Grow Hair Naturally & Faster With These 11 Easy Steps

Growing your hair out can be much easier for some people than others. 

Still, I think it’s safe to assume that most woman and even many men would love to have thicker, faster-growing hair. 

After I had my third baby, I experienced postpartum hair loss and was pulling out handfuls in the shower every day. 

I did a bit of research to find a hair growth serum but they just seemed expensive and I was highly skeptical about how well they worked. 

So I started doing a ton of research on natural remedies to increase hair growth and repair hair loss. 

To my surprise, I found several natural alternatives do increase hair growth and most of them cost little no money at all. 

While it is true that genetics play a big role when it comes to hair growth, there are still many daily habits you can easily incorporate in your daily routine that promote hair growth.

….and many not so great habits you can limit from your daily routine that cause hair loss.

Healthy curls begin with healthy habits <3

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Grow Hair Naturally & Faster With These 11 Easy Steps 

1. Protect Your Locks At Night

Did you know that the friction from your pillowcase can cause a good amount of damage to your hair? Not to mention that other fabrics can dry out your hair while you’re sleeping. 

Invest in a silk or satin cap or pillowcase to sleep on. It doesn’t have to be expensive.

Silk and satin help to smooth your hair and minimizes frizz. I picked up a super basic one at target but you can get one here. 

2. Brush Your Hair The Right Way 

If not done correctly, brushing your hair can cause a large amount of damage which leads to hair loss.

Choose your brush wisely (I use and love this one) and start from the bottom up. 

Read more about how to brush your hair here.

3. Add A Rice Water Rinse Every Three Days

Rice water is the ultimate secret to growing hair quickly.

The Huangluo Chinese woman are known for their 6ft long hair. They attribute it to fermented rice water. (get the recipe here)

Incorporating a rice water rinse into your routine every three days will produce long growing locks quickly. 

You won’t believe the results!<3 

4. Scalp Treatment And Message At Least Once Per Week

Healthy hair truly begins with a healthy scalp. 

Treating your scalp with hot oils once per week and doing a daily scalp massage increases blood flow, strengthens the root of the hair, & spreads the natural oils of your hair.

I recommend investing in a scalp messager and make it part of your evening routine. I use this one.

Oils that are good for a healthy scalp include….

  • Jojoba
  • Coconut
  • Argan
  • Black Jamaican Caster Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Flax Seed Oil
  • Olive Oil

I like to make my own scalp treatment by using a combination of these oils. You can get my favorite recipe here.

5. Stop Wearing Your Hair In A Tight Ponytail Or Bun

Pulling your hair back tightly strains the hair shaft and causes damage.

Use a silk scrunchie or clip to gently pull hair back.

6. Pre-poo Before You Wash 

Pre-poo is a way of detangling your hair before you wash it. It is very beneficial to healthy hair, adds moisture, and helps heal and protect the hair cuticle. Read more here

7. Wash Your Hair Less

Washing your hair with shampoo strips it of its natural oils.

 Get out of the habit of washing often and scrubbing your scalp clean. Opt for a gentle shampoo or co-wash instead. 

8. Stop Using Heat

I know this sounds painful, but ditch the straightener and curling iron for 30 days. 

Heat is so damaging to your hair and can be a big source of causing hair loss.

 Instead, embrace your natural side and join the curly girl community on Instagram. There are dozens of influencers offering helpful hair care tips.

You may end up loving the heatless life <3

9. Take Vitamins 

Invest in a good hair, skin, and nails daily vitamin. This helps give your body what it needs on the inside to produce thick, long hair. 

10. Drink More Water

H2o has enormous benefits for your health. But it also promotes healthier hair and skin.

Make it a goal to drink 100oz of water every single day.

In Conclusion:

These 10 easy habits will promote hair growth and give you those thick long locks you’ve always wanted. 



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