Back To School Shopping For The Minimalist Mom

Back To School Shopping For The Minimalist Mom

Like every holiday in our country, back to school shopping seems to be a big push for everyone to think they need to buy all the things.

While of course there are items that will need to be purchased, you don’t have to feel that your little needs a completely new wardrobe and craft supplies.

Chances are you have many items already in your home that will work perfectly for the school year.

It is all too easy to get caught up in all the marketing ads and billboards and thinking that you have to keep up with what everyone else is doing.

Chances are you’ve already purchased a good amount of clothing items needed that will do just fine for the school year.

I decided to take a minimalist approach to back to school shopping for three reasons.

  • Keep the back to school process as simple and easy as possible
  • Be Intentional about what I’m purchasing and bringing into our home (more stuff equals more clutter)
  • Not overspend on items we don’t need

I want to spend the last month before my daughter starts school enjoying and hanging out with her rather than running around buying all the things.

Also, I don’t want to put a huge emphasis on “stuff” in her little mind.

It’s fun to get “things” but I don’t want to start her kindergarten experience creating the expectation of doing tons of shopping and getting tons of new things.

I want to be intentional in emphasizing more important things about school like what she will be learning and making new friends.

Back To School Shopping For The Minimalist Mom – A Guide For What You Actually Need

Be Intentional About What Your Teaching Them

I don’t like the idea of creating this huge “buy all the things” experience around going back to school.

Rather than plant those seeds in my kids little head, I’d rather focus on having conversations about what they will be learning, what kind of friends they make, and what kind of friend they would like to be.

Don’t Buy Just Because It’s “Back To School Season”

Did you know that back to school clothing is the same as spring and summer clothing? Yup! There is no special “back to school” clothing.

Chances are, the weather isn’t going to change that much from August 7th to Septemeber 7th.

Obviously, I’ll make sure their clothes are free of stains. I just don’t feel the need to purchase a completely new wardrobe.

I typically wait a month or two after seasons change to purchase new clothing because you end up paying much less and most of the time my kids don’t need them right away.

Most places like target and old navy will put those items on clearance before the temperature even changes.

Of course, that varies from state to state.

Look For Multi-Purpose Items

I love a good statement piece.

But especially when it comes to kids that are going to grow out of their clothes in one quick hurry, skip them.

Reach for items that have a multi-purpose like a jean jacket or vest.

Lean Toward A Capsule Wardrobe Or Neutrals

If you haven’t jumped on the capsule wardrobe bandwagon you are missing out. But if that seems a bit overwhelming to you, reach for neutrals.

A few tips to creating an interchangeable wardrobe are…..

  • Select a base color
  • Choose two accent colors
  • Choose a pattern
  • Add A neutral layer

It makes it SO much easier to put outfits together when they are interchangeable.

Purchase A Few New Outfits

Plan a date and take your little to pick out a few new outfits that are needed. It’s a great way to create a fun memory and your little will LOVE it!

Splurge On One Item

Allow your child to splurge on one item.

For us, it was a backpack. My daughter wanted a fancy backpack and we talked about it for days before we purchased it.

By being intentional about back to school shopping this season….

….you will be able to spend less but enjoy more during the experience while creating fun lasting memories with your little.


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