Curly Girl Method Techniques Explained

Shortly after discovering the curly girl method and deciding to give it a go, you will surely be bombarded with tons of different techniques. Since it can be a little overwhelming, today I want to share Curly Girl Method Techniques Explained to help give you a better understanding of the curly girl process.

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The curly girl method can be broken up into several different phases. To make understanding each phase and technique a little easier, I have divided the curly girl techniques into categories below.

Curly Girl Method Techniques Explained

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Washing & Cleansing

Great curls begin far before you style. Every single thing you do to your hair leading up to the styling phase can make or break your curls.

Below are a few common cleansing and conditioning techniques that will help get you started on the right foot.


The process of applying oil or conditioner to your hair before you wash it. This helps to gently detangle and encourage curl clumping early on in the styling process.

Curl Clumping

Curl Clumping is when your hair strands gather together to form bigger, chunks of curls.

The absolute best way to encourage curl clumping is deep conditioning and by using a Denman brush. You can see my tutorial here.

Rope Method

Squeezing individual curl clumps throughout the hair strand to help penetrate hair follicle.

Bowl Method

Rinse product and catch the water into a bowl. Repeat process several times. This helps add and re add moisture.

Squish To Condish

Once conditioner is applied, squish it toward your head to create and moisturize curl pattern.



After applying gel, gather curl clumps in the palms of you hands and scrunch upward toward your head.

These are my two favorite gels.

Accordion Technique

This is my preferred method after brush styling (will explain later in this post.

Wash n’ Go styling technique that creates well-formed, highly-defined curls. Apply styling products to wet hair. Tilt head and lower curl clumps into an open palm and gently press to the scalp repeatedly.


Apply product to your hands and rake it through your hair working through one section at a time.

Rake & Shake

Similar to raking but add a shaking method at the bottom of the hair strand to encourage curl formation.

Praying Hands

Apply styling products to hair in a praying motion. This technique helps keep large curl clumps together and is recommend for loose curl patterns.


Finger Coiling

Styling your hair by coiling it around your finger. Twist hair in the most natural direction and coil around your hair strand then scrunch toward your head.

Brush Styling

Using a brush such as the Denman or Behairful brush to manipulate or encourage curl pattern.


Air Drying

Allowing hair to air dry completely. Using root clips to create volume is optional.

Micro Plopping

Using a microfiber towel or t-shirt to squish curly toward your head and pulse. This helps remove moisture. Before or after styling.

I use a high end micro fiber towel


Using a microfiber towel or t-shirt to squish curls toward your head and secure as a head. This helps reduce drying time and hold curl pattern.

This is a great micro fiber towel that will not break up your curls


A hair drying attachment that distributes and creates a gentle airflow. This allows curls to dry without causing frizz or damage to your hair.

I use and LOVE this diffuser

Pixie Diffuse

Using a diffuser by working through sections of your hair. Turn diffuser off and place it in the first section for thirty seconds. Turn it off before moving to the next section. This helps reduce frizz.

Root Clipping

Using small clips to raise roots from the scalp while drying to create volume.

Hybrid Drying Method

My personal preference is combining all of the above methods to dry your hair. It yields the best overall results.

In Conclusion:

These are all the basic curly girl method techniques explained. You can see the complete video here.

This will help give you a better understanding of each technique and what it’s used for.

If you would like an in depth step by step guide of the Curly Girl Method, see this post.
…..& get your FREE Curly Girl cheat sheet here.


P.S Get your FREE Curly Girl Method cheat sheet here!

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