My Two Month Curly Girl Journey Update

Two months ago (August 1st to be exact), I stumbled on the curly girl method over on Instagram. And for the first time in a long time felt hope that I would ever have curls again. 

After 4 pregnancies (1 miscarriage and 3 births) my hair was in the absolute worst condition it had ever been.

It had little to no body, a ton of breakage, and was pulling out handfuls in the shower. 

I stopped coloring it and started getting salon deep conditioning treatment every six months, but at that point, I wasn’t fully committed to wearing it curly.

When I stumbled on the curly girl method, I found several curly influencers that had very similar hair to mine and amazing transformations. 

I was so excited and eager to start my curly girl journey but after doing a ton of research, the two things that held me back were….

  1. I was overwhelmed about how to get started (get my cheat sheet here)
  2. When it came to products, I had no idea what to purchase. 

Because I wanted to help the next curly along the way, I created the Ultimate Getting Started With The Curly Girl Cheat Sheet download just for you. 

Get your FREE copy here 

I am committed to doing updates along the way to share what I’ve learned and what I would do differently. Read my first 30 days following the curly girl method here

No Two Washes Are The Same

No matter how hard I try, every wash day is different. I’m convinced that it’s because every single aspect down to the weather and water temperature effects your curls. 

Learn what works for your hair, but let go of expectations. 

Everything, I mean EVERYTHING Affects Your Curls 

When trying new products and techniques, keep in mind that your curls are influenced by many so many different factors. 

Don’t throw out a product or technique until you’ve tried it a dozen times in a dozen different ways. 

Over Applying Oils And Butter Can Make Your Curls Stringy

This was a huge breakthrough for me. For weeks my mid-layer, kept getting stringy curls while the rest of my curls were either 2c or 3a.

It was so frustrating!

After doing some research I found that applying oil or heavy butter/creams to 3a and above curls can weight them down and cause them to become stringy. 

I stopped applying oil to my hair entirely and only use it for evening scalp treatments or occasionally for a refresh.

But I always water it down.

Evening Scalp Treatments Are Amazing 

Doing an evening scalp treatment is amazing. I am already seeing hair growth in areas that were thinning in under two months. 

I believe then increase hair growth and overall hair health. 

Still, A Little Confused About Aspects Of The Protein Moisture Balance

I understand that the perfect curls need the right amount of moisture and protein, but I don’t understand how to tell if a product contains protein. I’ve noticed some products specifically have protein labeled on the front but I’m not sure if that is the same for all of them.

A Haircut Will Do Wonders For Your Curls 

Getting a hair cut is a game-changer for a curly girl. It gave mt curls so much more bounce and adding short layers helps with avoiding that dreaded Christmas tree shape. 

Overnight Pineapples Are Not My Thing

I tried hard to make the pineapple work, but I just couldn’t seem to do it. It seems to stretch our bands and other curls. 

A Headband Is Amazing For Days You Don’t Want To Refresh

I love a good Instagram selfie, and I almost always wear my hair down for any event. But around the house and by day three, you’ll typically find me in a headband. 

It’s the best way to get your hair out of your face but not pull it completely back. 

Don’t Skip Deep Conditioning Day

I wasn’t sure deep conditioning was necessary so I skipped it for two weeks and my hair felt so dry and started loosing curl.

It makes a huge difference in your curl and hair health.

Do A Clarifying Wash Once Per Month

Even if you are using curly girl approved products, you will still get build up on your curls. Incorporate a clarifying wash into your monthly routine. I do mine on the first. 

Some Days I Still Don’t Like My Curls

When my curls first started coming back, I was so excited to see them and loved them. Most days I do, but there are still days they frustrate me and I wish I had straight hair. 

Volume Is My Favorite Thing

Above all else, I want volume. This is certainly a preference for sure, but there is something so unique about big wild hair to me. 

I would take frizzy voluminous curls over flat defined ones any day of the week. That just my personal preference. 

Curl Clumping Begins With Your Pre-Poo

Curl clumping beings long before you style your hair. It starts with how you pre-poo, wash, deep condition and even rinse. 

Your Curls Are Trainable 

I didn’t understand this when I first started the curly girl method, but you absolutely can enhance your curly pattern (if you want to) by using different techniques. 

Your curls will learn how to hold a curl pattern and where to form.

Watch my denman brush tutorail here.

I Am Only Using Affordable Drug Store Products But Will Eventually Start Testing And Comparing High-End Products

I am committed to using only affordable drugstore products for my first six months following the curly girl method (other than a deva curl trial that someone gave me).

Mainly because I want people to know that you can absolutely have great curls on a budget.

But I am looking forward to using and testing high-end products and doing some comparisons.

Who knows, I may end beings a life long Aussie Instant Freeze Gel Fan.

Mainly because I want people to know that you can absolutely have great curls on a budget.

But I am looking forward to using and testing high-end products and doing some comparisons.

Who knows, I may end beings a life long Aussie Freeze Gel Fan.

t started using them.

But I will purchase a heft set off high-end products at some point and am excited to experiment and share the difference.

I Still Love A Good Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Even with all the fancy products I’ve tried, I still love a good apple cider vinegar rinse.

There is something about it that makes my hair feel so soft and clean after I do one.

In Conclusion:

My only regret with the curly girl method is that I didn’t start it sooner.

It has been such a fun journey getting to know my curls and learning to take care of them.



P.S Don’t forget to get your FREE Curl Girl Method Cheat Sheet Here. 

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