Pre-poo: What, How & When

Shortly after joining the curly girl community, you will typically be bombarded with terms and techniques you’ve never heard before.

Today I’m breaking down the term pre-poo. What it means, do you need it, and how to do it.

What is a pre-poo?

A pre-poo” is an oil treatment applied to hair before shampooing or cleansing. It can also be applied overnight. The purpose of a pre-poo is to add moisture, repair hair shaft, and detangle curls before washing. 
You can easily create your own pre-poo full of delicious oils! I used coconut oil, argan oil, and Jamaican black caster oil. 

Do you need to pre-poo?

Here are a few signs that you might need to pre-poo 
1. Breakage 
2. Slow growth – I’m on the postpartum hair loss struggle bus over here ??
3. Tons of tangles 

How To Pre-poo

➡️Get your favorite oils

➡️Start by applying to your scalp and messaging (I clearly need a dropper instead of a spoon) ?
➡️Apply thoroughly throughout entire hair strand focusing on the ends
➡️twist or coil as you apply to encourage curl pattern ➡️Let sit 30 minutes or over night ➡️Wash and style as usual 
Have you tried a pre-poo??

You can watch my video tutorial here.

Find my favorite hot oil treatment here!



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