A Curly Girl's Guide To Itchy Scalp Problems

A Curly Girl’s Guide To Itchy Scalp Problems

One of the great things about the curly girl method is that you don’t have to wash your hair as often. However, one of the terrible things about not washing your hair as often is getting a dry, itchy scalp. Today I am sharing A Curly Girl’s Guide To Itchy Scalp Problems.

It is amazing when you get to a place in your curly girl journey that you only need to wash your hair one to two days per week. But there are a couple of crucial steps you need to do before you can get to that point. One of those steps is How To Sleep With Curly Hair. 

One bi-product that comes with not washing your hair often is getting an itchy scalp. The secret to avoiding an itchy scalp is incorporating healthy habits to give your scalp what it needs to thrive.

After all, great curls start with a healthy scalp. 

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A Curly Girl’s Guide To Itchy Scalp Problems

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Limited How Often You Wash Your Hair

I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but if you have an itchy scalp, you may need to wash it less. Using harsh shampoo and cleansing too often stips your scalp of healthy oils and can make it dry, and flakey which cause it to itch. 

I recommend cleansing with a no-poo moisturizing cleanser one to two times per week to allow your natural oils to do their job.  

I use and love this no poo cleanser. It cleanses your scalp in a gentle moisturizing way. Read My Unbiased DevaCurl Review

You can get it here.

My Unbiased DevaCurl Review
My Unbiased DevaCurl Review

Fermented Rice Water Rinse

I do a weekly fermented rice water rinse and it has been key in bringing my curls back to life. Read more here How To Make Rice Water For Curly Hair.

It has many benefits including cleansing and adding moisture to your scalp. 

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

This is another one of my favorite DIY options for ways to nourish your scalp. Incorporate a weekly or biweekly apple cider vinegar rinse into your curl regime. 

Benefits to an ACV rinse include balancing your scalps ph level which can help prevent itching. You can see my DIY recipe here.

I have not tried but heard this is a good ACV wash.

Oil Treatment

Oil treatments are non-negotiable when it comes to keeping your scalp healthy. Do a weekly hot oil treatment as well as an evening scale message using a hair oil of your choice. 

I use and LOVE Righteous roots. It’s gentle and light so it doesn’t leave your hair feeling oily or weighed down. 

Get righteous roots hair oil here. Or try my DIY recipe here

Scalp Massage As Part Of Your Evening Routine

Always always always do a scalp massage before bed. This stimulated blood flow and keeps your scalp healthy. 

I apply righteous roots to my fingertips and massage into my slap each night. Then I use these scalp massaging tools to give my scalp a thorough massage. 

Sleep In Silk

Sleeping with a silk cap helps your hair and scalp keep in moisture because it doesn’t absorb it like most materials. The Best Silk Cap For Next Day Curls

I use and love the Scrunch It sleep cap. 

Rinse With Cold Water

Always rinse with cold water. Warm and hot water tends to dry your scalp. Rinsing with cold water helps to avoid that. It also causes your hair cuticle to snap shut which helps hold in moisture. 

In conclusion:

When it comes to avoiding itchy scalp on the curly girl method, it comes down to incorporating a few simple daily habits. But it’s all about being consistent. Try these tips out for a few weeks and you’ll have a much healthier scalp.

Let me know your favorite itchy scalp tip in the comments!



P.S If you are new on your curly journey and feel a little confused about how to get started, I create a “Getting started with the curly girl method cheat sheet” just for you!

P.S Get your FREE Curly Girl Method cheat sheet here!

You can read more about the curly girl method here.

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