treatments!!

Your hair needs both protein and moisture to have healthy curls. Commit to consistently treating your curls for what they need. A good DIY protein treatment that works wonders is a rice water treatment. Get my recipe here.

Important Note: In order to determine whether your hair needs more moisture or more protein, there is a level of testing involved.

I always recommend keeping a detailed log for at least 30 days to determine how your hair is reacting to different products and treatments. You can read how to track your journey here.

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Find the right moisture protein balance is only half the battle of fighting frizz. In order to seal moisture and hold your curl pattern, you need to use stylers with hold.

Apply stylers to wet hair. Because hair is the smoothest while it’s wet, typically speaking it’s best to apply products to your curls while they are as smooth as possible.

You can always go in and add more products if you need to.

Read this post to learn all about gel and curly hair.

Use a soft t-shirt or microfiber towel on wet hair to avoid causing frizz by using a traditional towel.

Invest in a silk pillowcase or cap for night protection. It does wonders for retaining moisture.

And don’t be afraid to add product when you refresh your curls to add moisture and hold.

If you take the time to implement these steps, you will find that you have less frizz and more bounce in your curls.



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