15 Common Curly Hair Mistakes And How To Fix Them

If you are blessed with curly hair, you know the struggle of never knowing what your hair is going to look like. Here are 15 Common Curly Hair Mistakes And How To Fix Them.

It can be challenging at best to keep curls happy. 

Because let’s face it, so many factors go into having perfect curls. Even down to the dew point in the weather. 

Though curls were truly meant to be free, there are a few core factors that can help give them what they need to thrive.

But before we get started, if you are feeling a little lost on your curly journey then girl, you are in the right place! I created a 5-day curly hair challenge just for you!

In this challenge I break down the basics steps of caring for and styling curly hair.

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I have had curly hair my whole life and spent the majority of it with a frizzy lions mane on my head. Yes, that was actually what kids called me on the playground. 

I hated my curls all through high school and college up until childbirth. 

You see, childbirth changes EVERYTHING and when I had 4 back to back pregnancies (one miscarriage and three births) it changed my hair. After my youngest son was born, I went through major postpartum hair loss. 

I cut my hair, colored it platinum, and wore it straight all the time. At that point, I didn’t have a choice because my hair had lost almost all of its curl. 

Then one day I hit a wall. My hair was the most damaged it had ever been and I was determined to bring it back to life. 

I started following the curly girl method and it changed everything. 

If you are desperate to bring your curls back, I can’t recommend the curly girl method enough. Read more here.

Today I wanted to share…….

15 Common Curly Hair Mistakes And How To Fix Them

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Not Taking Care Of Your Scalp

Great curls begin with your scalp. It is so important to nurture your scalp because that is where curls begin. 

Solution: Incorporate a scalp treatment into your evening routine and a hot oil treatment once per week. This will encourage new growth and enhance your curl pattern.

Using A Traditional Shampoo

Traditional shampoos will destroy your curl pattern. They are too harsh. Curls need natural oils to thrive and traditional shampoos strip your hair of that oil.

Solution: Either give up shampoo completely or opt for a co-wash or no-poo cleanser. 

These cleaners are designed to cleanse your scalp without disrupting your curl pattern.

Shampooing Your Hair Harshly 

Believe it or not, but cleansing curly hair is an art. If you are scrubbing your scalp vigorously to get that “squeaky clean” feeling, chances are you’re destroying your curl pattern.

Solution: When cleansing your hair, apply a small amount of product to your hands gently massage into your scalp. Let the cleanser rinse throughout your hair. There is no need to cleanse the ends of your hair strand. 

Applying Conditioner To Your Roots

Applying conditioner directly to your roots will weigh them down and destroy any ideas you had of volume. 

Solution: Apply conditioner to the midsection of your hair throughout your hair tips. Be sure to fully saturate your hair with conditioner. It should be covered in velvety product.

Skipping The Deep Conditioning Treatment 

This was something I didn’t do for years and since I’ve been incorporating it into my weekly routine it has completely changed my hair. A deep conditioning treatment is non-negotiable.

Solution: Incorporate a weekly or biweekly conditioning treatment.

Styling On Damp Or Dry Hair

It is so important to style curly hair when it is wet. I style mine directly out of the shower. When you wait until your hair is damp or style while it’s dry, your curls will end up stringy and crunchy. 

Solution: Always style on wet curly hair

Not Using Enough Gel 

One of the biggest misconceptions in the curly world is that gel makes your hair crunchy. 


Applying gel wrong makes your hair crunchy. 

Your curls need something to hold your curl pattern and gel is the perfect thing to do it. 

Solution: Apply a generous amount of gel to each section of wet hair and scrunch. Let dry completely before you scrunch out the crunch.

I use a silk scarf and hair oil to help break up curls once they are completely dry. 

My favorite gel’s are….

Running Your Fingers Through Your Hair

This was such a hard habit to break. Touching your hair (especially before it is completely dry) breaks up those gorgeous curl clumps and creates frizz. 

Solution: Make a habit of not touching your hair (after you’ve styled it) until it’s completely dry. SET IT AND FORGET IT!!! 

Drying Without A Diffuser

Blow drying your hair without a diffuser is signing a death warrant to frizz-free curls. The harsh air from a blow dryer will break up your curl clumps and add frizz.

Solution: Always blow dry on low using the cool temp or air dry. 

Not Protecting Your Hair At Night

The secret to keeping second, third, fourth, and fifth-day curls is night protection. Not properly securing your hair while you sleep and the friction from your pillowcase can cause damage and frizz to your hair. Most fabrics suck the moisture out of your hair. 

Solution: Sleep on silk. Whether you choose a silk pillowcase or nightcap, sleeping on silk will help protect your hair from breakage (caused by other fabrics) and helps retain moisture in your curls. Read more about how to protect your hair at night here. 

Trimming Too Often Or Not Enough

There is a lot of misinformation around curly hair cuts. Getting a curly trim is essential to keep your hair healthy and shapely. However, trimming too often can interfere with your curl pattern and growth.

Solution: There is no right answer for how often you should trim your curls. But there is a sweet spot for every curly girl. I like to get a trim every 3-6 months because I like a lot of volume and to keep my layers shapely. 

A good rule of thumb is to get a trim when your hair isn’t cooperating as it usually does. 

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Cleansing Too Often

Even the perfect cleanser can be damaging to your hair if you cleanse too often. Natural oils are essential for a healthy curl pattern. 

Solution: As always every curly girl is different but most curlies cleanse every 3 to 7 days. Try an evening scalp massage and using light hair oil for itchy or dry scalp.

Not Giving Your Hair Enough Moisture

Moisture is a key ingredient for curly hair. Without moisture, you will have stringy crunchy curls rather than soft coiled ones. 

Solution: Incorporate a weekly or biweekly deep conditioning treatment paying close attention to the ends of your hair strand. I also refresh my hair with a light leave-in conditioner every day.

These are my two favorite leave-in conditioners

Using A Normal Towel To Dry Your Hair

 Bath towels cause breakage and frizz because they are too harsh for curly hair. 

Solution: Opt for a high-end microfiber towel to dry and plop your hair.

  • This is a great one

Using Products With Sulfates, Silicones, and Parabens?

Sulfates: Used to give that bubbly lather feeling in shampoo. They tend to strip your hair of its natural oils. Since curly hair dries faster than straight hair, sulfates tend to dry out and are too harsh for curly hair. 

Silicones: Synthetic ingredients made up of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon. They are used to give your hair the feeling of being moisturized and giving it slip when in reality they are just coating your hair strand and acting as a filler. Using silicones regularly can also cause build-up and weigh down your hair strand. 

Paraben: A type of preservative that deters bacteria and mold. Parabens can enter your body through your scalp making them unhealthy overall and cause frizz and dryness to curls. 

Solution: Opt for natural products that do not contain these ingredients. 

DevaCurly is one of the leading brands when it comes to Silicone, paraben, and sulfate-free. 

In Conclusion: 

These 15 common curly hair mistakes could be the reason your curls aren’t behaving for you.

The good news is that It’s a matter of establishing healthy curl habits, a few methods, and investing in curl friendly products to finally have beautiful curls. 

I highly recommend giving the Curly Girl Method a try is you are wanting to bring your curls back to life. It has been a game-changer for my curls!



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