How To Plop Your Curls Like A Pro

For a curly girl, fighting frizz starts with how and what you wash your hair with and is affected by every single step between that and how you style your curls.

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When it comes to drying curly hair without creating frizz and losing definition, you have three options……

  1. Air drying
  2. Diffusing
  3. Plopping  

I personally do a hybrid of all three methods in order to dry my hair, limit frizz, keep definition and still get plenty of volume.

Curlies all over the world have learned that plopping our hair in a t-shirt or microfiber towel can do wonders in the drying process.

Benefits to plopping

  •  A t-shirt or microfiber towel will soak up moisture without creating frizz
  • Significantly cuts down drying time 
  • Can create lift at the roots since your hair is drying on top of your head
  • Enhances curl pattern by scrunching hair on top of your head
  • Can be slept on to keep curls overnight (this is not my favorite method)

Why Use A T-Shirt?

Traditional bath towels are too rough and cause frizz and breakage to your curls. 

Swap your bath towel out for an old t-shirt or a microfiber towel. I like this one. 

These are gentle on your curls but help remove moisture.

How To Plop

((watch the video here))

You can find many different plop techniques, but this is my favorite.

  1. Style hair as usual using your favorite leave-in condition and gel
  2. Take an old t-shirt and open the largest opening (the bottom of the shirt)
  3. Gentle fit all your hair through the t-shirt
  4. Scrunch curls and roll t-shirt up toward the top of your head 
  5. Use sleaves to tie around the front of your head 

I typically plop my hair immediately after I style it for 20 minutes, diffuse until 90% dry. then are dry completely before I scrunch out the crunch.

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