My Unbiased DevaCurl Review

My Unbiased DevaCurl Review

When it comes to the curly girl method, one of the hardest decisions is knowing what products to buy.

There is nothing worse than spending money on a product that doesn’t work for you.

This is My Unbiased DevaCurl Review

If you’ve spent any time in the curly girl community, you’ve no doubt seen DevaCurl in countless Instagram and youtube videos. 

It was one of the first products that kept surfacing early on in my curly girl journey.

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What Is DevaCurl?

DevaCurl is one of the leading brands within the curly girl community.

One thing I love about their mission is that they embrace curly hair as a way of life. 

They have worked hard to meet curlies one their level and support them on their curly girl journey with a plethora of products. 

They keep their ingredients simple and have done a fantastic job connecting with curly girls around the world. 

The two things that held me back from purchasing were…..

  1. You can’t pick DevaCurl products up at the drugstore. This held me back because I like to look at and feel products before I buy them. You can’t do that when you purchase online. 
  2. It is a little more expensive than drugstore products. 

I don’t mind investing in a high-quality product (after all, you get what you pay for). But I wanted to make sure it is well worth the money.

The first part of my curly girl journey was spent experimenting with affordable over the counter products because I wanted to use them and learn about my hair before I made a hefty purchase. 

I wanted to be able to tell the difference between over the counter products and high-end products. I don’t mind paying for something if it truly is higher quality but let’s be real, often we aren’t paying for quality as much as fancy packaging and marketing. 

My theory was that curly hair had so much more to do with how you style it rather than what products you are using.

I have since used and experimented with a plethora of affordable products and high-end products and what I’ve found is that I was partially right. 

You absolutely can have gorgeous curls while using affordable, drugstore products if you are willing to take the time to experiment with them.

However, at the end of the day, you truly do get what you pay for. 

High-end products tend to last longer, smell better and have a better overall feel to them in your hair. 

That being said, I have had amazing results using both. 

My Unbiased DevaCurl Review
My Unbiased DevaCurl Review

Today I am sharing my unbiased DevaCurl review

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DevaCurl Products I Used…

  • No-Poo Decadence: This is a very gentle cleanser. It made my scalp feel clean but didn’t dry out or disrupt my curl pattern. I would definitely recommend this to a friend. 
  • Devacurl One Conditioner: This is a rich and moisturizing conditioner. It left my hair feeling soft but not weighed down. 
  • Leave-In Decadence: Was the perfect addition to tame any frizz or rough patches without making my curls stringy.
  • Ultra Defining Gel: A good balance in hold and softness without feeling like there is an overload of product in your hair. 

My Experience Using DevaCurl

It smells good but is not too strong

I love a deliciously smelling curly girl product, but I have found that some products that smell heavenly while you are applying them in the shower are just a bit too strong and stay on your hair for too long. 

I love the smell of DevaCurl because it has a light fragrance that is lovely when you are applying but it’s not too strong.

This was a big deal for me because I am really sensitive to strong smells. 

The perfect amount of creamy moisture

This will totally depend on your hair type, but for me (2c-3a curls) a lot of curly girl products are too heavy for my hair and tend to weigh it down or cause it to become stringy.

Other products just aren’t moisturizing enough. 

DevaCurl had the perfect balance in protein and moisture to give me both definition and volume. I loved that. 

The gel holds your hair without feeling like there is a lot of product build-up

If you are a wavy-curly girl, you have to use a good amount of gel to hold your curl pattern and lock in moisture. 

I’ve noticed some drugstore products tend to leave a thick product build-up feeling on my hair. 

DevaCurl gel did a really good job holding my curl pattern but was still soft. It was kind of magical.

I used the ultra defining gel and I have to say it was probably my favorite gel I’ve used to date. 

My Unbiased DevaCurl Review
My Unbiased DevaCurl Review

It lasted me a long time

Deva definitely lasted me a long time. The product is rich and distributes well. 

It’s pricey 

One downside is that is a bit pricey compared to other products on the market.

 If you are trying to get started with the curly girl method on a budget check out these two posts. 

These are drugstore products that work well and are totally affordable.

But if the cost isn’t an issue or if you or are willing to make an investment, DevaCurl is definitely worth it.   

It’s a really good product to get started with 

I would absolutely recommend DevaCurl to get started on your Curly Girl Journey. 

DevaCurl products are designed to work well together and give you fantastic results. 

This kit is affordable and a great way to give DevaCurl a try to see if it’s a good fit for your hair before purchasing larger bottles.

DevaCurl also has a diffuser and hairdryer combo that is totally epic. It’s is definitely something worth adding to your birthday list. 

In Conclusion:

Though I have always been a fan of cost-effective products especially when getting started with the curly girl method, there is no denying the fact that investing in a high-quality product has its benefits for sure.

I recommend starting with a smaller set like this one to give DevaCurl a try and then you can purchase the full set if you end up loving it like me.


Curly Colleen

P.S Get your FREE Curly Girl Method cheat sheet here!

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