Bento Box Review

If you are anything like me, you end up eating on the go far too often with your littles.

Especially during the summer. It seems like even when I plan on eating at home we end up eating in the car or quick stopping at chik-fil-a.

Which makes it hard to feed your kids a healthy lunch.

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So I decided that I wanted to start packing a healthy lunch for the kids. That can be a bit challenging and time consuming if you don’t have the proper tools.

I went on an amazon search to find a solid lunch box that was affordable and worked well on the go for little kids.

As always Amazon is amazing and they have bento boxes all sorts of shapes and sizes.

I purchased this brand for a few reasons….

  • They are airtight which keeps the food fresh
  • It has plenty of room to offer a variety of foods
  • They are cost-effective and well worth the money

Check out the full video review below.

We use ours all the time and I wish I would have gotten them years ago.

I highly recommended them.

You can order yours here.



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